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1. Indicate your topic.

Write your main theme and ideas that will be conveyed in the paper.

2. Indicate the main conclusion for your topic.

What general impression would you like your essay to make on the audience? Do not start with a capital letter, avoid punctuation at the end of comment and do not use full sentences.

3. Indicate the main argument of your conclusion.

Provide claims that support your point of view regarding the issue.

4. Indicate the second argument to support your conclusion.

Add one more reason to backs up your general idea.

5. Indicate the primary counterargument against your conclusion.

Mention the strongest argument to argue against your main idea.

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The best thesis statement maker for your paper is already here. This is a tool developed by StudyMoose team for our precious visitors!

Thesis statement maker: why might you need this?

It’s not a mix-and-match app for random phrases from your paper. The thesis statement maker from StudyMoose is a combination of the great AI and the hundreds of hours of research. The StudyMoose team studied (and moosed!) dozens of best thesis statements to figure out what makes them the best and what can be done to repeat their success. We created an online algorithm that transforms the main points of your essay into a beautiful thesis statement. You may use it as is or adjust a bit to better fit your research paper.

Why should you use our thesis statement generating tool?

Usually, the thesis statement is a thing that is recommended to be done at the very beginning. But we, in StudyMoose, understand that lots of creative people don’t want to restrain their imagination from the start. So, they just start writing, inventing, explaining and searching for proofs… until the deadline approaches and there is absolutely no time for creating a thesis statement. Here is where our thesis statement generator steps in and gives you a helping hand when you need assistance to “write my thesis” perfectly.

Another possible reason to use the online thesis generator is the opposite one. You may have a clear idea of what you are going to write about, but can’t wrap it into the strict form when making a thesis statement. Just share your ideas with our thesis maker in a few simple words and it will convert them into what you really need to complete your essay.

How does it work?

The thesis statement takes your words, your arguments for and against your main topic and your conclusion and makes them look more scientific, combining into a valid statement that looks professional and is easy to incorporate into your paper. Of course, the quality of the resulting statement still depends of what you give to our free thesis builder, so be careful, don’t overload your ideas with words and double-check grammar and spelling. We’ll do the rest!

Basic rules for creating a thesis for an essay or a research paper

Whether we want it or not, there are some rules on how to make a thesis statement which is good.

  1. The first one - it should cover the topic and the main conclusion of your writing. Anyone who reads your statement must immediately understand what your text is about and what is the result of your research.
  2. The second rule is mentioning both the main argument and main counterargument. This will show that you are looking at the topic objectively and not trying to pull the blanket towards your own point of view.
  3. The third rule is “scientific slang”. We don’t use such words as “unless”, “whereas” and others in our mundane speech too often, but still, their presence in your statement will make it sound more scholarly and show that you, at least, have read some other thesis statements before writing your own. The StudyMoose company loves simple words but this is not the case to stick to them only.

Example of a thesis statement done by our thesis statement creator

Let’s see what we can get from five basic sentences:

  • The topic of our virtual paper is: Animals influence on health.
  • The main conclusion about this topic: Communication with animals is good for health.
  • The main argument for: Animals stimulate empathy and good emotions.
  • The main argument against: Some people may dislike animals.

We feed these statements to our thesis statement making software and get five versions of statements instead!

  1. Even though some people may dislike animals, communication with animals is good for health because animals stimulate empathy and good emotions and are effectively used in psychotherapy.
  2. Communication with animals is good for health because animals stimulate empathy and good emotions and animals are effectively used in psychotherapy.
  3. Whereas some people may dislike animals, communication with animals is good for health given that animals stimulate empathy and good emotions.
  4. Since animals stimulate empathy and good emotions and are used in psychotherapy effectively, communication with animals is good for health.
  5. Communication with animals is good for health even though some people may dislike animals.

Ta-da! Any of these are now ready to use!

Try it yourself and generate your best thesis statements here for free!

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