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I had actually simply graduated from high school; a common Santa Barbara regional, with aspirations of attending SBCC. I constantly did relatively well in school, but was definitely more concerned with how the waves were breaking, instead how of my grades were. That all changed on June 15th. I got a call from a family pal asking if I would be interested in a summertime job at a shipping warehouse in Carpinteria. My parents had actually been unpleasant me day in and day out to get a summertime job, so this seemed so best.

I accepted the task and my pal let me know I need to appear at 7:30 Monday morning for my first day of work.

That Monday morning, I woke up late and stumbled out of bed, threw on some clothing and was out the door with no time for breakfast. I will always remember that car flight to Carpinteria, and the anxious sensations I felt in my stomach.

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My mind was racing in a million different directions and I really had no concept what I remained in for. Bring up to the storage facility, I remember the cold wind blowing throughout my face, the unique odor of ocean heavy in the air, and the flapping of the State Park flags in the range.

The job description my pal offered me over the phone didn’t actually stress how labor extensive it would be, so my very first day I was in for rather a surprise. Throughout the day I was loading and carrying 60-70 pounds bundles and not a minute went by where I didn’t be sorry for taking my brand-new job offer.

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Much to my surprise, my coworkers were all much older than me, and it was somewhat depressing to see individuals my moms and dads and grandparents age doing such laborious work. One of my colleagues was an older lady called Maria, who sort of imitated the “mom” around facility.

She didn’t speak the finest of English, however in spite of that, we quickly ended up being pals, and shortly afterwards Maria started giving me all sorts of recommendations and pointers she believed would benefit me in life. As soon as she learnt how old I was, she asked what my strategies for school were. I let her understand school wasn’t something I was too concerned about but that I would be attending City College in the fall. The search her face was unforgettable. She recalled at me and said “Sammy, School is the most crucial thing in your life”.

Maria went on to say “look around you; all these people have sad expressions on their faces. They didn’t have the opportunity you are blessed with. You need to realize school will lead you to a more successful and happy life. “That day on the drive home I looked out at the ocean and thought how nice it would be to have zero obligations anymore and just be able to hangout at the beach. It was at that moment that I actually realized that any dream is completely unachievable without vision, determination and hard work.

After my three months were up, my mindset towards school had completely changed. Maria’s words burned into my head that -I no longer thought of myself as a lazy surfer who just wanted the bare minimum, but rather as a determined young student. School used to seem like an inevitable obstacle you had to endure, but now I truly see the importance and value of an education. While I admired the work ethic of the people I worked with in the warehouse, I know that through higher education, there is better future for me.

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Full Time Job Narrative

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