Reading Maketh a Full Man Essay

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Reading Maketh a Full Man

Did you know that there are nearly 800 million people around the world today who cannot read? All 320 of us can, but so many others can’t. And that’s when we realize just how important reading really is.

Good morning, respected judges, teachers and dear friends. My name is Merlin Raphael and I’m here to talk about how reading makes a man.

There was a time, without any screens, when reading was a popular leisure activity. People would spend hours reading and travelling to distant, exotic lands -in their minds, with only a leather bound book. But somewhere along the road, the passion to read is lost. And that’s just sad because reading offers a completely new life.

Sir Francis Bacon, once said, and I quote, “Reading maketh a full man.” And he couldn’t be more correct.

Reading involves a considerable level of concentration and thus, nurtures patience. Such an indulgence constantly elevates one’s vocabulary and knowledge. In fact, the habit can become a healthy addiction and helps us to stay in-touch with contemporary writers as well as those from the past. It also helps us to deal with issues of the modern world.

Reading different types of texts make an even fuller man. What I mean is that he kind of knowledge you get from news articles is very different from reading stories.

Being ignorant can be prevented with reading. It opens this huge wooden window and we finally start understanding other people and their lives. And a deeper awareness leads to tolerance and respect, creating a more civilized society.

Furthermore, when one is caught up in a book, one comes across an array of emotions and somewhere in the middle; we find the sheer happiness of the reader.

Lack of reading in one’s life can hinder gaining new knowledge, professional growth and the pure pleasure of reading. After all, no reading might even disturb one’s integrity. According to Confucius, we must find time for reading or surrender to “self-chosen ignorance”.

You guys, reading is not merely a process of examining and understanding a text. There is a certain aura of finesse around one who reads. If a person can obtain so much from it, I think it’s safe to say that reading make a man.

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