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The Color Purple
Original title The Color Purple
Author Alice Walker
Genre Roman À Clef
Language English
Characters Celie, Nettie, Mr _____, Shug Avery, Sofia, Harpo, Albert
Published 1982
ISBN 978-0-679-76750-6
Book Summary
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About The Color Purple Book

The Color Purple portrays the story of Celie, a small black girl born into poverty and racism in the southern United States between the two world wars. In addition to being raped by her father, she loses custody of her two children, is cut off from her beloved sister Nettie, and is forced into an unpleasant marriage by her father.

But then she meets Shug Avery, a singer, and a magic-maker, and things begin to change. Shug Avery is a woman who has made her own decisions.

Celie eventually comes to understand her strength and joy within herself, which frees her from the burdens of her past and brings her closer to the people she loves.

Book Summary

In The Color Purple book by Alice Walker titled “The Color Purple,” the main character is a young African-American woman named Celie. Following the sexual assault at the hands of Celie’s father, she develops an unhealthy fixation on her father’s other partner.

Celie’s love for her sister Nettie pushed her to protect her from her father’s sexual advances, and she nursed Shug Avery back to health after she fell ill. Celie’s devotion to her family led her to care for Shug Avery.

In subsequent years, Celie instructs her stepdaughter Sofia on how to embarrass her, ultimately forming a great and enduring friendship between the two women.

Black women can establish a relationship that is equally as powerful and functional, much in the same way that individual pieces of fabric can be sewn together to create something new, robust, and practical.

The Color Purple Quotes

This book imparts upon us a great deal of valuable knowledge. The following are some of the most well-known quotes from the book “The Color Purple.”

  •     “People think pleasing God is all God cares about. But any fool living in the world can see it always trying to please us back.”
  •     “I’m pore, I’m black, I may be ugly and can’t cook, a voice says to everything listening. But I’m here.”
  •     “I believe God is everything, says Shug. Everything that is or ever was or ever will be. And when you can feel that, and be happy to feel that, you’ve found It.”
  •     “Let ‘im hear me, I say. If he ever listened to poor colored women the world would be a different place, I can tell you.”
  •     “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it. People think pleasing God is all God cares about. But any fool living in the world can see it always trying to please us back.”
  •     “God is different to us now, after all these years in Africa. More spirit than ever before, and more internal. Most people think he has to look like something or someone- a roof leaf or Christ- but we don’t. And not being tied to what God looks like, frees us.”

Essay Structure On The Color Purple

Once you’ve sorted out the plot specifics, you can use this template in any genre. You don’t have to bother about being constrained while writing an essay on The Color Purple.


When writing an essay, an essay’s introduction serves as a preview for the reader of what the essay will be about in the following paragraphs. The thesis statement and a summary of the essay’s format are included in the beginning.

You may comment on the author or the material as a starting point. Your thesis can be introduced in several ways. One of these is to point out an often-held misunderstanding about the text and show how it contrasts with your stance.


In this section, you’ll go into more detail on the event you’re currently describing. Include any relevant details, such as names, dates, places, and eras, as well as your own and the other character’s thoughts and feelings at the time of the story’s events.

Remember to tell your character’s story by retelling your conversations with them. Without language, your characters’ realism and vibrancy will be diminished.


A dramatic turn always brings the story’s necessary conclusion to a close. Through the struggle and perseverance, the protagonists of a story are seen in a new light, which is important for the story’s end to be reached.

Throughout the novel, the reader learns about the characters and the setting before coming to a satisfying conclusion. Making it obvious how vital each phase is emphasized.

Tips To Consider While Writing An Essay About The Color Purple

Although it’s hard work, writing an essay on the collection of short stories known as “The Color Purple” is incredibly satisfying. To write an essay on this work of art, you may find all the information you need here! Keep these guidelines in mind when writing an essay on The Color Purple.

Read The Book Thoroughly

For composing a book-related essay, regardless of how many quick summaries you’ve already seen, it would be beneficial if you read them all. Focusing on its most important aspects is important to understand the story comprehensively.

Before further action can be taken, it is necessary to read and evaluate important material. Internet sources, encyclopedias, books, and newspapers should all be included in your bibliography.

Find A Compelling Topic

During your reading of the book, take note of any sections that you think are related to your research question. Consider a few concepts that you could put into action.

Consider a few distinct possibilities. Determine what works best for your paper before modifying the title’s length, regardless of whether the title is long or short.

Create The Outline

When writing an essay, it’s important to ensure all elements come together seamlessly. Many students treat an essay like a list of arguments and submit them one after the other without much consideration.

The first thing to do is make a rough draft of the outline. Your reader should be able to decipher why you’re presenting different points of view and how they relate to one another.

Write The Thesis Statement

After reviewing your outline, you could discover that it is simpler for you to construct a thesis statement. Although every essay needs a topic, you should ensure that the reader is well aware of the purpose for which you are writing the essay.

If you were going to boil your entire essay down to a single sentence, this should be the one you choose. You’ll need to keep reiterating this claim throughout your essay’s body.

Find Textual Evidence

Arguments for and against your thesis will be based on textual evidence, such as quotes or other sections from the source material. You will use this proof to back up your claims throughout your paper.

Having a list of relevant quotations can be beneficial before you begin writing. Gathering as much textual evidence as possible from the beginning can help establish your arguments and assess if they are compelling.

Conclusion: Proofread Your Work

The importance of thoroughly revising and reviewing your work before submitting it cannot be overstated. Submitted work should not be rushed through due to schoolboy errors that could harm your chances of winning.

The most important parts of your essay should be contained in the first paragraph of the body. Check your formatting, then. Read your writing aloud to see if there are any grammatical mistakes. Lastly, a thorough review of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation is required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

     I.        What Does The Color Purple Represent?

Celie’s maturation and coming to terms with who she is as a person are depicted in an emotionally touching manner in “The Color Purple.” Celie can triumph over adversity and forge her path to fulfillment and autonomy. The novel also discusses the equality of the sexes.

    II.        What Does The Color Purple Symbolize?          

Every nice thing God has created for men and women to enjoy is symbolized by purple. For most of the novel’s first half, one could say that Celie has no concept of what purple looks like. She’s coping with such a terrible situation that she doesn’t have time to appreciate the beauty around her.

   III.        What Does The Color Purple Mean Spiritually?  

Purple is a common hue in witchcraft due to its wide range of symbolic meanings and the truth that it comes in many different tones. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the color purple or not; it has a special place in many people’s hearts.

   IV.        The Color Purple Summary?

The Color Purple portrays the story of Celie, an African American teen who grows up in rural Georgia and resists the suffocating self-concept that others have imposed on her. Letters sent by Celie to God tell the story of her life.

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