Importance Of Social Work in Modern World

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Social work is mainly concerned with giving back to the society. Through social work, life of individuals is touched and transformed. Professionals involved in the social work are expected to serve all the people, groups and individuals at equal measures. Social workers are expected to help individuals realize their potential in tackling different tasks and utilize the resources within their disposal. Social work leads to general development of the community. This leads to improved living standards and capacity building. Social work is a key pillar to thriving of peace in the community, since social work seek to establish a healthy community with no violence.

Social work widens one knowledge and tries to solve critical issues intellectually. In addition it opens one mind and make one to make informed decision. Generally, social work ensures there is stability in the universe and create a friendly environment for all.

Social workers are based in a variety of institutions, such as schools, hospitals, churches, and other departments (Saleebey, 2012).

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The duties and responsibilities of social workers are determined by the field of concern. Social workers hired in schools has the mandate to ensure that students adapt to the school environment. At first students in a new school may find it difficult to adapt since they meet different students, teachers and staff. This makes one to feel out of place and see oneself as total stranger coming to existence for the first time (2012).

The students at most fail to attend to school with no varied reason. This behavior is dealt with at an earlier stage before it worsens and trigger other negative consequences (Dominelli, 2008).

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A good example a student may fail to attend school on the basis that one dislike the teacher, or one is not comfortable with the students. At this point there is a need for the social workers to offer their assistance. Students on this state if not keenly taken into account can end up in engaging in some other antisocial behaviors. Students engaging in antisocial behaviors finally drop out of school. They became a threat to the community and the government.

Social workers are to work tirelessly to ensure the students follow the right virtues, to be reliable members of the state (Dominelli, 2008). This would impact positively and lead to development of great leaders. Social workers at this point are seen to be opinion shapers, makers of a generation and guardian of good morality. They are supposed to work tirelessly even for the sake of the tomorrows generation, which will greatly borrow from the existing ones. A good example of a leader who came to existence, due to set example by social workers is the 44th president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama. In his book, he states that when he was growing up as a black- American he faced a lot of discrimination. This did not stop him from dreaming great, since civil rights movement who were against racialism inspired him. The social workers always visited and motivated them to dream great.

In some institution which don’t take much account on the importance of the social workers end up recording poor performance in most cases. The social workers not only deal with children personal character but also in the environment that one live. In most cases, the students are brought up in areas that are exposed to violence (Rubin. et al, 2016). The social workers are expected to guide students in the right way and manner. The violence can be originating from their homes or the surrounding. The parents or the guardians find themselves in disagreement with each other. This lead to argument or even fights. When the students are exposed to such acts their minds are distorted at some level. To solve these effects social workers, intervene and calm the situation when students open up to them. If students are left on their own with their problems, they might take wrong decisions. Social workers are therefore, there to offer their support and guidelines to save them for the sake of peace and to avoid impaired judgment.

Some social workers are placed on children home or adoption centers. They are expected to give moral guidelines and at some point take the role of a parent. At the children home those children take the social workers as their first family and in a staunch manner follow what they are instructed to do. This is a unique role of the social workers, since the children solemnly depend on the instructions given by the social workers for their general way of conduct (Rubin. et al, 2016). This include interpersonal skills, way of presenting oneself, mode of behavior and how to relate with one another, and also how to respect other people both old and young among others.

Social workers are very vital in the medical field where they handle patients and victims. People face many natural calamities such as; accident, terrorism, or robbery with violence. The victims are expected to receive special care in a charismatic way. In such a situation, the victims find themselves in unstable way of mind (Padgett, 2016). The social workers take to the role of consulting them and giving them hope to ensure they recover. A good example it was during a terror attack in Garissa university in Kenya, where 148 students were brutally murdered. Their relatives and friends were greatly affected and in shock. The social workers took to the mandate of restoring back peace to them (Brinkmann, 2014).

They stood with the families like one of their own and tried the level best to bring them to normal and stable way of mind. Though the relatives and friends had lost most of the people who were dear to them they found some people who stood with them and shown them the reason to accept the fatal fate which had hit them (Padgett, 2016). To the survivors they were handled with great care and with much concern to bring them back to reality of life and forget the terror which encountered them. The social workers were really praised for the bravely act and step they had taken to contain the situation. At some point people are victims of robbery with violence. After the act the victims are so depressed mostly the women, whom are robbed and raped(Payne, 2015). This subject the victims to mental disorder and to recover one, require special intervention of social workers who contain the situation. They are assured of clear intervention and justice be delivered to them. Most of them find it difficult to accept the situation and move on. The social workers take a deep understanding of them and at the slightest doubt give them more and more assurance.

