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Persuasive speech on nuclear weapons
Words • 626
Pages • 3
Today I am going to inform you about the bad aspects of testing of nuclear weapons. To begin with, nuclear weapons represent humankind's ultimate confrontation with the natural environment that sustains us. The purpose of these weapons is wholesale destruction on a massive scale, which affects most forms of life. No other single human creation has such potential for harm! It must be forefended without losing any time! The threat to life posed by nuclear weapons that the International Court…...
Mock Trial Techniques of Persuasion
Words • 448
Pages • 2
In Mock Trial in order to win the round each team must be persuasive. For us, who are the attorney's for the case we must use persuasive techniques in order to win the argument and ultimately win the round. The most effective technique that we use is to be clear and make a sound argument. The argument has to have no holes in it because if it does have holes in the case than it would be torn down by…...
Affective and Motivational Approach To Persuasion
Words • 820
Pages • 4
A few years ago I was in India during Christmas. I was there along with my two cousins and a common friend. Since it was our first visit to this country, we had made elaborate plans to capture as much as we could as far as the tourist destinations were concerned. All the major bookings, which included our stay in hotels and the tickets of our different flights and trains, in order to move from one place to another within…...
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Drinking Age Persuasive Speech
Words • 427
Pages • 2
I have been a firsthand witness to teenagers drinking and have heard my share of stories. HA. One thing that is common in all of these stories is someone doing something stupid and illogical. For instance, engaging in unremembered sexual activities, guys getting into fights, and other activities along the lines. All of these reasons, and the many more I’m going to include, are all going to show you why individuals under the age of 21 should not be allowed…...
Euthanasia Persuasive Speech
Words • 597
Pages • 3
Imagine a world where anyone, even the curably ill or depressed, is easily assisted in suicide. Where someone else decides when you’re life is no longer worth living. Where it is a societal expectation to die rather than receive long-term care. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the world that awaits us if we legalise euthanasia. Euthanasia, or assisted suicide, is defined as the practice or act of ending the life of a terminally ill person, usually by lethal injection. Though…...
Interesting Topics for Persuasive Essay
Words • 1117
Pages • 5
What associations do you have with the phrase Academic Persuasive Research? Some students imagine the complicated task that cannot be done by themselves. Other high school students haven’t heard about this type of paper that is why they cannot make any assumptions. If you belong to one of these two groups, join us and find out more about writing a persuasive essay and top persuasive topics. Let’s get started. Common knowledge is that before speaking about the possible issues that…...
Persuasive speech About Hunting Animals
Words • 1248
Pages • 5
To an audience of people who have different views on hunting. For the purpose of sharing: Both sides of why hunting should be allowed and not allowed. Introduction Save the animals or eat them? We dont want to eat bugs bunny. But we want to eat cows and chickens raised on farms. Do we see animals as prizes? do we see them as uses such as clothes, jewlery, and other accessories? Or do we see them as just beautiful part…...
Persuasive speech against video games
Words • 945
Pages • 4
Attention-getter: Whenever I look out from my window at home, nothing but memories come back to me. The house three doors down was the unsuspecting target of the foul balls we would hit when we use to play home run derby. Or my basketball hoop which held many world championships between me being the bulls and my friends being that year’s runner up. In the park across the street, I ended up blackmailing my neighbor, who was a few years…...
Persuasive essay on homework and student workload
Words • 953
Pages • 4
Homework has actually been a normal part of the everyday academic activities of trainees across several knowing organizations. It is not a concealed reality that a good deal of examining the found out abilities and knowledge of students are assessed through homework. Thus, it is of utmost significance for both teachers and trainees alike to treat research not only with a substantial length of time and attention but also with a certain amount of vital thinking. But although there are…...
Energy Drinks Persuasive Essay
Words • 430
Pages • 2
For various reasons I believe that energy drinks should have an age limit on them. Some people may disagree with me for they think that they are just a strong caffeine drink that will keep them awake during the day. However, I believe that energy drinks can cause very bad behavior. Also, they can cause not only bad behavior, but they can be a lead to a big risk to the consumer’s health and safety. Finally, the most important reason…...
