Happiness Can Be Found in Unlikely Circumstances

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Introduction: There is a lady who believes that she is unsightly and fat. Her moms and dads own a little shop that offers tools for suicide. Every day, she sees a lot of people coming to purchase tools to end their useless life. She also wishes to eliminate herself, however her moms and dads say that she can refrain from doing that due to the fact that someone needs to take care of this shop which has centuries's history. Body: That girl has a little brother who is extremely different from other relative.

The boy is born to enjoy this world and smile all the time. He always smiles to those clients who despair about their life.

His parents are very angry at his action because his smile may let those customers feel the hope of life. However, that boy never cares about what his parents say. One day, the girl has finally decided to suicide because she believes that her brother will take care of the shop in the future.

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Hence, she takes a bottle of poison and sneaks into a corner. Just before she drinks it, the entire shop starts shaking – her brother is using a huge speaker to play rock music. All the bottles and tools are destroyed under the shake, including the one in that girl’s hand.

Nonetheless, when she is mad at her brother, she sees another young man who also looking for suicide tools. She feels that he is so handsome, and that boy also notices the girl.

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They feel that their life is actually isn’t that bad. They fall in love with each other, and decide to get married. Conclusion: They live happily together and they change the shop into a desert shop. People who are looking for suicide tools are all changed by their perfect desert. They learn that life is not actually that horrible. Happiness is everywhere, and you can just look for it.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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Happiness Can Be Found in Unlikely Circumstances essay
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