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Prof Lindsey
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Hi there! I’m Prof Lindsey. I am a highly-driven and talented writing professional with the goal of providing excellent, personalized, and plagiarism-free solutions.
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I am comfortable with different topics as long as the instructions are clear. My clients say that I am a diligent professional who follows the requirements to the tee. I think this is essential to producing quality work.
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Destiny is professional academic writer with more than 10 years’ experience that has equipped her with vast knowledge on various fields including international relations, education, ecology, art, criminal law, ethics and public administration.
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Computer science
My clients say that I am a diligent professional who follows the requirements to the tee. I think this is essential to producing quality work. Choose me and you will never have to look for another writer!
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Hi there! I’m Prof Hailey. I am a highly-driven and talented writing professional with the goal of providing excellent, personalized, and plagiarism-free solutions.
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Over the years, I have been working as a freelance writer. Through my experience, I have been able to work on different papers as well as interacting with various academic formatting styles.
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Last added papers

Our writers add short paper samples all the time to help you get a general idea of what a custom-made essay would look like. There are loads and loads of these samples you can check out for free. You can check out papers on such topics as Bullying, Nursing, Mental Health, and many more.
A Personal Narrative on Becoming a Social Worker
Words • 1243
Pages • 5
Have you always known, since you were a kid, what you wanted to do for the rest of your life? I remember being a seven»year—old girl and telling my mother, “I want to foster kids like Maw-Maw when I get...
A Research Project on My Experience as a Social Worker at the Our Lady of the Lake Community Counseling Center
Words • 430
Pages • 2
For my project I decided to get help on personal issues that I’ve been facing in my life, I know that in order to help people as a Social Worker, I must first help myself and make sure I overcome...
My Personal Motivation to goals
Words • 374
Pages • 2
In an essay ot 300 words or less, explain your motivation to transfertrom your current/former institution to lllinois and how your academic interests and/or protessional goals will be tultilled in your intended program ot study. As I turn toward my...
The Issue of Standardized Testing in the Educational System
Words • 883
Pages • 4
It has come to my attention that some community members are dissatisfied with our current educational system due to the emphasis public schools place on standardized tests. This questions the values of which the educational system holds and further asks...
The Evils of Standardized Testing
Words • 666
Pages • 3
Everyone sat there in nervous anticipation as the large white envelopes were passed out. Why were these scores so important to our futures? The guidance counselors had drilled into our heads that without these test scores we would not get...
How to Improve Writing to Avoid Plagiarism
Words • 630
Pages • 3
When I successfully passed my ESL course, I believe I was ready to take English 111, Now, when I have almost finished my English 111 class, I think it will be better if I have prepared some of the topics...
Stopping Plagiarism Starts Within Ourselves
Words • 1147
Pages • 5
Plagiarism is defined as the use of anyone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one‘s own. This type of behavior is usually caused by rushing into one's own work and not focusing upon what they should be...
The Impact of the Internet on the Spread of Plagiarism
Words • 493
Pages • 2
The internet can be a very helpful and productive tool if you know how to use it correctly Many use the internet for social media sites, to get caught up in the news, and to process and learn new information....
The Legal, Psychological, and Moral Consequences of Plagiarism
Words • 822
Pages • 3
There are many consequences that come from plagiarism, and it comes in many forms. Plagiarism is an intentional or unintentional use of someone‘s writings or ideas without giving credit to that person, Any academic or professional form that is copied...
A Dialogue Using the Character of Old Man Warner From The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
Words • 338
Pages • 2
Well, hello. I’m Old Man Warner. Today, finally, after a year of doing the old whatnots and whatever else, it was time for the old lottery. I tell ya what, back in my day people didn‘t go on about the...
How My Mother Has Influenced Who I Am Today
Words • 738
Pages • 3
“No matter what, 1 will always be there to support you and if you need anybody to talk to I am here to listen,” This is a phrase that every child wants to hear their mother say to them I...
My Mom: The Best Mom Ever
Words • 480
Pages • 2
From the beginning of time everyone has always had that one person in his life that he admires. Being a mom and raising six kids is not an easy thing to do, but somehow my mom has managed to accomplish...
The Importance of Love In Mom Our Lives
Words • 912
Pages • 4
There are three words that melt my heart every time I hear them. This isn’t a phrase everyone hears often, but I am lucky to say I hear it multiple times a day, My mom, dad, and girlfriend do a...
An Analysis of My Mother as the Most Significant Person in My Life
Words • 371
Pages • 2
The most significant person in my life would have to be my mother She is a strong willed woman, who has managed to raise a charming. clever, and intelligent daughter. For 17 years she has provided the necessities, the luxuries...
The Importance My Mom of Love, Respect, and Admiration in a Strong Relationship
Words • 888
Pages • 4
To me there are three most important ingredients in a relationship - Love, Respect and Admiration. But there aren’t a [ot of people in this worid that contains a[[ ingredients to maintain a relationship. No one [aves us [ifie our...
A Reflection on the Taking Risks Impact of Family on an Individual’s Personality and Social Development
Words • 752
Pages • 3
Whether to deny or accept this particular fact, family has a huge impact on one’s personality and social development. Since family has a huge impact on one’s social development and personality, one compasses certain traits and beliefs from one’s family...

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  • What is a True Heroism
  • Global Warming – Stop It Now or Face Dire Consequence

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Where can I get essays for free?
You can get a free essay sample on our website in the Last Added Papers section – there, you can see all the different papers added to our website and used as the source of some general ideas.
Why does StudyMoose.com provide free essays?
This website is meant to help the students improve their writing skills by either showcasing good essays or helping the students directly. Free essays are a good way to give you a general idea of what a professional paper looks like.
Is essay typer legal?
It is illegal to copy and paste works of other people, but if you craft a unique essay by using and properly citing someone else's ideas, that is totally fine, and you can do it.
How can I find free essays on the website?
Just go to the Last Added Papers section, and there you'll find free essays you are looking for.
Do you offer an essay writing service?
StudyMoose writers can provide academic assistance and help you create a unique essay that is tailored to your needs and corresponds to your expectations.
Can StudyMoose.com detect essays bought online?
All the essays provided by StudyMoose are plagiarism-free, so they cannot be detected as plagiarized or otherwise taken from other sources.