Unemployment in My Community

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There are a lot of unemployed people in my community. The unemployment rate is going up every day in my community. It is causing a lot of problems, because people are losing their homes. I have three effective solutions that will decrease the rate of unemployment in my community. My three solutions are

• Department of Labor

• Department of Family and Children Services (TANF)

• Non Profit Agencies

Department of Labor has programs in place that will help you with your interviewing skills, job searching skills, development and financial.

While unemployed, you have to attend a class once every month. Filling out the work sheet is beneficial, because they need to be turned in before every workshop, otherwise your benefits will be delayed. They also have a program called the Georgia Works. The Georgia Works program has many employers involve that is willing to allow those unemployed to work for them for six weeks.

The employers will not pay for the six weeks that you are with them, but you will receive an extra hundred dollars on your unemployment benefits.

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At the end the six week you’ll determine whether that kind of work is for you. The company will also determine whether or not they want to hire you full time as an employee. Doing the workshop or attending the Georgia Works program, will bring down the unemployment rate. You must be determine with your job search, and attend the Georgia works program. Going through this program will get you a job.

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Department of Family and Children Services (TANF) have a job search program called TANF. TANF is for both men and women that are receiving benefits or trying to receive benefits. Department of Family and Children Services will pay for daycare if you have kids. If you do not have money to get on the bus, they will issue you a weekly breeze card. When you signed up for the program, they will send you to an outside agency called Grants Associates for four weeks. At Grants Associates, the will go over building your resume, interviewing questions, job search techniques. They will also send you to a nonprofit organization to get clothes for you interview.

While attending this program they will send you out on job leads every day, or you can do your own job search. At the end of the four weeks, the department of family and children services will give money monthly, pay for child care, and transportation. Should you not get a job within those first four weeks, they will send you to a second program. There they do intense job search. Using this program has a 98% turnover rate of finding a job. It is highly effective, but it is up to you to put in the work.

Non Profit Agencies are another way to get a job. With these agencies, they have a lot of job leads that comes into their offices. You have to sign up with their agency, and see what they have that meet the kind of work that you are looking for. Many of what they receive may not be what you want, but if you have a little expertise in some of the criteria, you might be able to apply those jobs.

If you already have a resume ready they will go over it, to make sure that everything is professionally done, and that you are able you at least get in the door for an interview. They will do a mock interview with you, so at least when it is time for the real interview the things you go over will become second nature. In some cases these organization came help you in getting shelter and food if you need.

There are many organizations that can help you find employment. It is up to you to put forth the effort of going out there to these agencies. These agencies have extraordinarily high turnover rate of getting people in my community or any community employment. These agencies will definitely give you all the resources out there; it is up to you to use the resources.

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Unemployment in My Community

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