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  • Beowulf Test

    How does Hrothgar’s family single him out as a leader? He was so great in combat and war that he was looked at as the leader. Why does Hrothgar build a mead-hall and what is it called? To show that’s it’s greater than any other mead-hall on the earth. It’s named Heorot. Place for gathering… View Article

  • Andrew Jackson- Hero or Villain?

    AJ leader of dem party and started it AJ popular war hero AJ pres from 1829-1837 destroyed it what did aj do to the second national bank increasdd increased or decreased people’s participation in gov aj forced na mirgations aj killed a man in a duel defending his wife and fought many duels over 150… View Article

  • outsiders ch 5

    why does Pony have a problem with Johnny’s idea to disguise themselves? he will have to ruin his hair- his best feature. He is sproud of this trade-mark of being a greaser. what does Pony mean when he says I was supposed to be the deep one? Johnny understood the characters in Gone with the… View Article

  • English Heroes

    Jason’s birth son of king; sent away from home because of danger; grew up in the care of others Jason’s goal/quest to get the golden fleece and his kingdom Jason’s journey traveled by ship-going to Colchis Jason’s friend/guide Hera, Eros, Cupid, Aphrodite, Madea, Phineaus Jason’s tests Harpies, the Amazons, Scylla, Charybdis Jason’s darkness (abyss) his… View Article

  • chapter 5

    Why does Johnny think he is a hero (p. 76)? Do you think Dally is a hero based on what he did? Johnny thinks that he is a hero because if Dally didn’ t give them the gun and money, if they got in a fight they would have nothing to fight back with to… View Article

  • Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

    Who is Edward Snowden? A computer specialist that worked for NSA, a high-tech division of the U.S Department of Defense. What did he do? He leaked domestic and international classified information on our allies. How did people react? Americans were disturbed by the invasion of privacy. Foreign Officials were outraged to figure out that allies… View Article

  • Beowulf Quotes 1160-2668 all of quote

    and the forthright Unferth, admired by all for his mind and courage although under a cloud for killing his brothers, reclined near the king. (1164-1167) courage The poet seems to feel somewhat conflicted about Unferth as a character. On the one hand, Unferth has committed fratricide (killed his brother) – the ultimate sin in a… View Article

  • Beowulf Hero Qualities

    1st Quality Has evenly matched opponents 2nd Quality Has the Spirit and willingness to conquer or die 3rd Quality Is appealed to as the ultimate hope 4th Quality Is closely allied with his/her men 5th Quality Is attended by a faithful companion 6th Quality Has a striking personal appearance 7th Quality Is successful or not… View Article

  • Yuki Yuna is A Hero

    Yuki Yuna The protagonist in the anime TV series. She is also Togo’s best friend. She has long, pink colored hair. Togo Yuki Yuna’s best friend. She has no feeling in her legs and has a wheel chair. She has short, dark blue colored hair. Itski The youngest member of the Sanshu Middle School Hero… View Article

  • Mahatma Gandhi

    wise Gandhi knew the best way to fight the British was with love and peace not violence and hatred humble Gandhi never bragged about being a wonderful leader. He was just doing what he thought was right for his country and others courageous Gandhi was not afraid to speak his mind and have speeches and… View Article

  • Odysseus: Epic Hero Chart

    Introduced in the midst of a major conflict. He was introduced in the beginning of the Trojan War. He was introduced because the Greeks were looking for a strong warrior. Known as a warrior and a leader. King of Ithaca, and he defeated the Cyclopes Polyphemus by jabbing a great steak through his only eye… View Article

  • Heroes key quotes

    CHAPTER 1 PAGE 1 “My name is Francis Joseph Cassavant and I have just returned to Frenchtown in Monument and the war is over and I have no face.” Establishes the setting Introduces narrator in first person (speculation) Surprising statement creates mystery MysTerYOus OoOoO 3. Chapter 1 – page 1″Oh, I have eyes… but no… View Article

  • Heroic Characteristics in "Perseus"

    Polydectes is able to trick Perseus into battling Medusa because of Perseus’s excessive pride Which excerpt from “Perseus” best represents a characteristic of a Greek hero? [Athena and Hermes] told him which one was Medusa and that was important, for she alone of the three could be killed; the other two were immortal. Which story… View Article

  • Perseus best proves he is a hero with great fighting skills by

    Read the excerpt from “Perseus.” Fate willed it—or perhaps Zeus, who up to now had done little for his love and his child—that they should be discovered by a good man, a fisherman named Dictys. He came upon the great box and broke it open and took the pitiful cargo home to his wife who… View Article

  • Andrew Jackson Hero or Villain?

    Election of 1824 John Qunicy Adams won and gave Henry Clay a job for supporting him. Jackson saw this as the Corrupt Bargin Election of 1828 Jackson won and started the Jacksonian Democracy Jacksonian Democracy the idea that the common people should control the government Spoil System Jackson gave government jobs to political supporters Kitchen… View Article

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