With time, the social workers manage to win over the trust of their victims, which in turn bring restoration into individual lives. This opens up more for their future and see the need to take worth of their lives. Since, each individual has personal contribution to his/her life and that of others (Miley. et al, 2016). This send a positive message to others who might be faced by the same problem and generally to all people. In our communities, people who are disabled are less given concern by most people. This imposes a negative altitude to the disabled people and take their life with less value, because of being neglected. This is so dangerous because it can make the disabled people to commit suicide.

The social workers stand by all people, and take great care of the disabled people. They do every possible effort to show them disability is not inability. They give them more hope, which dare them to do great things with their lives (Payne, 2015). Some of this disabled people end up being notable people in the society and give back to the community. A good example is the world known long distance marathoner, Henry wanyoike. He lost sight but this did not pull him behind, through counselling by able social workers he exemplary did well in athletics. Through their assistance and constant advice, a lot of hope was restored in him. He practiced hard with assistance of friends and he ended up being a champion. After, his success he was in a position to give back to the community, by empowering the talents of other young ambitious youths in the society. He launched Henry wanyoike foundation witch really assisted in transforming many other lives. He was also in a position to offer relief food to hunger stricken areas in Kenya. This was a great move which was made possible by the social workers who believed in him and through Henry Wanyoike, other more lives were touched (Brinkmann, 2014).

The social workers take a great role in community in implementing projects that assist people transform their lives in the society. A good example, in Northern parts of Kenya most of the areas are dry and hardly there is water for domestic use (Kadushin, 2014). The social workers have considered this and has spearheaded drilling of boreholes, which provide adequate water for the society. In these areas, high number of deaths due to drought had been recorded before intervention by social workers. When the social workers considered this, the situation has changed and the number of deaths recorded has dropped. Over 300 boreholes were drilled courtesy of social workers. These made it possible to start irrigation schemes witch generated income (Canda, 2010). This led to even more children being enrolled to school since the problem of hunger had been curtailed. This was a remarkable step witch led to the growth of the economy and more opportunities for the young people.

Some people are assisted by social workers to form SACCOS. This Sacco’s, enable the parties involved to obtain loans to carry different projects that are income generating. Family issues get out of hand and the people involved blame each other (Canda, 2010). No one is ready to accept being on the wrong, this occurs more so, to the newly wedded couples. When things get worse in a polite way, the social workers intervene and try to find the solution. The two conflicting individuals are brought together. They are made aware that conflicts exist, but it can be approached in a mature way, and the solution is reached. This has really worked and people made to restore good relationship and to continue living in peace without wrangles. The social workers also coach on conflict management measures and focusses more on self-respect.

This has rescued many marriages that are threaten to fall by such misunderstanding. In other scenario is where by there is bad relationship between the parents and their sibling. The relationship get sourer and the parents do not want to see their children anywhere around them, because of the wrong doings. The children are accused of having little or no respect towards the parents. At most, the children may option to run away from their parents without being aware the risk they are getting themselves into. Once they decide to run away may find it to survive since they need food and other basic things such as shelter and clothing. Some parents when their children become more and more resistant to them, they chase them away from home. This is not the most preferable choice to take because its done out of anger without proper analysis. At this crucial time, the social workers take the matter in hand and assist in coming up with the solution amicably.

The social workers do everything within their means to ensure that the children make up with their parents. This has a lot of impact and importance (Risley-Curtiss, 2010). Children are emphasized to respect their parents at all times and seize to annoy them. On the other hand, parents are requested not to be much strict to their children. They are expected to be giving their children some little time to attend to some personal things. Through this permanent solution to their problem was going to be reached.

The social workers are responsible for reformation of individuals in the community. They are tasked towards collecting weird ways of some people in the society. Some of this people were convicts and when they are freed, they try to find a point on where they can pick up their lives and move on (Risley-Curtiss, 2010). This calls for proper preparation of the mind since most of this people, particularly the former convicts have lost hope with life. The social workers are tasked in absorbing this people and give them sense of living, and direction of life. This is a great contribution to the community.

Generally, from the above discussion its evident social work is a key pillar to making of a great community and nation. Through social work, great transformation is achieved. The role of social workers is taken into account. They touch many lives and give hope at the time of desperation, conflicts, and disagreement. They inspire people to dream great and show them that their dreams are valid, no matter the hardship and struggles on their way. Through social work all the barriers in life are faced and tackled head on. Social work is supposed to be encouraged at every stage of life, since through this, real and great transformation of the society is contained.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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