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The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

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Essay, Pages 4 (873 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (873 words)

The era dominated by the Roman Empire is one of the most well-known and influential periods of history. Home to famous names like Julius Caesar to Jesus Christ. The greatest empire of ancient times lasted approximately 1.500 years, and unanimously conquered Europe and parts of Asia. The Romans were courageous warriors and military geniuses. At its height, the Roman empire spread out through nearly 1.7 million square miles and included most of southern Europe.

The Roman Empire was able to stay in power because of their unique and tactful government and social systems.

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Ancient Rome experienced three different types of government systems throughout its reign, a monarchy which lasted about 200 years, a republic which lasted about 500 years. Thereupon the Romans carved some of their more important laws into tablets, which became known as the Twelve Tables. Some of the laws may seem odd to us today, but they offer a great glimpse into everyday life during the Republic. One law forbade citizens to write songs that insult other people, while another law allowed citizens to gather fruit that had fallen on someone else’s farm.

Ultimately, the empire had begun when the Roman politician Octavian overthrew the Roman Republic to become Emperor Augustus. There were good things about being ruled by an emperor in ancient Rome. Women gained power, crime was reduced and welfare programs were established to help the poor. Huge entertainment centers were built and admission was free. However, it was still a system of dictatorship, and it had its problems.

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The people of ancient Rome are to be thanked for the many innovations that are regularly used today. Concrete was the literal and figurative foundation of all Roman architecture. It was the most advanced building material that has proven to last over time with structures like the Colosseum. Due to the fact that the Roman Empire scaled millions of miles of land, their people needed an efficient way to transport themselves, hence the creation of roads and highways. These Roman roads—many of which are still in use today—were constructed with a combination of dirt and gravel. This became the number one way that the people of Rome would send messages and share information amongst one and other. These roads were often managed in the same way as modern highways. Signs informed travelers of their distance and destination and soldiers acted as traffic patrol officers. They are also behind a very sought-after design element, arches. It allowed the Romans, to evenly distribute the weight of buildings along with various supports, preventing massive Roman structures from crumbling under their own weight.

The Roman Empire is well known for its military tactics which allowed it to become the strongest and longest-running empire of all time. One of the main reasons Rome became so powerful was because of the strength of its army. It conquered a vast empire that stretched from Britain all the way to the Middle East. The army was very advanced for its time. The soldiers were the best trained, they had the best weapons and the best armor. The main foundation of the Roman tactics was based on the discipline of their troops which allowed them to become an effective fighting force. Most of their military counterparts used a sheer number of soldiers to overrun enemies’ defenses rather than using military tactics. The Romans realized that they could not always rely on these techniques, so they turned to strategy. Roman soldiers trained tirelessly and practiced hand-to-hand combat with wooden swords, spears, and shields that were deliberately much heavier than those they used in battle. They trained with dummy swords and javelins made of wood. All of that hard work and labor finally paid off when they had conquered the main countries that now are England, Spain, France, Greece, and parts of the Middle East.

Although the Empire lasted thousands of years and scaled millions of miles, like all great things, it had an expiration date of May 29, 1453. There is no one sole reason that is responsible for the fall of Rome. Political Corruption – there was never a clear-cut system for choosing a new emperor, leading the ones in power to “sell” the position to the highest bidder. Military spending – they wasted so much money on the army and had to defend their borders all the time. The government focused more on military spending than building houses or other public works, which enraged the people. Many stopped volunteering for the army, forcing the government to employ hired mercenaries, who were expensive, highly unreliable, and ended up turning against the Roman Empire. Finally, a stop in technological advancement – as I stated previously the Romans were great engineers but did not focus on how to produce goods to provide to their growing population. They did leave an enormous legacy behind them that includes their mother tongue, Latin. Many popular languages of today have Latin roots like English, French, and Spanish. We have also adopted using Roman numerals on watches and clocks, as well as the calendar which follows the lunar cycle. Rome proved that with proper amounts of discipline, organization, and technological superiority, it could create a near-invincible regime, capable of conquering any enemy in any environment.

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