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How Human Activities Negatively Affect the Ecosystem?
...This goes to show that every human activity that has negative impacts will be felt multiplicatively through direct and indirect measures. References Hylland, K. (2002, February). How [Do] Human Activities Affect Marine Biodiversity And Ecosystem Proc...
What does it mean to be famous?
...1. This essay discusses fame and celebrities in general terms but gives very few examples. What example does Daum provide? Why do you think she doesn’t include more? Daum named celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Meryl Streep, and Sting. I think the ...
A Time When I Felt Extremely Proud of Myself
...My life is not as free as it was in my school time. After I graduate from university I have to look for a job and earn money to raise my family. I feel like my adult time will be with full of complexities too. In conclusion, I want to say that my sch...