The Importance of Social Experience

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Throughout history there have been numerous theories on how essential social experience is to human advancement, but what if a kid were to have no social experience? Would the kid still establish and end up being a regular functioning adult? Although researchers have actually never actually try out separating humans, there have been cases of abuse in which children were socially separated for long periods of time( Macionis J. & & Gerber L. 2002, p.111-112).

With these cases to study and with social scientists theories on advancement we have actually begun to comprehend the significance of social interaction to the human advancement.

When social researchers studied cases of extreme seclusion in kids, they realized that they did not have a character, they simply existed. They did not experience happiness, anger, unhappiness or any feeling that would follow a kid that had been enjoyed and held throughout their young lives. Harry and Margaret Harlow took this details and further explored it by putting monkeys in different situations of social seclusion, they came to the conclusion that people require human touch to prosper.

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discovering this they also discovered that interaction itself is more crucial, no matter who the caregiver is as long as the fundamental human requirements are being satisfied. Fundamental human needs play a large part in human advancement and if all needs are not satisfied at the suitable ages the kid may never have the capacity to use that part of their brain again, which implies they may never have the ability to find out particular abilities even if offered the opportunity (Macionis J.

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and Gerber L. 2002, p. 113). The different phases of human development fall under categories that were argued by psychologists to be the typical methods for a human to establish into a adult.All of these psychologists’ findings, even more support the importance of social experience on the establishing human mind.

One psychologist in particular was Jean Piaget (1896-1980) he studied cognitive development in normal well adjusted humans then broke, what he believed was human development, it into four stages, the first being the sensimotor stage. This stage suggests that for the first two years of life children learn entirely through their five senses. The second stage is the preoperational stage, this is the stage that the use of language is beginning. Finally there is the formal operational stage, which is when individuals begin to think and reason on their own (Macionis J. and Gerber L. 2002,p.116-117)

Using Piaget’s findings alone one could certainly conclude that social isolation at any stage could be detrimental to ones development. Unfortunately there are reported and studied cases in which human beings were exposed to this horrible form of abuse which obviously has long lasting, devastating effect on the poor children who were exposed to it.


1.Macionis J. & Gerber L: 2002. Sociology: Fourth Canadian Edition. Toronto: Prentice Hall

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The Importance of Social Experience

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