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An Individual’s Own Gender Identity
Words • 1939
Pages • 8
Gender is something that a majority of people do not even take the time to actually consider. To some, it has become just another box to check off in a survey or questionnaire without even second guessing everything that little check in the box means or represents. The essay will…
A Movie Review of Slumdog Millionaire, a Crime Drama Film by Danny Boyle
Words • 819
Pages • 3
Slumdog Millionaire is a modern mix of fairy tale. love story. quiz show. Hollywood blockbuster and Bollywood extravaganza! Directed by English filmmaker Danny Boyle and released in 2008. Slumdog Millionaire became a worldwide hit. From the very opening scene. Boyle uses cinematography. mise- en-scene. editing and sound to create a…
An Introduction to the Issue of Gang Violence in the United States
Words • 1299
Pages • 5
Gangs in the United States are becoming more violent and deadly than even Thousands of people are dying each year from these ill-mannered thugs, In today’s society gang activity is an everyday occurrence whether it includes violence, drugs, death or any illegal activity in which they participate The research that…
An Analysis of Soren Kierkegaard’s Concept of Faith in Fear and Trembling
Words • 1446
Pages • 6
In Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling Kierkegaard argues that an unethical action can be admired by society. In order for this action to be held in such high esteem, the action must be done by an act of faith. However, Kierkegaard’s definition of faith varies from our normal definition of faith….
The Description of Faith in “Fear and Trembling” by Soren Kierkegaard
Words • 1904
Pages • 7
What is Faith and how does it Relate to Infinite Resignation? In Fear and Trembling, Soren Kierkegaard, under the pseudonym of Johannes de Silentio, provides a perplexing description of faith. Essentially, Kierkegaard proposes that individuals make a “leap of faith” into a religious life, which is inherently paradoxical because it…
Learning Management Ways in My Own Life from Alfred Lansing’s Endurance; Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage
Words • 312
Pages • 2
Imagine a place where the nearest civilization is hundreds of miles away, where there is nothing but snow and ice as far as the eye can see. Subzero temperatures and ice threaten even the most prepared individual; danger waits at every turn. This is what the men aboard the Endurance,…
A Journey to Antarctica in Endurance by Alfred Lansing
Words • 731
Pages • 3
In what way does endurance: Shackleton’s incredible journey qualifies as the archetype hero’s journey? Alfred Lansing’s documentary “Endurance” presents an accurate retelling of Shackleton’s incredible journey in Antarctica; this recount somewhat depicts an archetypal hero’s journey. Undoubtedly Shackleton displays heroic qualities and is faced with a major ordeal of survival…
The Reasons Why You Should Consider the Pros and Cons of Getting a Pet
Words • 571
Pages • 3
There can be some moments where having a pet seems like a big mistake and depending on the situation can make you completely regret owning one. As an avid animal lover who has lived with numerous pets throughout my whole life, I can definitely say this thought has crossed my…
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