Energy Drinks Persuasive Speech
Words • 585
Pages • 3
INTRODUCTION I. We’ve all have probably had an energy drink at some point II. CNN Study shows 50% students, drink one to four a month III. Many don’t pay attention or know short and long term effects IV. The concept of downing energy drinks among college students V. Thesis: Today I am here to persuade you to not drink energy drinks VI. Overview Problems ED pose, The cause of those problems, and solutions VII. Transition: Now lets take a look…...
Banning Alcohol Persuasive Speech
Words • 1033
Pages • 5
Introduction A child and his mother are driving home from picking the son up from a school event in their local area. A drunken driver crosses the line, entering into the mother’s lane head on. The driver and mother survive but the child dies on scene. This is your wife and son. The drunken driver had two beers; just enough to impair his vision and slow down his motor skills. Should alcohol, a form of drug, be legal like it…...
Hybrid Car Persuasive
Words • 1190
Pages • 5
Imagine a day when you will no longer be able to drive your vehicle to work or anywhere you would like to go. This could be a possible outcome due to the fact that over the years, thousands of cars have been manufactured and most of them run and depend on fossil fuels. Today these fossil fuels are potentially in danger of running out due to the use of them in the vehicles we travel in every day. Currently cars…...
Birth control Persuasive Paper
Words • 656
Pages • 3
While in high school classes all day, teachers talk about the same math, science, and numerous other subjects, but they always seem to either through sex education or not talk about it at all. Sex education should be taken a step further in high school today. Many teenagers are no aware nor are they educated about sex. Sex education should be a part of more high school curriculum. While in high school sex education is not really a big topic,…...
Persuasive Essay on John Proctor from the Crucible
Words • 440
Pages • 2
Who is John Proctor? Is he is a hero, a villain, a conqueror? Some may think he is craven, but others may credit him with great fortitude. This brave man was one of many who died for what he believed in. Although many people tried to persuade him to do otherwise, he stood his ground and died an innocent man. John had many reasons for choosing what he did. At first he was going to confess to save his life…...
Senior Citizens-Persuasive
Words • 1108
Pages • 5
Senior residents need to be under strict retesting in order to keep driving benefits. In the United States individuals over the age of 65 are thought about to fall under the classification of seniors as this is accepted as the basic retirement age. Lots of instances of senior resident included accidents arised from increased confusion, slower response times, reduced peripheral vision, minimized motor skills and slower cognizance of harmful situations. A recorded number of events have led to death as…...
Persuasive Advertising
Words • 1730
Pages • 7
Advertising plays an important role in our diverse, media-saturated world. It surrounds our everyday lives. It is in everything we do, whether we are looking for a number in the phone directory, taking a ride down a road, or watching TV. According to Jamie Beckett’s article in San Francisco Chronicle, “The average U. S. adult is bombarded by 255 advertisements every day--100 on TV, 60 in magazines, 50 on the radio, and 45 in newspapers” (Beckett). More recently, Advertising Age…...
Cassius’ Persuasion
Words • 909
Pages • 4
Rhetoric is the usage of words to persuade when writing or speaking. This was frequently used in William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Julius Caesar”, specifically in act 1 scene 2 by Cassius. By using his powers of manipulation with argumentation and persuasion, Cassius then tries to convince Brutus, a fellow Roman, to join in the conspiracy against Julius Caesar. Doing so, Cassius uses the rhetorical forms of pathos, logos, and the usage of rhetorical questions. One of the techniques used by Cassius…...
The Power of Persuasion
Words • 1079
Pages • 5
I. “If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.” These are wise words spoken by Benjamin Franklin, whom we all know for his roles in American History as a writer, scientist and politician. II. In this quote, Benjamin Franklin speaks of how to persuade. But why would it be important to know how to persuade? III. I always have to ask my child to pick up his toys after he done playing with them and my…...
Persuasive Speech on Sex Education at School
Words • 317
Pages • 2
Should children be given sex education in schools, or should this be the responsibility of the parents? Thesis Statement: Sex, as serious and important to discuss, is still a very uncomfortable topic for teenagers to discuss; this speech will persuade the audience that sometimes, some things are best discussed at the comfort of a child’s home rather than the company of others. Sex is an important part of life. Whether or not we choose to go for it right away…...
