Mystery Of Life: How Life Circumstances Shape Us And Makes Us Who We Are

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Before I start writing about the mystery of my life, I want to write what is the meaning of life and what it means to me. Life is something which is subjective and can’t be defined. It is true that life is not a bed of roses. The same life which seems to be beautiful turns out to be a bitter place to live in and the very next moment it again turns out to become a better place. So, in this mysterious life, each day is a mystery where nobody knows what is in store for us the very next moment.

And one of the best ways we can deal with our life is when we realise our purpose in life.

Now, arises the biggest question of my life - Who am I? And the moment this question pops up in my mind, rest all other questions follow such as –

What all circumstances made me the person I am today?

What is the aim and objective of my life? And so on.

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Finding answers to these questions is not an easy matter as it is reflective in nature kind and can take serious rounds of self-introspection to come to a conclusion.

To start with my life, I was not the same person as I am today.

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I very strongly believe in the fact that change is inevitable and we constantly keep on changing and adapting to the various situations to adjust and co-exist in this world.

My experiences right from my childhood days left an impact and made me what I am today. Right from my birth, I was always surrounded by people to take care of me, give me much more attention than what was required. So unknowingly I had developed this attitude of being the centre of attraction. But within a short span of time, I had to shift with my mother to a different place altogether and all of a sudden it seemed everything around me has changed. That was a point in my life when I became a stubborn kid. A child who had never thought of being alone for a moment had learnt how to live alone. That was when a major change took place in my attitude for the first time. This constant conflict between wanting to stay surrounded by people and being unable to do so taught me another big lesson- how to deal with loneliness. At a very tender age, I got a glimpse of loneliness and I developed the art of dealing with loneliness.

Slowly and steadily life was moving on at its own pace when suddenly at the age of 14, I got to know that my parents want me to go and pursue my studies outside my hometown. For me, it was like a bolt from the blue. Although my parents had their share of reasons behind taking such a decision, but I was just not ready at all to accept the fact. Later this decision was scrapped, but on that very day I realized the value of being at home with my parents at my comfort zone.

Next, again at the age of 16, I stepped out of my home, this time voluntarily to pursue my higher education. The environment there taught me how to be independent and manage things on my own. Also, I became much more adaptable than I was before.

Also, when I decided to take up Humanities instead of following the so called common route of engineering, medical, etc., people were there who constantly made me feel as if I am a deviator. This constant behaviour of being looked down upon couldn’t break me; instead helped in bringing out the best in me.

Everybody has some or the other plans in their life. In a similar manner, I had mine. I wanted to pursue English in my later life and ended up with Sociology which I had never thought of. That day I could see the application of the proverb in my life- Man proposes, God disposes.

Then, a time came in my life when I started making companion and believing in them more than what was actually required. But again, I was proved wrong. That was when my trust in others was completely shattered. That incident still plays a major role and today I trust myself more than anything else.

I underwent through a lot of pain which ultimately taught me how to cherish happiness. I got to see how there always exist a sunny day after it rains.

Next, patience was one key factor which defined me. But in this constant hustle bustle of life, somewhere I lost my calm and composed nature and became more and more impatient.

Most often, we face dilemmas in life where we are unsure about our own decisions. There arose a situation where I had to go against my family and take a decision on my own. I was fearless, bold enough to stick to my decision and go on with that. That was the very moment I realized the potential of decision making within me and I learnt that our vision in life should be clear, no matter what comes in our way.

Then my college life started which was a transformation stage for me. I as an individual could see various changes within me; the major one being turning me into a feminist. Initially, I was unaware of the term and could never understand it, but those three years of my life made me differentiate between a feminist and a feminazi. I developed a different attitude towards the society as a whole and started questioning every little things in life. I started arguing on those issues which were normal for others. To put in one sentence, I as an individual went through metamorphosis.

Then came my period of failure when I couldn’t get into my dream college. Initially, I had no clue of what next could be done. I broke down with no options available. But then I gathered the courage and started looking for the other opportunities in life. Once again, it was a time for self-introspection. That was a testing period in my life. The failure in my life taught me the importance of patience, perseverance, hard work more deeply.

The immediate next period in my life is my present- my life here in this campus. Although it has just been a matter of only 2 months, but this short period already had a lot in store for me. Within this short span, I learnt much more than what I was ready for. We human beings generally tend to underestimate ourselves at times without realising our potential. We forget to push ourselves.

My life here in XUB campus made me take up such courses of action which I was never ready for. Within a week’s duration, I was handed over with a responsibility which demanded my time, attention, dedication, etc. Also, the tight schedule here taught me the value of each minute and once again I learnt the importance of time. I also learnt how to multitask and manage things.

All these above mentioned situations made me come out of my comfort zone and I realized that there exists no growth in comfort zone. We need to push ourselves and make ourselves sustain in tough conditions. Only then we can learn more and more in life.

Thus, every such small, little experiences as well as the major ones shaped me as an individual today who is ready to face the challenges that life throws and sail through.

I would like to conclude this discussion with a saying- Life, I love it!

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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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