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Other helpful tools we launched, including Alphabetizer, Conclusion generator, and the paraphrasing tool.
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Experts from StudyMoose

Our expert team assesses essays, offering valuable feedback for academic excellence and improvement.

Dr. Alexander Smith
161+ essays reviewed
2+ years with StudyMoose
With over two decades in academia, Dr. Smith's expertise in mathematics is marked by a deep understanding of principles, positioning him as a sought-after mentor.
Prof. Jane Thompson
English Language
247+ essays reviewed
4+ years with StudyMoose
Specializing in Literature and the English Language, Prof. Thompson enhances students' literary analysis and language skills, making significant contributions to the academic sphere.
Michael O'Reilly
Business Studies
431+ essays reviewed
5+ years with StudyMoose
An Economics and Business Studies educator, O'Reilly excels in connecting theory with practical business applications.
Prof. Richard Hamilton
Computer Science
Data Science
297+ essays reviewed
3+ years with StudyMoose
Prof. Hamilton, an expert in Computer Science and Data Science, enhances students' computational skills and contributes significantly to academic advancements.
Eleanor Fitzpatrick
Civics and Government
History and evolution of civil rights
157+ essays reviewed
1+ years with StudyMoose
With a keen specialization in Civics and Government, Eleanor Fitzpatrick delves into the history and evolution of civil rights, elevating students' insight into the dynamics of societal changes.
Dr. Antonio Rossi
Political Science
132+ essays reviewed
5+ years with StudyMoose
Dr. Rossi, an authority in Psychology and Sociology, offers profound insights into both the human psyche and social behaviors.
Ravi Patel
Early civilizations in North America
Art and Art History
403+ essays reviewed
5+ years with StudyMoose
Ravi Patel possesses extensive knowledge in multiple areas, notably history, early civilizations in North America, and art and art history.
Yara Al-Farsi
Visual Arts
Theatre Arts
283+ essays reviewed
2+ years with StudyMoose
With a profound commitment to the arts, Yara Al-Farsi brings over two decades of experience in both visual and theatre arts.
Dr. Fatima Al-Mansouri
Statistics and Probability
235+ essays reviewed
4+ years with StudyMoose
Renowned for her deep understanding of statistics and calculus, Dr. Fatima Al-Mansouri is a valued mentor and expert in these critical mathematical disciplines.
Maria Garcia
Business Studies
352+ essays reviewed
5+ years with StudyMoose
In the realm of business studies and management, Maria Garcia stands out for her innovative approach and ability to nurture future leaders in the field.
Dr. Emily Chen
Nursing and Healthcare Professions
200+ essays reviewed
4+ years with StudyMoose
Dr. Emily Chen, an expert in nursing and healthcare professions, provides valuable knowledge and insights into patient care and medical practices.
Nik Johnson
Pre-law Courses
Legal Studies
152+ essays reviewed
2+ years with StudyMoose
Nik Johnson, specializing in pre-law, legal studies, and criminology, adeptly bridges academic theory with real-world legal and criminal justice applications.
Prof. Liam O'Sullivan
294+ essays reviewed
5+ years with StudyMoose
An authority in both cybersecurity and biotechnology, Prof. Liam O'Sullivan excels in translating complex theories from these fields into real-world solutions and applications.

