Applicatios of Geometry

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Geometry was throughly organized in about 300 B. C, when the Greek mathematician, Euclid gathered what was known at the time; added original book of his ownand arranged 465 propositions into 13 books called Elements. Geometry is the mathematics of space and shape, which is the basis of all things that exist. Understanding geometry is necessary step by understanding how the things in our world exist. The applications of geometry in real life are not always evident to teenagers, but the reality is geometry infiltratesevery facet of our daily living.

Geometry was recognized to be not just for mathematicians. Anyone can benefit from the basic learning of geometry, which is to follow the lines reasoning. Geometry is one of the oldest sciences and is corcerned with questions of shape, size and relative position of figures and with properties of space. Geometry is considered an important field pf study because of its applications in daily life. Geometry is mainly divided in to two which is plane geometry and solid geometry.

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Plane geometry is about all kinds of two dimensional shapes such as lines, circles, and triangles.

While Solid geometry is about all kinds of three dimensional shapes like polygons, prisms, pyramids, sphere and cylinder. Now, let’s move on its applications and role of it in our daily life. Role of geometry in the daily life is the foundation of physical mathematics. For example, a plane, a car, a house, a building anything with physical things is geometrically found. Geometry is mostly applied in archtechture.

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They used to apply geometry in houses, buildings, planes, etc. For instance, they used it to measure the angles, width, length, etc.

to make it sure that it is steady and perfectly made well. Geometry is also applied in computer graphics and computer design. Geometric shapes are used to build images. In robotics , geometryis used to plan how to move objects without collision. You can also apply geometry in your hobbies. For instance, a goldfish tank water needs to have a certain volume as well as the surface area in order for the fish to thrive. Geometry can also be used in medical field. When a person has a CAT scan test for a brain tumor, geometry is used to show doctors the shape of the tumor.

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Applicatios of Geometry

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