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  • Chilling Effects

    Another case was the joint complainants Yahoo Inc and Geocities Inc Vs. Data Art Corp (2000) regarding several typographical errors of very popular domain names such as ayahoo. com, gecities. com, iahoo. com, myahoo. com, yafoo. com, etc, that were registered by Data Art Corporation, and were active at the time of filing the case…. View Article

  • Far-reaching objectives

    Planning comprises development of company strategies and goals. To put it differently, on this stage a manager has to define the direction of his business and some milestones to be taken into account. Moreover, planning involves also defining budget and plans of operation, i. e. methods of achieving previously fixed goals. In brief, on the… View Article

  • Domain Name Disputes and Arbitration

    The sudden explosion over the use of the internet in today’s world has placed domain names in direct conflict with trademarks. The use of a domain name would apply throughout the world, as the internet is accessible throughout the world. On the other hand, the trademark laws of a particular nation would vary with that… View Article

  • Public and social issues

    Slowly there was huge controversy regarding the manner in which domain names were allocated and provided registration by the NSI. There was a huge increase in the trademark disputes especially in the . com TLD domain. The IANA had no concern for legal issues over the domain name allocations. Hence, many nations including the US… View Article

  • The Implementation and Monitoring of the IEPs

    The implementation and monitoring of the IEPs is the duty of the school districts through the school teachers. It should be noted that the goal of IDEA is to educate children with disabilities with their non-disabled colleagues to the maximum extent possible. A child should only be placed in a separate environment (special classes) if… View Article

  • Nakata’s Story

    He does after all state in an interview on the authors official Murakami website (:http://www. randomhouse. com/features/murakami)) “Myths are the prototype for all stories. When we write a story on our own it can’t help but link up with all sorts of Myths. ” His works explore how ancient myths can impact the lives of… View Article

  • The Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti

    Dear , When this letter reaches your hand, I hope you’re in the best of health mentally and physically. As for myself I’m blessed and can’t complain. The baby is doing fine, albeit being a little under the weather. I have been studying and swamped with schoolwork, trying to complete all of my final assignments… View Article

  • Adrenaline rush

    This week was so stressful. For the entire whole week, I was assigned to track the advertising history of the company’s sports drink client. I ran through hundreds of video tapes of the sport drink’s advertisement in the span of 5 years, noting each and every aspect in the ideals in their communication style. I… View Article

  • Advertising media industry

    I am student in a work placement agency called STG Media Corporation, a company which dedicates their mission and vision in providing accountable advertising solutions. In my 7 week placement here in the corporation, I learned a lot and discovered that nothing beats on-hand experience in working. Week One (provide date) It was a week… View Article

  • Child Development Council Inc.

    Work ethics, professionalism, and teamwork, I believe, are among the essential factors that contribute to the success and productivity of an organization. It is important that all three are present within the members of a group, because one without the others may not be sufficient in the fulfillment of the organization’s desired goal. In the… View Article

  • The causes of cultural shock

    There are some hypotheses regarded as the causes of culture shock condition. The first of them is the similarity-attraction hypothesis (Bochner). One of key findings in studies of social psychology was the fact that people are attracted by the people similar to them, and those who have little resemblance to us, call less degree of… View Article

  • Basic approaches to the study of cultural diversity

    With rapid scientific and technological progress, advanced means of communication and transport, more and more people travel abroad, and the range of purposes they tend to achieve, enlarged as well. Many people now travel to share organizational and business experience, study abroad to come back home, many people travel just to see and study cultural… View Article

  • Australian Media Content

    The 1970s and 1980s saw considerable policy activism and regulatory innovation in the media policy process (Cunningham & Turner, 2006; p. 180). The Screen Producers Association of Australia has rejected any dilution of the Australian content rules proposed by the Productivity Commission. In its draft report, the commission recommends dropping the Australian content quotas of… View Article

  • Internet connections

    The security implications of sharing Internet connections between FTD employees and stuff must be strong in order to assure safety for both the clients and the employees. The main security issue such as data access must be implemented in such a way that the privilege given to the FTD employees which is controlled and manipulated…. View Article

  • The role that work has in one’s life

    In today’s busy world of lightning fast communication, what has the term “work” come to mean? It can be anything that one must do out of necessity and not out of joy; like raking one’s yard. It may also be defined as a task one must accomplish in a timely manner to be compensated with… View Article

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