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The purpose of this study is to investigate high school students’ online reading functioning, strategies, and challenges they confront in navigating and learning from multiple digital sources.

Summer Reading Assignment: Toughness
Words • 654
Pages • 3
The title’s deeper meaning is that true toughness isn’t exemplified by testing your pain tolerance, or even seeing who can win in an arm-wrestling match. The author obviously chose this because the book’s main focus is on basketball and in order to be an NBA-worthy basketball player. Jay Bilas refers to toughness multiple times throughout the book. One example is when he talks about a particular player on the team. Even though the player was younger than most of the…...
My Favourite PlayerReadingTime
Book review “Dog Medicine”
Words • 440
Pages • 2
My book Dog Medicine by Julie Barton explored mental illness in a different way. This book was a memoir about her struggles with mental illness in the late 1990s. Julie was only 22 when she collapsed in her Manhattan apartment. Julie had been experiencing crippling depression, during this time mental illness was seen as a negative thing so this was hard for her to cope with. She ends up going home to live with her parents where she gets her…...
BooksBooks And ReadingMy Favourite Book Panchatantra
Essay Malgorzata Muserovich – star
Words • 1165
Pages • 5
In their essay, many of my colleagues will certainly present the great names of serious literature, commonly considered to be beautiful, relevant and important. In my opinion, plunging into authors such as Tokarczuk or Satrapi is the easy way. Considering that not only do such authors deserve the honour of being called writers of the century, in my essay Małgorzata Musierowicz is the star. Małgorzata Musierowicz was born in Poznań, in Jeżyce district, on 9 January 19451, where she lived…...
BooksBooks And ReadingMy Favourite Book Panchatantra
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Book reoprt on earl love by Funso Aiyejina
Words • 752
Pages • 3
Earl Lovelace is an award-winning Trinidadian novelist, journalist, playwright, and short-story writer. He is particularly recognized for his descriptive, dramatic fiction on Trinidadian culture. Lovelace one of the few from his generation writings was based exclusively on the region, with sharp observation and even sharper wit, his writing pulses with the rhythm, flow, and vibrancy of the lives of “ordinary” people, whose culture and language he champions. “Earl Lovelace,” a novel coined by Funso Aiyejina and published in 2017, portrays…...
BooksBooks And ReadingMy Favourite Book Panchatantra
My Favourite Book Review
Words • 949
Pages • 4
In Living a Feminist Life, Sara Ahmed explores the multifarious forms feminism is experienced, positively and negatively. Sara Ahmed unpacks the complexities of the obstacles of always being ‘the feminist’ in the room and dedicating one's life to “asking ethical questions about how to live better in an unjust and unequal world”. To Ahmed feminism is about creating relationships, being an ally, and breaking down historical systems that have created walls against tolerance. Divided into three different sections, Becoming Feminist,…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingMy Favourite Book Panchatantra
The Eolian Harp
Words • 773
Pages • 3
Introduction In Coleridge, more than any other writer from the Romantic age, we see a body of work dominated by underlying theological ideas. I will be concerned mainly with the young Coleridge and his early work; rather than discussing Coleridge's philosophical and theological ideas about the nature of things and God, I will be predominantly looking at his the more subjective facet of Coleridge's ideas, expressed in his poetry: his relationship and emotional reactions to these ideas, and more specifically,…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingGodLiteraturePoetryTheology
Stories of Southern Gothic literature
Words • 1972
Pages • 8
Throughout history writing has been a thing that is very prominent and important in the way that society is shaped and how books and stories are written. Writings tell the stories of the past that have not been recorded in the history books, and some of the stories may have even gotten the authors killed during the specific time periods in which they were writing. There are many types of literature that emerged throughout the centuries and probably one of…...