Authors from StudyMoose

Discover the Diverse Minds Behind Studymoose's Insightful Content

Daniel Rodriguez
54+ Completed Essays
3+ years with StudyMoose
Daniel Rodriguez, a Yale graduate in Political Science, now serves as a policy analyst. His professional experience in analyzing and interpreting political events and theories greatly enhances his essay writing. Daniel finds writing essays an effective way to distill and simplify political theories and current events for students, aiming to ignite their interest in governance and public policy.
Discover More
Emily Wilson
46+ Completed Essays
3+ years with StudyMoose
Emily Wilson, an Anthropology major from the University of Chicago, works as a documentary filmmaker. Her essays often reflect her filmmaking experience, exploring cultural narratives and human stories. Emily's passion for anthropology shines through her writing, as she uses essays to delve deeper into the lives and traditions of different communities, making her work both educational and engaging.
Discover More
Ethan Brown
38+ Completed Essays
2+ years with StudyMoose
An alumnus of MIT, Ethan Brown holds a degree in Computer Science. He works in the tech industry but indulges in essay writing as a hobby. For Ethan, writing essays is a way to demystify technology and make complex concepts in computer science accessible and interesting to students. His essays often bridge the gap between technical jargon and everyday language, making them highly valued by readers seeking to understand the tech world.
Discover More
Isabella Garcia
64+ Completed Essays
2+ years with StudyMoose
Isabella Garcia, a Stanford graduate with a degree in Cultural Studies, is a museum curator by profession. Her essays are a reflection of her deep understanding of cultural artifacts and their relevance in the modern world. She uses essay writing as a medium to bridge historical contexts with contemporary culture, providing insightful perspectives to students and art enthusiasts.
Discover More
Jacob Martinez
16+ Completed Essays
1+ years with StudyMoose
Jacob Martinez, a proud Harvard graduate in English Literature, currently works as a high school English teacher. His passion for classic and modern literature is evident in his engaging and thought-provoking essays. Jacob believes essay writing is not just an academic exercise but a powerful tool for creative expression and intellectual growth. He enjoys the challenge of inspiring young minds through his well-crafted essays, often incorporating themes from his teaching experiences.
Discover More
Liam Williams
103+ Completed Essays
4+ years with StudyMoose
With a PhD in Philosophy from Oxford, Liam Williams serves as a professor, teaching and inspiring students. His essays are a testament to his expertise, often exploring ethical dilemmas and philosophical queries. Liam finds essay writing not just an academic pursuit but a way to engage a broader audience in philosophical discourse.
Discover More
Lucas Davis
103+ Completed Essays
4+ years with StudyMoose
Lucas Davis, a Berkeley graduate in Psychology, now practices as a clinical psychologist. His essays are known for their insightful analysis of human behavior, drawing on both psychological theories and real-world observations. Lucas believes in using essay writing as a tool to make psychological concepts accessible to the general public, often simplifying complex theories into engaging narratives.
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Mia Hernandez
63+ Completed Essays
3+ years with StudyMoose
A graduate from UCLA in Environmental Science, Mia Hernandez is actively engaged in environmental advocacy through her role in an NGO. Her essays focus on raising awareness about ecological and sustainability issues. Mia finds essay writing an effective tool to communicate complex environmental concerns in a manner that resonates with students and young readers.
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Noah Jones
46+ Completed Essays
2+ years with StudyMoose
Noah Jones, who completed his Finance degree at the Wharton School, currently works as a financial consultant. He enjoys the art of essay writing, especially on topics related to economics and finance. Noah's essays are known for their clarity, making even the most intricate economic theories understandable and relevant to students.
Discover More
Sophia Nguyen
69+ Completed Essays
3+ years with StudyMoose
Sophia Nguyen, with her Master's in Journalism from the prestigious Columbia University, has carved a niche as a freelance writer. Her journalistic background, combined with a knack for storytelling, allows her to craft essays that are both informative and captivating. Sophia finds joy in essay writing, viewing it as a medium to convey complex ideas in a relatable and impactful manner, particularly enjoying topics that require deep research and factual accuracy.
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Frequently asked questions
Writing Services
What is StudyMoose?
We’re an academic platform where students can get help from professional writers, with their assignments. We also offer a variety of free tools, like a plagiarism checker to assist students trying to achieve academic success.
How much do StudyMoose’s paid services cost?
Our expert writers bid on each assignment and you can choose which bit you want to process with. Prices depend on the academic level and complexity of the assignment - also on how long or short the deadline is.
Is StudyMoose legal?
Yes, of course! We provide students with writing samples and assistance with research. We also have a ZERO plagiarism rule, guaranteeing that you will never have issues with work that isn’t totally unique.
Is StudyMoose safe?
Yes, super safe! We use the latest SSL encryption protocol and trusted payment methods to ensure safe transactions. We also don’t collect or store any of your personal data, so there are no concerns with any of your information being shared with third parties.
Free services
Where do the samples come from? Who writes them?
In some cases, graduate students donate the samples, but most of the samples you’ll see are written by our experts. All our experts are vetted and have degrees or doctorates. We only accept writing samples from experienced and qualified writers.
How can I use these samples?
The samples can be used as references, and sources, for extracting quotations, and citations. You can also use them to learn about formatting, styles, and different types of essays and their structure. Of course, they can also be a great source of new ideas and a great way to get inspired.
Is it plagiarism to use the samples?
IF you use the essay as a whole, then yes it would be plagiarism. These samples are only examples and somebody else’s work. This means you can’t copy-paste them. You should paraphrase and cite everything properly.
Why do you offer the samples for free?
We want to help all the students despite their income and financial opportunities. Everyone can find something helpful on StudyMoose. We earn by offering other services. so we can afford to offer free services. Also, a lot of the free sample materials are provided by students as donations to help other students. If you have essays you’d like to donate, you can upload them here.
What subjects do the samples cover?
You can find samples on almost any subject. Just use the search bar tool on the free samples page.
What formatting styles are used in the essays?
There is a formatting style picker on every sample, so you can select the format that you need. These formats include APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, ASA, IEEE and AMA.
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