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What is a Satire Essay?

A satire essay is a type of literature or style of writing that focuses on criticizing a person’s shortcomings or exposing a subject using irony, sarcasm, and parody. The goal of a satirical essay is to use scorn, contempt, amusement, or indignation on a flawed subject or issue to help create awareness and change.

The writer should be able to provide relevant and eye-opening information through sarcasm and irony while keeping the information understandable to the target audience. Essays on satire are very interesting to write as you are allowed to use humor and exaggeration to keep the readers hooked. But, be cautious about using hyperbole and always stick to facts. False information doesn’t necessarily mean that you are using hyperbole.

Learning how to write a satire essay is very easy once you figure out all the techniques needed for this type of writing and the main purpose of your content.

How to Write a Satire Essay?

A satirical essay doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Even the simplest statements can already convey your opinion or take on a specific issue. If you want to effectively write a satiric essay, there are a few simple guidelines that you can follow:

1. Choose a Topic

You don’t have to spend so much time trying to figure out how to make a specific topic sound silly or ironic. The best way to choose a subject matter is to always keep an eye open for absurd and ridiculous stories.

One good example is the crazy law in Alaska where you cannot enter a bar if you’re already drunk, and you cannot stay inside if you get drunk. There are so many things that you can discuss on this topic, and you can even mention other laws related to drinking.

Today, it’s very easy to find a topic for your satire essay. Even if you don’t watch the news, silly statements from politicians would be posted and shared on social media. Finding a great topic for your satire essay would be very easy as long as you’re updated.

2. Use Hyperbole Statements

When writing a satire essay, you can emphasize our point by using a hyperbolic approach. Exaggerating a piece of factual information would indicate that you are emphasizing that particular point. But, you need to be wary when using this device because lying is different from exaggeration.

When you say that you’re so hungry you can eat a horse, it doesn’t mean that you will literally eat a horse because you’re hungry. It is just an exaggerated sentence which means that you are very hungry. But, when you say that you reached a top speed of 150 miles per hour, when the truth is you only reached 80 miles per hour is not hyperbole.

Using hyperbole can creatively highlight the silliness of the fact while still relaying factual information. You just have to make sure that the hyperbole you use is related to the topic you’re discussing.

3. Add Irony

One of the main contents of satire essays is irony. If you’ve read satire news, it is very easy to pinpoint the ironic statements. Irony means that you will be using words or phrases that would convey the exact opposite of what you truly meant.

One good example would be, ‘the politician was kind enough to leave 20% of the budget for the project.’ Looking at the sentence, the word ‘kind’ is the main point of irony in the statement. Compared to hyperbole, the irony is easier to use, and it adds more humor to the statement, especially if the reader completely understands what you’re trying to convey.

But, the flipside with irony is that some readers would take your statements literally. As opposed to hyperbole, where you are using exaggerated statements, it’s easier for people to misinterpret your statements like you’re siding with the villain.

4. Include Humorous Statements

One of the reasons why the tone of satire essays is very light is because of humor. You can always write satiric essays with a more serious irony or sarcasm, but adding humor can help the readers fully understand what you’re trying to say.

Although irony and sarcasm would be funny most of the time, there are instances where the statements would be very serious, especially when tackling a more profound topic. Readers would also respond quickly to humorous statements, and it can help keep them interested.

What is Satire Essay Structure?

Satire essay is still a formal type of writing, and it follows a structure to make sure that the readers know exactly what you are talking about. Although you are going to write sarcastic and ironic remarks, the readers should be able to follow the flow of the essay. With a proper outline or structure, your readers can easily understand the context of the essay.

The Introduction

The introduction should be very direct. In most essays, you usually start with a more general introduction of a topic. For satire essays, you can drop the topic on the first line with the use of a question. If you’re writing about satire essays on texting, you can ask about its current usage when video calling is a much better option.

You start the essay with a question and give a short explanation of the topic that you want to tackle. You need to set up the essay through the introduction so the readers would know the topic that you would talk about on the body.

The Body

The core of the essay is the body, as it contains all the information that you want the readers to know about your chosen topic. In the body of the essay, you need to freely discuss your own opinion concerning the topic. You can use hyperbole, sarcasm, irony, and humor as much as you want given the fact that you don’t overdo it.

Take note that a satire essay is an interesting way of proving a point, but it doesn’t mean that you can use vicious and obscene words. It’s better to take things further by suggesting the possible scenarios that can happen due to the topic you’re discussing.

Lastly, the body of the essay should be very light and airy, but it should deliver the killing blow. A good satire essay can easily encourage the readers to agree with you, and you can do that by making them feel comfortable. Use the devices properly to tell them that your opinion is right without saying it directly to them.

The Conclusion

Since you’ve already discussed the topic as a whole in the body of the article, the conclusion should give them a sense of closure. Answer the question that you dropped at the beginning of your essay directly and give them the solutions that you think would resolve the issue.

The trick is to drop hints on the body of the article and let the readers figure out what you want to happen. The conclusion will only summarize the subtle hints that you’ve left on the body of the essay.

Outline and format of satire essay

Before you start your satire essay, you need to create an outline of the things that you want to discuss. You need to write down all of the sub-topics that you want to discuss and look for different sources to back up your claim.

Remember that most satire topics are related to politics or famous people. Get all the facts that you can get to show your readers that you know what you’re talking about. Mark all the sources that you’ve referenced, especially if they come from the Internet. This would help validate your claims.

You can follow the introduction — body — conclusion format as it is widely used by satire writers.

Do You Need Satire Essay Sample? You’re at the right place

You don’t have to search elsewhere for satire essays examples. We’ve got everything that you need to get started. We have famous satire essays that would give you a general idea of what to expect from this type of writing. The satire essay examples provide easy-to-follow guidelines to help you write your very own satire essay.

With our examples of satire essays, you can easily figure out the right structure and flow, making it easier to create your own. You can browse through all of the satire example essays that we have and start making a satirical essay.

Also, check out the Satire Essay Topics

We’ve also listed down a few satire essay topics to help you get started. Although it’s very easy to find topics with the help of social media, you can cut down on your research time by looking at the sample topics below:

  • Why Education is a Complete Waste of Time
  • Failing your Exams and Having Fun Doing It
  • Social Media Platforms as a Way to Make Friends
  • Is Freedom of Speech Really Important?
  • Can Democracy Benefit the Country?
  • Why College Athletes Should Get Paid
  • Women Becoming Better Athletes than Men
  • Satirical Essays on Texting

Writing satire essays is a fun and exciting way to prove your point and to share your opinion with others. With the use of this guide, it would be much easier to create a satire essay that everyone would enjoy reading.

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