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Why Syracuse Essay

You would be asked to send an application essay when seeking admission to Syracuse University. The goal of the letter is to explain why you feel the school is best suited for your plans. The motivation letter would require you to detail how past experiences have shaped your growth and how the university can help you fulfill your aspirations for the future.

You should begin with promoting yourself. Talk about an experience or personality trait that reflects who you are and your values. Describe any leadership abilities, artistic talents, or proven intellectual prowess that makes you an excellent fit for the school. The school has a prompt that you are required to write on as part of your application process.

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Syracuse essay prompts

It is important that students applying for bachelor programs in Syracuse be aware of essay prompts and what is required. This explains what the admissions officers are expecting in the response

Prompt 1: Why are you interested in Syracuse University, and how do you see yourself contributing to a diverse, inclusive, accessible, and respectful campus?

This is one of Syracuse university supplemental essays, and you are required to provide a text within 250 words. You don’t have the luxury of beating around the bush or explaining some long scenario. Begin with a unique aspect of yourself that has proven your commitment to growth and open-mindedness.

Talk about how you contribute significantly to the culture and diversity of the school. List ways you can promote inclusion and respect to show you have done your research about the college. Ensure your story is genuine and clarify how it is so important you could not leave it out.

Admission Requirements

The university offers three admission options: the Early Decision — an agreement to enroll at Syracuse once you are offered admission to your first-choice program, regardless of the outcome of your applications to other schools. The other two admission plans are the Regular Decision and Spring Enrollment.

You can make your choice on single, dual, or combined enrollment.

Single enrollment: You come in for a single degree program

Dual enrollment: You are interested in majors from two separate schools. Most students complete the dual majors within four years, which awards a jointly authorized degree.

You can combine a major in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) | Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs with a major in any of the School of Education, Martin J. Whitman School of Management, or SI. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Combined Enrollment: This allows you to run dual degree programs simultaneously. It must be said that this is a rigorous pursuit and could last five years or longer.

Students interested in this require the approval of both colleges and must be in frequent communication with their advisors. This is to have a good understanding of the requirements of the two programs and how to complete them. This awards two degrees.

Application Checklist

For Undergraduates

  1. Affirm enrollment option and application deadline — which may vary.
  2. Choose your desired degree program and confirm your major(s)
  3. Complete your online application
  4. Pay your application fee ($85) or indicate a waiver if eligible.
  5. Send in your official secondary school transcript
  6. Send in your senior year grade report
  7. Send in your SAT/ACT scores — this is optional for Fall 2022, Fall 2023, and Spring 2024 admission applications.
  8. Have your secondary school send in your counselor evaluation.
  9. Submit two academic recommendations

Confirm if your college has additional requirements. Your portfolio or audition is required by the school of Architecture and some programs in the College of Visual and Performing Arts

For Graduates

  1. Complete your online application forms
  2. Pay the non-refundable application fee
  3. Send in your official transcripts
  4. Send in your statement letter and Resume

The following may also be required by your graduate program for the application process:

  • Letters of recommendation
  • Portfolio
  • Writing sample
  • Official GRE scores

How to Write Syracuse Supplemental Essays

Writing a statement letter is not an easy task for university degree hopefuls. They are often so brief that it is quite easy to write amiss. It is obvious from our Syracuse supplemental essays examples that great essays exist, and there are steps to take to write one. The following steps would aid you in writing yours.

Make It Personal

This is perhaps your only chance to tell the admissions team something about yourself that is not in your biodata. This is not the time to write about your parents, siblings, or friends. This is the time to write about you.

A personal statement essay is nothing if not personal. Describe a personal experience that casts a light on a personal trait you want to highlight to your readers. If you must tell a story, emphasize how it speaks to your character and strengths.

Be Genuine

It goes without saying that your essay must be genuine, original, and not plagiarised. Do not cook up an event or scenario. Do not copy your Syracuse university supplemental essays verbatim from the internet.

Avoid the trap of writing what you think the admissions committee wants to read. If you are caught lying about your statement, there might be some severe consequences. You can put dates or related public events that happened to add authenticity to your text.

Be brief and concise

Remember that you have a word limit, and yours is not the only statement to be read. While you may have the luxury of elaborate details for scholarships application, your statement letter for admission applications has to be brief and straight to the point.

Avoid sentences that require further explanations to understand. Use simple words and clearly state why you believe Syracuse University is where you belong.

Take Your Time

Pace yourself while writing. You can start weeks before the application deadline to allow you ample time to write a wonderful essay. It might be difficult to convey your thoughts clearly and smoothly when pressed for time.

Avoid the last-minute rush. While it is a short write-up, remember that the admission process into Syracuse is a competitive one, and you have to give it your best shot. If you scribble something in a hurry, you can make punctuation and grammatical errors that would present you badly to the admissions committee.

About Syracuse University

The chronicles of Syracuse University can be traced back to the nineteenth century. On March 24, 1870, the university got its independent charter from the state of New York and was fully opened in September 1971. An endowment fund of $500,000 in 1870 grew to $1.35 billion in 2020. The first president of the Board of Trustees was Bishop Jesse Truesdell Peck, and Rev. Daniel Steele was the administrative head until the first Chancellor was appointed.

Since then, the university has grown into 13 schools and colleges, comprising over 200 undergraduate majors and graduate degrees. The most-sought majors include Social Sciences, Communication, Management, Journalism, Engineering, Marketing, Visual and Performing Arts, and Business. The university has an average freshman retention rate of 91%. This means over ninety percent of freshmen are satisfied with their stay. Almost 60% of classes have less than 20 students, and the student to faculty ratio is 15:1.

With 600 international undergraduate students from 59 countries, a quarter of newly admitted students in 2018 were people of color. 21% were low-income students and were eligible for the Federal Pell grant, and 75% received some form of financial aid.

Syracuse University ranked 58th among the undergraduate universities according to the 2021 US News and World report of ranking of US colleges. Academic Ranking of World Universities also ranks the school in the top 100 universities in social sciences globally. The average SAT score for students admitted in 2020 was 1271.


Syracuse University boasts of a high level of diversity and inclusion. The school has students from 127 countries, including all the 50 states in the US. In 2020, female students accounted for more than half of the total population. For professors ranked 22nd in average salaries by the New York State, it is no surprise that Syracuse University has 29 research centers. The school also has an alumni base of over 250,000, and the students can easily make the right connections for internship opportunities.

The school is also well known for master’s degree programs that involve some currently-serving and retired military men and women. The school is part of the Yellow Ribbon program. This is an agreement between Syracuse University and the United States Department of Veteran Affairs to cover tuition and mandatory fee costs above what is provided by the basic Post-9/11 GI Bill. This means that graduate school students and undergraduates who enrolled as veterans and are eligible; they do not have to bother about tuition, as the costs are shared between the university and the VA.

Syracuse is a university that has distinguished itself for over a hundred years, and its demand for distinguished students is not far-fetched. The right entrance letter would serve as a much-needed boost to gaining admission. The level of finesse required need not weigh you down. If you are not adept at writing, you can hire any of our skilled writers to give you an authentic essay, all for a cheap price. If you are not convinced to buy your papers from us, you can check out the numerous Syracuse essay examples and motivation letters we have on our platform.

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