Life is full of mystery

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Life is full of mystery that will lead us to one experience to another. There are hurtful experiences that we may want to forget but there are happy moments that will surely linger on our thoughts for many years. Allow me to narrate some of the many valuable experiences in my life. The succeeding pages will tell you how blessed and lucky I am as a person in this world. Through the years of my life, I came to know about various people who provided a great impact on my personality and beliefs.

It narrates of my experiences about school, family, friendship, acquaintances and discoveries in life. The journey towards one’s success can be measured about the priceless moments that will always remain in mind, heart and soul. I can say that my personal and professional experience made me a better person who is willing to accept more memorable experience to come. Gaze upon the following pages of this booklet and be enchanted about my rollercoaster kind of life.

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It made me the person that I am now and an individual that will face the future with full optimist.

At the end of the day, I always contemplate on things that have happened and ask myself what I have done so far. The contentment that I feel each time I remember gives me enough courage to move on and seek for more adventure in the future. One will never find his/her way forward if he/she never knows how to look back.

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Yesterday will always be a part of our personality and I can say that life will be meaningless if I was not given the chance to experience the following stories. Memories with Mother Life is best shared with people whom you trust most.

As I look back and recall my childhood days, I cannot help but compare the love and care that I receive from my beloved mother. She is one of the most precious gift that God has given me. From the day I was born until I learn how to walk and talk, she is always by my side and never gets tired of giving me the attention and patience that I need most. There was a point in my life that I always get bruised and injured from playing outside. I end up running home with tears on my eyes. But as the door opens for me, Mother is always there giving me the best hug and warm kisses that will cast all my pains away.

She reminds me that I should never be depressed from getting those bruises since it will make me a stronger and better person when I grew up. At first I though that I should take that word literally since wound are healed as days goes by and I cannot feel any pain from it. As I grow up and experience having problems about life, school and many more, I came to realize that there is a deeper meaning behind those bruises and it effect on my personality. I clearly remember how I gain problems more serious that getting injured.

I get depressed and frustrated by getting low grades but I eventually learn from my mistakes and studies harder than before. Mother’s words of wisdom are priceless because it speaks of courage and confidence about my personality. My perception about bruises and being stronger are changed because as I mature, I realize that life is full of problems that may cause wounds to people but once they recover they will be more stronger and confident than before. As days goes by I will always remember the bountiful encouragements that mother always told me.

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Life is full of mystery

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