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Why Chapman Essay

Students applying for admission to Chapman University must write one supplemental essay. The first three essay questions are based on why you chose the institution and your preferred major. This statement letter aims to let the admission officers know why you see this school as the best choice for you. The first and second essay is about why you chose your preferred Major.

You will have to explain your interest in that field of study and how the college can help you achieve your future aspirations. If you find it difficult to decide on the major to go for, this question will help you express yourself and how Chapman can help you.

Use this essay as an opportunity to explain yourself, your interest, passion, and character traits that reveal who you are, and your leadership skills, talent, or intellectual prowess that makes you the best candidate for the school.

Chapman University Supplemental Essay Prompts

It is widely known that Chapman offers one of the earnest supplemental questions, and students seeking admission into Chapman university are required to answer any of four supplemental questions of not more than 200 words. You can give each your best try using this guide

Prompt 1: Please tell us about your interest in the major you selected

This prompt allows you to express why you choose this Major among the school’s numerous options. Explain why you decided to embark on this journey, what prompted you, how it relates to your career goal, and how Chapman can help you achieve it.

Regardless of whether your reasons are for academic or professional reasons, your rationality should be based on what Chapman is offering. 200 words might seem too small for you to express yourself, but that should not hinder you from giving your best. Make sure your answer is detailed enough to capture your interest in that major and why the school is the best place for you to achieve your goal. Avoid copying other people’s work and be specific.

Prompt 2: For undecided pupils:

Our vibrant liberal arts program at Chapman University fosters intellectual curiosity. It’s fine if you’re not sure what you want to major in, but please tell us about the academic fields that interest you.

This essay topic is for applicants who have difficulty narrowing down their choices, and Chapman has offered a tool to assist them. This question aims to provide admissions personnel with a better understanding of why you are having trouble deciding. It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate your competence and strength and undertake a thorough study before responding to the issue. The major goal of this essay is to connect your interests with how the school can assist you in making the best selection possible.

Prompt 3: Why are you interested in Chapman above the thousands of other institutions and colleges?

This is an example of a common “why us” essay. This section is crucial and fascinating. You have only 200 words to describe why you have chosen Chapman. You have the opportunity to thoroughly illustrate how Chapman can assist you in achieving your academic goals.

Do not be brief; tell the admissions officers that you are passionate about the school; do your research and thoughtfully respond to the question, and express what you love about the school, the school attributes that interest you, and the school values that align with yours, as well as how Chapman can assist you. When writing this essay, focus on what you will give to the school and how your contribution will serve to improve the school’s cultural, political, religious, and social well-being. Make sure your essay goes beyond the basics of statistics and facts.

Prompt 4: Choose one of the two prompts provided below.

Option 1:

Student Identity - Each Chapman student has numerous identities that contribute to our community’s diversity. Our committee is interested in hearing about the intersectionality of your identities and how they have influenced your life.

The school wants to learn more about you in 200 words, including what has formed you into the person you are now, your experiences, beliefs, and perspectives. You can discuss your history, previous experience, what you believe in, how it relates to who you are today, and how your distinctiveness might benefit the school.

Option 2:

Student Impact - Growing or transforming your viewpoints is important for the Chapman student experience. What kind of influence do you want to make at Chapman, and what legacy do you leave behind?

In other words, Chapman is merely inquiring about your desire to be remembered. It’s simply a question of what you can provide to the school and how your personality will influence it. What do you enjoy doing? What have you accomplished that you are proud of?

Take a look at how you’ve influenced your present school to assist you to answer that question. This assignment allows you to write about any of your skill sets; it is not restricted to academics or grades; instead, write about a significant component of yourself or your talent and how it will benefit you and the Chapman community.

Application Checklist for Chapman University

For Undergraduates:

  1. Complete the common application questions as well as the ones for Chapman University.
  2. Send in your letters of recommendation. You would need at least one from any of your high school teachers
  3. Send in your official transcripts
  4. Send in your counselor report. Your high school counselor or official must submit the common application school report form
  5. Send in any other documents that are required for your program, if any
  6. Pay your application fees or ask for a waiver

For Master’s degree applications, you would need:

  1. Your official transcripts
  2. The results of your standardized tests - GRE/MCAT/PCAT/IELTS/TOEFL (where applicable)
  3. Minimum of two recommendation letters
  4. Your resume
  5. Your statement of Intent.

For international students, you would require:

  1. English proficiency test scores
  2. All official academic records for your undergraduate studies.
  3. How to Write Chapman University Supplemental Essays
  4. Early preparation

Whatever you require, make sure it is done early; this will allow you to arrange your thoughts and execute them very well.

Write about an important aspect of your life

The key to writing a successful supplemental essay is Genuity. Writing about what you are passionate about and what is important to you is crucial. Do not copy from others or write someone else’s story. The admission officer is interested in knowing more about you, so feel free to be personal. Remember, the best way to stand out is to be yourself.

Answer all questions

Don’t get too carried away and ignore some parts of the questions. Outline the key point you are to write about; this will guide you when you are writing your essays. You only have limited space; keep your answers brief and concise.

Writing format

Ensure to avoid spelling and grammatical errors, and do not use big grammar to avoid misinterpretation. Make sure to use the particular format and font size. Chapman requires your essays to be less than 200. Confirm the word count before you submit.


After you have finished writing your essay, give your essays to your friends, parents, or your teachers to proofread your essay. This will help you rectify any form of errors. You can also log on to our online platform for examples of Chapman University Supplemental Essay samples; this will guide you when writing yours.

Chapman University History

The history of Chapman university began in 1861 during the era of Abraham Lincoln; the school was founded in Woodland, California, as Hesperian College. In 1934, the school was renamed Chapman College, fourteen years after the California Christian College acquired Hesperian College assets. In 1991, Chapman changed its name to Chapman University.

The institution was renamed after the chairman of the board of trustees and benefactor, Charles Clarke Chapman, the mayor of Fullerton, California. The school has been regarded sometimes as a Christian school due to its affiliation with religious organizations. Despite not being a Christian school, the school has had a cordial relationship with churches - The United Church of Christ since 2011 and Disciple's of Christ since the university was founded.

The research university encompasses ten schools and colleges, including Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Schmid College of Science and Technology, Fowler School of Engineering, and Fowler School of Law. The private school has a reputation for being in high research activity, and it is classified among R2- Doctoral Universities.


Chapman University, situated on 90 acres of land, gives admission to students from the United States and foreign students. The school has a student capacity of 10,001 undergraduates and postgraduates with 1,117 academic staff and 752 administrative staff.

When you consider that Chapman University is one of the best private research universities, considering that the college is classified among universities with high research activity, thus classified R2, you might have a doubt when writing the essays. Don’t be anxious; we provide you with arrays of Chapman Essay samples, and we also have intelligent experts available to help you write your essay at a cheap price. We wish you the best of luck.

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