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All our subject expert writers undergo a strict selection process, complete extensive training, and are regularly audited by our QA team.
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Solving your academic troubles is our priority. Tight budget, or tight timeline, we provide the tools you need to succeed academically.
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With over 10 academic solutions and 7 tools available, your studying process is made easier, more efficient, and more effective.
Company history
StudyMoose was founded as a free resource of helpful materials
We realized students need additional help with writing, so we started more hiring experts in various subject areas.
Launched the free plagiarism checker, so students can confirm their work is unique
Other helpful tools we launched, including Alphabetizer, Conclusion generator, and the paraphrasing tool.
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At StudyMoose, we do more than just help you with the writing of your assignments.
Essay writing

Custom essays based on your instructions

Double-plagiarism checks and unlimited reviews

800+ writers with experience in all topics

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Free samples

Written by expert writers and successful students

Gather inspiration from FREE existing essays

Regularly updated, with new samples daily

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Flashcards and quizzes
Flashcards and quizzes

Great practice tools for upcoming tests and exams

Access 500 000+ flashcards and quizzes

A variety of subjects and topics available

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Free tools you'll love
Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarism checker
Cheсk for plagiarism
Thesis statement generator
Read my essay
Read my essay
Paraphrasing tool
Paraphrasing tool
Alphabetise list
Conclusion Generator
Conclusion Generator
Frequently asked questions
Writing Services
What is StudyMoose?
We’re an academic platform where students can get help from professional writers, with their assignments. We also offer a variety of free tools, like a plagiarism checker to assist students trying to achieve academic success.
How much do StudyMoose’s paid services cost?
Our expert writers bid on each assignment and you can choose which bit you want to process with. Prices depend on the academic level and complexity of the assignment - also on how long or short the deadline is.
Is StudyMoose legal?
Yes, of course! We provide students with writing samples and assistance with research. We also have a ZERO plagiarism rule, guaranteeing that you will never have issues with work that isn’t totally unique.
Is StudyMoose safe?
Yes, super safe! We use the latest SSL encryption protocol and trusted payment methods to ensure safe transactions. We also don’t collect or store any of your personal data, so there are no concerns with any of your information being shared with third parties.
Free services
Where do the samples come from? Who writes them?
In some cases, graduate students donate the samples, but most of the samples you’ll see are written by our experts. All our experts are vetted and have degrees or doctorates. We only accept writing samples from experienced and qualified writers.
How can I use these samples?
The samples can be used as references, and sources, for extracting quotations, and citations. You can also use them to learn about formatting, styles, and different types of essays and their structure. Of course, they can also be a great source of new ideas and a great way to get inspired.
Is it plagiarism to use the samples?
IF you use the essay as a whole, then yes it would be plagiarism. These samples are only examples and somebody else’s work. This means you can’t copy-paste them. You should paraphrase and cite everything properly.
Why do you offer the samples for free?
We want to help all the students despite their income and financial opportunities. Everyone can find something helpful on StudyMoose. We earn by offering other services. so we can afford to offer free services. Also, a lot of the free sample materials are provided by students as donations to help other students. If you have essays you’d like to donate, you can upload them here.
What subjects do the samples cover?
You can find samples on almost any subject. Just use the search bar tool on the free samples page.
What formatting styles are used in the essays?
There is a formatting style picker on every sample, so you can select the format that you need. These formats include APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, ASA, IEEE and AMA.
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