Military Persuasive Speech
Words • 1069
Pages • 5
I.Attention-getter: “School ownership is our goal.” Who on earth would want to have full control over a school and its students? The military would and that quote comes directly from United States Army Recruiting Program Handbook. II.Relevance: As I speak, the military is thinking of ways to stop you from getting your degree and they’re trying to prevent your younger siblings and friends from even starting. III.Ethos: After seeing a number of my young friends lured into this situation, I…...
Persuasive Essay on Curfews
Words • 393
Pages • 2
Students under the age of seventeen have a curfew of 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 12 am on Friday and Saturday. The curfew ensures that all students should have no business in a public place or out on the streets late at night. There are obviously some valid reasons why this is enforced and I am completely in favor of this decision. Many dangerous kinds of people come out late at night to see if they can get kids…...
Persuasive Speech about Prayer in Public Schools
Words • 515
Pages • 3
Ladies and Gentlemen all protocol observed, I would like to tell you the facts behind the reason why I am against prayers in public schools. Prayer in public schools should no be allowed since it is inconsiderate of the different religions that are represented in the school. Public schools host people from all religions since they are cheaper hence affordable. When the prayers are done they are biased against the religion with minor representation in the school hence it is…...
Persuasive Communication
Words • 365
Pages • 2
When attempting to encourage in charge it is essential to state the facts and make certain to examine the validity of these facts that will be provided before it is advanced. Remember to estimate your reliable sources, as you may be asked about where your information arrived from. Analyze the persuasive efficiency in terms of its logo designs, pathos, and ethos, if relevant, on what you are trying to persuade your manager on. Usage data and data that are current…...
Rhetoric and Persuasive Speech
Words • 668
Pages • 3
1. What is the difference between an informative speech and a persuasive speech? Why is speaking to persuade more challenging than speaking to inform? Informative speech is designed to convey knowledge of and understanding and persuasive speech is to either reinforce or changing people’s beliefs or actions. Persuasive speech is more challenging than informative because there are different points of view on the topic your discussing since it is that touch on your listeners’ basic attitudes, values, and beliefs, therefore…...
Gmo Persuasive – Genetics
Words • 830
Pages • 4
A GMO is an organism whose hereditary makeup is changed by human beings. A genetically customized organism (GMO) is a plant, animal or microbe whose genetic code has been altered, subtracted, or added (either from the very same types or a various species) in order to offer it attributes that it does not have usually. A GMO is created when DNA from one organism is combined with another organism's DNA to make one molecule. Scientists do this by cutting and…...
Persuasive Speech on Sleeping Habits
Words • 648
Pages • 3
Are you tired and having trouble paying attention in class? Focusing on tasks at hand? Or just completely being overall unproductive? The average college student is deprived at least two full hours asleep each night according to “College Tidbits” a website designed to promote healthy lifestyles and productivity in daily college life. These results were pooled from multiple surveys done over hundreds of campuses throughout the United States. Today, I hope to persuade you to fight the statistics and get…...
Persuasive Essay in Favour of Abolishing Hunting
Words • 1025
Pages • 5
Hunting ought to be forbidden since it is all too simple for hunters to abuse guidelines. First of all, there is no other way to be particular whether or not hunters abide by limits established in regards to the quantity of animals they are allowed to eliminate, and where they are allowed to hunt. Every event in a searching expedition can not be kept an eye on and for that reason hunters are basically "permitted" to do as they please.…...
Work Experience Persuasive Speech
Words • 1601
Pages • 7
Intro: How many of you are currently unemployed, but would like to have some sort of casual employment? Who isn’t set on their future career, but would like to have a better idea? Who likes making money? So what if I told you, I know a way to fulfill all of these desires. The answer is work experience. I believe work experience should be integrated into Australia's curriculum and be a compulsory part of high school. Currently some public schools…...
Persuasive Speech Eating Healthy with a College Lifestyle
Words • 926
Pages • 4
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience how to make nutritious eating choices when you’re strapped for time and on the move. Central Idea: Packing a lunch, choosing a restaurant and meal wisely, and keeping nutritious snacks available can all provide for nutritious eating habits even with an on the-go college lifestyle. Introduction: I. The average college student is often pressed for time. A. As a student are you typically under a lot of stress? B. Do you often find yourself…...
