Slum Tourism Paying to See Unseen World

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Slum tourism paying to see unseen world

Time becomes very precious in modern world everyone wants to spend it wisely, and the most number of people choose to spend their time travelling to specific location. The market of niche tourism growing day by day and many people now go to the destination that they want to explore. Slum tourism is one of the special of its kind tourism that attracting the people attraction nowadays. “According to the United Nations, about a quarter of the world’s urban population lives in slums—and this figure is rising fast”(National Geographic).

People pays to go to the specific location of the world that hide itself in the name of slums, and they return with motivational mind and vast knowledge about slum people’s daily life in the visit of these left behind slums of the today’s era. Slums are part of the modern world. Most people want to live in urban and large number of people migration to the urban areas that is causes existence of slums.

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“Asia, home to the 80% of the world population, currently sustains 36% of their population in cities”(Johnson,2013).

As many travellers visited many slums it becomes the part of the niche tourism. People likes to pay for their visit to the slum areas so that they can discover and observe the life of the peoples who live their life in slum. Most of the slum people do small business as like pot making, handmade statues and other different handmade decorative things.

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Tourist like to buy these hand made things because they know the importance of their handmade work. Many tourist get stunned by the hard living style and difficulties of slum people daily life. Tourist now get packages to stay in slum of Mumbai and live slum people lifestyle and that includes using public toilets of slum that shared by more than fifty other families (Dhillon,2018).The more tourist see in their visit they want to explore slum more closely and they pay to spend their time in slums with other people who lives in slums.

Slum families children often collect plastic garbage to earn money for the family. These types of activities do by slum people and their children give tourist brief information about their struggle of daily life, and that also make tourist feel thankful for what they have in their life. The facilities in slum people life are way less than other people get who stay in rich areas besides of slums. In such hard situation they have to provide safety for their family because they do not get protection as much as people in the city get. Some poor people gets involve in the crime because they are so much frustrated due to their low status. The poor lifestyle of slum peoples give rise to crime, killing and smuggling which make them rich. Tourist observe them that why poor people gets involve in such things.

They analyse the things and come out with some particular solution. Tourist also knows about curiosity about their life stories by knowing like how they are treated by government and from those with permanent housing (Shepard 2016). People who travel to slum now show interest in spending few days in slum to experience the struggle of slum people’s daily life. Slum tourism also open many opportunities for slum peoples like selling their hand made products to tourists as they visits to the slums. Tourist get different experience they never had in their life, while they visit to slums they get amazed by seeing slum peoples with happy faces while they living a hard life that they cannot be imagine to live. Some local guides who also live in slums take tourists to the s business run by slum people. In the small slum business every age person and also families work together and maintained their business. The products produce by slum business are better than industrial products and most of them are hand made products. The best thing about slum people is that they make those things that they cannot afford in their life.


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Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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