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  • Analysis Of A Christmas Carol

    Scrooge doesn’t realise but in being disrespectful to the gentlemen, he is disrespecting God. Because by refusing to share and not making good use of his wealth he is not following the 10 commandments. The third is rudeness. One of Scrooge’s traits is his rudeness towards others in society. One major example is when he… View Article

  • Analysing And Contrasting Two Poems

    The poet has described the sound of the whistle as a melody, which gives us the impression of a sound, which is very popular to the workers and a part of their daily routines. “The melody men & women built lives around”. This gives us an image of the workers being very unhappy with their… View Article

  • A Streetcar Named Desire

    In this play there are three main characters – Blanche, Stanley and Stella. The play is set in New Orleans in a place named Elysian Fields which runs between L & N tracks and the river. Stella and Stanley are married and living together as man and wife in their little apartment. Blanche is Stella’s… View Article

  • Transport Media

    Transport media is what we see displayed on the side/back/interior of buses, coaches, trams and trains. To exhibit your business’ logo or advert on the sides of buses would be rather costly; it is only well established nation-wide companies which choose to do this. Smaller businesses tend to stick to advertising their business on the… View Article

  • A questionnaire made for Chanz’s Chinese restaurant

    This is some secondary research I did, which I found on the Internet. It’s a questionnaire made for Chanz’s Chinese restaurant. After I analysed it I thought it was very good, at the start it gave a description of the restaurant, immediately telling the sample details, contact details were also given which is a good… View Article

  • Objectives of small companies

    Unlike large companies the owners, mangers and workers are likely to be the same person. Most small groups aim to maximize profits or they may want to make some profit and pursue other objectives like sales growth. Many people own businesses because of there flexibility. They are happy with lower profits and are able to… View Article

  • My Skills and Talents

    Listening to advice from others will play an important part as it helps to get an outside point of view. It could save me from making decisions which may not be in the best interest of my business, as well as allowing me to use the advice I have been given to improve on any… View Article

  • What business should Donald set up?

    By studying the results collected, I think that Donald should open up a clothes shop. This is because the majority of people questioned, 72%, said they went elsewhere to shop for clothes and this may mean that they may be fed up of the clothes shops in Crawley. If Donald opens up a clothes shop… View Article

  • The process a person has to undergo to open a bank account

    The bank will have in place a process that customers must have to follow to enable them open an account. This process involves various activities that the application must have to go through before a decision can be made to open an account. The initial process starts once the customer enters the Bank and speaks… View Article

  • The Name of the Business

    Any person or company uses a name to represent a business. It gives the business its own identification. So when choosing the name I had to think about whether the name gives out a good image to my target market. I also had to think about whether my target market would respond to the name… View Article

  • Why eWave should change their ownership

    In order for eWave to trounce their problems regarding their liabilities and other factors I believe that they should change their ownership to a private limited company. Currently eWave is a partnership which is a group of peoples usually 2-20 people maximum. Liable to all debts and debts are paid by all partners. This is… View Article

  • Factors affecting location

    One of the hardest things to do when setting up a business it to choose its location. There are many different factors, which have to be put into consideration before choosing a location. Many businesses, which currently exist, are based at that location because of the history and tradition of the company. If it moves… View Article

  • Meursault’s contrasting attitudes

    Alba’s and Meursault’s contrasting attitudes to life are also, to some extent, related to guilt. In Meursault’s case, the absurdity of his judgement comes across in his realisation that he has been sentenced to death not because he killed a man, but on the basis of his character: “what did it matter if he was… View Article

  • Metamorphoses highlights the theme of change

    Unlike The Outsider, Metamorphosis The Outsider, Metamorphosis is written in the third person. This makes it less of a personal account. The reader does not question the validity of the narration, but it is less intense and provides an overview. Metamorphosis is divided into three chapters of equal length, and each chapter appears to represent… View Article

  • Scrooge’s nephew played games

    The ghost then showed Scrooge the life he could have had if he had not left his love. Scrooge then heard the husband say that he saw an old friend, Mr Scrooge. Scrooge asked the spirit in a broken voice to take him away from this place. The ghost told scrooge that these shadows were… View Article

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