Persuasive Speech Outline and Annotated Bibliography
Words • 710
Pages • 3
Organizational Pattern: I.Introduction a.Attention Getter: When I was about seven years old, I made one of the best decisions of my young life, and I didn’t even realize it at the time b.Reason to Listen: Sports are a big part of most of our lives. You don’t want to be stuck being a fan of the wrong team c.Thesis Statement: If you live in Grand Rapids, the Chicago Bears are obviously the best football team to be a fan of…...
Six by Karen Tayleur Persuasive Speech
Words • 876
Pages • 4
“One Car. One After Party. 6 People. 6 Points of View. But only one outcome. ” An incredible plot, relatable characters, and a mystery that keeps you reading ‘till midnight. It is unlike any book I have ever read before. ‘6’ by Karen Tayleur should be read by each and every one of you as it is a fantastic novel for teenagers and deserves to be studied by future grade tens. This novel has everything you could ever want in…...
Persuasive Speech About K12
Words • 369
Pages • 2
“Education is a companion which no misfortune can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate, and no despotism can enslave”, a famous quotation from the writer, Joseph Addison. In Filipino sayings, it would be described as something that can never be stolen from you. The K12 system of education is popularly used in the United States, Australia and Canada, it was recently initiated by the Aquino administration to be adapted in the Philippines. Since it denotes prolonging the…...
Read To Grow Persuasive essay
Words • 955
Pages • 4
Books have been known to do many things, including give people hope and wisdom. They are a grand source of information and what's even more noteworthy is the source: the library. A library can be considered a stock of knowledge. And even though the library of UFV is a remarkable work of textbooks, course reserves, research databases, journals and much more, work of fiction should also be introduced as not only are these more intriguing to read, they help students…...
A Persuasive Speech About Why Smoking Should Be Illegal Smoking
Words • 1277
Pages • 6
Hello, today I am here to talk to you about the life-threatening consequences smoking can have and why I believe that it should be illegal. Across the world, even in the most deprived areas, millions of people are smoking. Every minute of every day, these smokers, young and old, are paying for cigarettes to feed their deadly craving. It is a well-known fact that smoking can seriously damage your health, not to forget the innocent people who are in the…...
Persuasive Essay: Men and Women are not Equal
Words • 551
Pages • 3
Men and women are not equal. This phrase has been floating around in one way or another for hundreds of years it is only recently that the United States got rid of this long–standing discrimination. There are many obvious and not-so-obvious reasons why women should be considered equal to men. It is a common misconception that men are smarter and more competent than woman. The reason why this misconception is so popular because men have enjoyed rights that women have…...
?Studying Abroad Persuasive Speech Outline
Words • 589
Pages • 3
Introduction Attention Getter: If you want to learn about someone walk a mile in their shoes. What greater way is there to understand another culture's point of view than studying abroad? Studying abroad is a life changing opportunity that benefits not only you but our nation and the world. Central Idea: I am going to tell you how you can during college by studying abroad. Establish Credibility: for the past couple of weeks I have been researching this topic, and…...
Persuasive Essay: Military Service
Words • 765
Pages • 4
Many people can benefit from joining the Military service for a lot of different reasons. Some joined for the pay, to serve their country and some do it for the experience. There are many reason people join the United States Army. Some other reasons to join the Army could be job security, education benefits, health insurance benefits, life insurance benefits and career assessment to name a few. Serving your country for reason personal to you can come with great benefits…...
Universal Health Care Persuasive Essay
Words • 1093
Pages • 5
Why is it that the United States, which is held out to be the greatest country in the world to live in by many and using many different standards, is the only Western country that does not have some form of socialized medicine? One reason is that opponents continue to refer to any universal health care program as just that, socialized medicine. The label alone is enough to prevent many people from supporting such an effort, without looking any deeper…...
Persuasive essay on school uniforms
Words • 495
Pages • 2
Nearly all students do not support school uniforms; however they do not know the benefits in wearing them. Believe it or not, there are a lot more pros than cons when it comes to wearing school uniforms. First off, school uniforms will develop a better teaching and learning environment. They will also save families a good deal of money. And lastly, school uniforms will eliminate a lot of bulling and labeling. A school would be a better place, for teachers…...
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