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  • Solution of equations by numerical methods

    The root I was looking for was either 1. 8708(5sf. ) or -1. 8708(5sf. ). Using the Newton-Rapson method I expected to find one of the above-mentioned roots. Nevertheless there was no convergence revealed. Instead the numbers were going all over the place and were dramatically getting bigger all the time. At last the calculator… View Article

  • How does William convey Blanches anxiety in Scene 1

    When Blanche arrives in New Orleans, she is already in “shocked disbelief” by looking “at a slip of paper, then at a building, then again at the slip and again at the building”. The use of the adjective “shocked” suggests how surprised Blanche is to see her sister live her, in contrast to where both… View Article

  • English characters

    Adela can be paralleled to Kurtz in Conrad’s novella, who like her is in some ways also aware of the power of imperialism and its negative effects, as well as the changes it forces upon those living under its influence. Kurtz was a bright ambitious man drawn to the Congo by imperialism’s force, however unlike… View Article

  • Child Language Acquisition

    Linguistically, both of these infants are at different stages of their language development. The lexical choices made by each child can show what stage they are at in developing their language and applying it to situations and conversations. Sophie’s use of the word ‘Bissie’, meaning biscuit shows that she hasn’t quite been able to pronounce… View Article

  • Joseph Rudyard Kipling

    The study room was surprisingly empty. The door was crying out for some one to come open it. The papers lying on the table were rustling out loud, almost as if giving a signal to use them. Beside were pens lying and whispering for someone to pick them up. The chair was looming for someone… View Article

  • American Communist Party

    The play ‘The Crucible’ was written by an American author named Arthur Miller in 1953. It is set in Salem Massachusetts 1692 and is about the Salem witch trails. Miller was in his twenties during the 1950’s. When there was an era of paranoia of communism. The government feared America becoming a communist nation and… View Article

  • Making Copper

    When creating my stock solution of Copper (II) Sulphate I accurately weighed out approximately 24. 96g of Copper (II) Sulphate crystals on a 3 decimal place balance. I used the weighing by difference method to accurately obtain an exact weight for the crystals. This required me to weigh the mass of the weighing boat and… View Article

  • Salem society

    How does Arthur Miller show that Salem society has the capacity for what started with just ‘dancin’ to end with the deaths of innocent people? During the 17th century in Salem, the church and government were very closely intertwined and the government was based on a rule of religion. At the beginning of the play,… View Article

  • Installing and Upgrading Software

    There are a number of reasons for upgrading software, generally the main reason is that the software has been improved or security problems have been addressed, or it offers new functionality. You may also install or update software when a new piece of hardware is installed in order to make it compatible. Other reasons may… View Article

  • Cinematic features

    With detailed textual references discuss, analyse and review the key but cinematic features displayed in “Pleasantville” and “The Truman Show” The following essay, which I have composed, is based on two important films of the last decade. Their titles are “Pleasantville” and “The Truman Show”. Starting with the “Pleasantville”, the general overview of the film’s… View Article

  • Light intensity

    The set up of the circuit is simple as shown above. The 12-volt lamp is set up in a simple circuit. Then in a SEPARATE circuit, the light dependent resistor is connected to the Multimeter, which shows the resistance readings. If I did connect the LDR in the same circuit, I would almost certainly fry… View Article

  • Retaliation and assassination

    Why might many Palestinian youths of your own age want to join terrorist organisations such as Hamas or Islamic Jihad, despite the danger of capture, retaliation and assassination? What choices would these youths have to consider in deciding to join such an organisation? The conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis has lasted since before… View Article

  • Documentation for the End-user

    The Database is used to simply store all the relevant Employee’s details which would be good use to the Managers of Somerfield Stores Ltd. It is stored as a computerized Database to enable quick search times, easy access to needed data, good organization and easy out put as you can simply view the Data on… View Article

  • Brand new adventure park

    Afan Valley Adventure Park is a brand new adventure park opening soon in Afan Valley South Wales. The park is home to many exhilarating rides, but not only thrill seekers will enjoy Afan Valley, as there is a large on site petting zoo for the youngsters. Afan Valley is also home to one of the… View Article

  • Design a computer system for a video hire shop

    I have noticed that keeping customer records on paper can be time consuming and neither practical or easy to use. The aim of this project is to create a database for a company or an organization; I have chosen Vinnie’s videos. My database will include customer information to make organization and customer relations simpler; the… View Article

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