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  • The Making of Modern Russia

    b) How far do you agree that the economic position of the peasantry in Russia was stronger in the period between the Emancipation and the Revolution than it was under Lenin and Stalin? Agricultural policy in Russia throughout Russia between 1856 and 1964 has always been characterised by a hidden agenda. The Tsars used agricultural… View Article

  • Concerning Globalisation

    In arguments concerning globalisation, controversy is quite evident. Discuss the positive and negative outcomes connected with this issue. In today’s life we often encounter terms such as “living in a global village” and “we all live in the same world”. Even simply switching on the television brings us face to face with events occurring on… View Article

  • The relationship between censorship and student publications

    Pushing the limits of free speech and then killing it is not an uncommon theme for today’s student press. Civil disobedience and censorship of student publications has been a hot-button issue since the 1960s and remains a crucial, yet under-examined area of free speech. In an assumed tolerant democracy which flaunts philosophical ideals like a… View Article

  • Investigating Women In Sport

    I am investigating women in sport. The particular are of focus for this study will be women’s participation in sport. This interests me as participation in sport for women is a lot less than men. I can see this is apparent from my own experiences, amongst my peers sport participation has decreased as we’ve got… View Article

  • Business Environment

    Recruitment and retention The need of recruit- There is been a new position arisen for Customer Service Executive in Buffs Supplies LTD. As now they have a website developed, there is a need of person who can run the website effectively, and make a very good use of the website to help the business to… View Article

  • A Study of Globalisation

    Executive Summary This paper attempts to make sense of globalisation from a social and business perspective. Initially I will talk briefly about globalisation within our community and the different stand points those communities and individuals have taken; for and against globalisation. I will then talk about the multinational companies that have made the phenomenon of… View Article

  • Comment critically on comparative advantage as a basis for international trade

    Comparative advantage was an idea proposed by David Ricardo in 1817, and is an idea which can be used on a variety of scales, but is most often used when analysing international trade. Ricardo used the idea of wool produced in England at a lower opportunity cost than wool is produced in Portugal relative to… View Article

  • The Effect On the Viewer of the Film Twister

    In this essay I am going to consider the effect on the viewer and discuss how the film creates suspense at the beginning of the film Twister. The background was just grey clouds that suddenly got swept away. All the effects are computer generated. Behind a classical song you could hear the sound of gushing… View Article

  • The Petty-Bourgeois Base Of Nazi Support

    “The traditional stress on the petty-bourgeois base of Nazi support need not to be discarded, but instead incorporated into a broader picture.” How far do these extracts substantiate this opinion? From their formation in 1919, the NSDAP were seen as an old middle class party; included artisans, low ranking civil servant, and farmers. However, from… View Article

  • Fitt’s and Posner’s Phases of Learning

    Describe “Fitt’s and Posner’s” phases of learning and explain how you would structure practises to enhance a performance In this essay I will explain Fitt’s and Posner’s phases of learning and how I would structure practises to enhance performance. By practising a skill we can become better. Fitts and Posner theories were that everyone has… View Article

  • Local and National Provision for Netball

    Introduction The aim of this essay is to find out what provisions there are for netball in my local and the national areas, and whether or not there are any funding and coaching schemes for any level of netball from grassroots to elite level. Grassroots level Netball is available for all children to play at… View Article

  • Team-Working Environment

    Compare the contribution of the different skills described in Task 4a whilst used within a team-working environment. Communication Skills In a sales team, communication skills are vital. They are vital because good communication skills allow someone to make important contributions to a team. In a team, the most important attribution is good clear communications. Good… View Article

  • Scramble for Africa

    Why did continental countries engage in a “Scramble for Africa” in the later nineteenth century? From about 1870-1905, also known as the ‘Era of Empire for Empire’s Sake’, ‘The Great Adventure’ and ‘The Scramble for Africa’, European nations began what is called ‘New Imperialism’ today. During this age, almost 23,000,000 km� of territory was acquired…. View Article

  • Suitably qualified staff

    Staffing to meet changing business demands Suitably qualified staff may be recruited or trained within the organisation to have the right level of skills when they first join the business. At XMA computers, they need to have enough staff to meet demand but not too many as they would be wasting money on their wages…. View Article

  • The importance of realism in British soap opera

    Corrie, ‘Enders and Brookie are all one. Family Affairs and The Archers are too. These shows are all a part of the great institution known as the British Soap Opera’s. Originating from when they were U.S. daytime drama programs sponsored by soap manufacturers, they were aimed at 1930’s housewives with Opera ironically mocking the storylines… View Article

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