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Controversial Topic of Police Brutality
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Police Brutality - This term was used for the first time in an American press station in 1872. 150 years later this term is used in many new stations on topics like this one. For some it has become a controversial topic, for others, it's something that isn't thought a lot about. Police brutality has been growing and decreasing throughout the last 150 years. Many forms of entertainment are based on this issue. It is important to know what this…...
Gun Control – Controversial Issue in the United States
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Gun control has been a controversial issue in the United States, and nobody seems to have a solution. America has been experiencing numerous shootings and indiscriminate firing incidents in schools, malls, and churches. Most gun owners think that gun control is not a good option. However, laws that make gun ownership of any type to fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, regulating gun control laws could save peoples’ lives; the State laws will reduce mass shootings, and it will restrict…...
The Controversial Issue Of Flag Burning Philosophy
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Pages • 7
There is a proposed amendment to make flag burning illegal. Congress tried to pass the Flag Protection Act of 1989, but the act failed because it is seen as a form of public protection. There have been other attempts to pass legislation to protect the American flag but all of the attempts have failed so far.Flag burning is very controversial because people have different definitions of what “freedom of speech” means and what our flag stands for. This essay explores…...
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National Artist Award Controversy
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Pages • 3
The National Artist Award is one of the prestigious awards given to people who are considered as national artists for their contribution in the different field of arts. It is the highest state of recognition given to Filipino artists. Just recently, this year’s awarding was full of controversies and issues that left the people questioning if the awardees deserved the recognition given. Among the seven awardees of this year’s National Artist are; Manuel Urbano a. . a Manuel Conde for…...
Controversial Aspects of Waldorf School Education
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Pages • 10
Waldorf schools are a fairly new phenomenon in our country. They first appeared in our educational system in the school year1992/1993 and since their foundation have expanded. Nowadays, we can see a Waldorf school or at least its scion almost in every city. Their popularity among parents increases and although they struggle for their existence, they somehow manage to keep their status of a state school. To an uninitiated observer, such a school type seems very creative and child friendly.…...
Christianity And The Donatist Controversy
Words • 2638
Pages • 11
The Donatist Controversy or Donatism was a significant movement that arose in the early part of the 4th century and according to the renowned church historian Justo Gonzales it started in North Africa, a movement claiming that: …consecrations performed by bishops who had faltered in time of persecution were invalid, and therefore rejecting the authority of Caecilian, the bishop of Carthage at the time, who had allegedly been consecrated by one who had lapsed. This led to a schism that…...
Why is History so controversial?
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Pages • 5
Incomprehensible facts of history get overlooked to fit the script people want to believe. So, history by its nature is a subject based on interpretation. As man and time changes, so do stories and tales that include history. Therefore it is necessary for students to make and justify decisions about the relative authenticity of historical texts. History can be compared to the situation in class where the teacher whispers a sentence into a student's ear, and then the student is…...
Teenage Love: Why it is controversial
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Pages • 3
In the following paragraphs below I will be discussing three reasons on why teenage love is very controversial. Adults can misunderstand teenagers when teens say that they are in love. I also think that teenagers can mistake love for physical attraction or, as many people know it as lust. Finally the last reason will be that maturity adds to the controversy about teenage love. Adults can misunderstand teenagers when teens say they are in love. Most adults think that teenagers…...
Arthur Miller’s Death of A Salesman Controversial Tragedy
Words • 1387
Pages • 6
Tragedy was a very questionable concern in literature till recent years. Current figures in literature have actually set a clear definition for disaster. Author Miller is one of these figures. Plays and novels have actually distinguished the definition of tragedy. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary disaster is a major piece of literature normally explaining a conflict between the protagonist and a remarkable force and having a sorrowful or dreadful conclusion that delights pity or fear. Miller's explains that a tragic…...
The Treaty of Waitangi: Significance and Controversy
Words • 1627
Pages • 7
The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi is a very significant event that has led to what New Zealand is today. It gave Europeans and Maoris a common ground to live as one. It is one of the most significant events in New Zealand as it still has an impact on people today, nearly 200 years after the event. This will argue on many topics but will highlight on the unfairness of the Treaty, how it lead to controversy, and…...
Jose Rizal’s Retraction Controversy
Words • 1408
Pages • 6
The debate still continues if Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero, really retracted? This has been the greatest controversy which is most talked about Rizal. He is recognized for the novels he had written during the Spanish period. Because of these courageous acts of rebellion against the said colonizers, he became our National Hero. But what if our national hero, at the last moments of his life retracted everything he had ever said and written? In 1935, a letter was…...
Is Violence in the Media Controversial?
Words • 1741
Pages • 7
Do you have a particular song or movie that you just really love. If you do, have you ever considered the kind of music you listen to or the movies you watch influence the decisions you make about almost everything. This may be really obvious, but a lot of people underestimate it: It’s the power of the media. Media is very powerful and extremely influential. And as teenagers, our minds are a lot more absorbent to the things we see…...
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