Feminism, Morality, and Southern Gothicism in Flannery O’Connor’s Short Fiction
Words • 1177
Pages • 5
Known for her Southern Gothic style of writing, Flannery O’Connor ensures that she portrays the theme of false reality throughout her work. While reading the work of O’Connor, readers immerse themselves in the gruesome collision of religion and morality. Sometimes seen as religious heroes, others as evil villains, characters display the contrast between evil and innocence. Throughout O’Connor’s stories, additional characters emerge resulting in strong initial beliefs being altered and secret identities being discovered. In addition to the themes of…...
A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Conner
Words • 1324
Pages • 5
Flannery O’Conner’s, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” is saturated with a multitude of literary techniques such as irony, symbolism, characterization and foreshadowing. The story begins with a family going to take a typical summer vacation and ends with all of them being murdered. This is an unexpected plot twist. The family members in the story are all unlikeable but also humorous in how odd they are. O’Conner allows the reader to see the characters for how they really…...
Characteristic of Grandma from “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”
Words • 698
Pages • 3
The grandma in 'A Good Man Is Hard to Find' views herself as ethically better than others by the simple fact that she is a woman. She believes that her soul is a managing power in her life, for example, when she reveals to Bailey that her inner voice wouldn't allow her to take the youngsters the same way from the Misfit. She scrutinizes the youngsters' mom for not making a trip to a spot that would allow the kids…...
My Literacy Journey
Words • 385
Pages • 2
I do not really remember when I first began my literacy journey. I was always admired by books and reading when I was younger. I believe my journey began when I was four or five. It was either Christmas or my birthday, and I had gotten a LeapPad. It introduced me to the magic of reading and words. I would spend most of the hours of the day using this tool. I would practice writing the words and stories that…...
An Incident Which Changed My Perspective Of Life
Words • 476
Pages • 2
Throughout my life, I have read many books and really love to read in the written languages of Russian, English, and Japanese writers, which are familiar and understandable to me. Every book has its own zest. Before coming to the United State, I had finished one interesting motivational book. That book made a huge impact on my life’s perspective. It’s called The Motivational Hacker by Nick Winter. That book describes how to be a success no matter what field we…...
Incident That Changed My LifePersonal ExperienceReading
Why Reading Books Makes You a Better Person?
Words • 888
Pages • 4
Reading gives you the ability to expand your imagination and it can make you experience a roller coaster of emotions. Depending on what you are writing about, writing can be an outlet for some people to vent or express their thoughts on what they have been going through. Reading and writing is a skill that people will need in their everyday lifestyle. “ Reading maketh a full man and writing an exact man. And, therefore, if a man writes little,…...
A Book I Have ReadAdvantages Of ReadingBooks And ReadingReading
How Books and Stories Can Promote the Learning and Development of Children?
Words • 570
Pages • 3
Books are the best companion forever irrespective of age. Favorite books and stories always attract the mind of the kids. Children love stories and stories are one of the ways that the children develop their habit of reading. Books and stories promote the learning and development of children in many ways. Younger kids develop their sensations by ‘Touch and Feel Books’.Books with pop-up images attract the attention of little minds and they become interested in books and gradually get to…...
Advantages Of ReadingBooks And ReadingChild developmentReading
What Is the Argument in Superman and Me?
Words • 1110
Pages • 5
In the essay, Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie, argues that reading is the gateway to education and a critical skill for success. Throughout the essay we see, Alexie narrates his childhood experience of being a Native American student with a thirst for knowledge and shares his struggle of discrimination towards Native Americans in a non-Indian-based society. The author's argument is based upon personal experience with shared home life and school, how he grew as a person to go against…...
Books And ReadingReadingSherman AlexieSupermanSuperman and Me
The Surprising Power of Reading Fiction
Words • 449
Pages • 2
Reading is good and totally important for people and for society. It provides us with everything necessary to be able to improve, grow, and, in many cases, find ourselves. In one way or another, reading also gives us very important tools that we can use later in the real world. And when I refer to the "real world", I mean that place we come back to after having read a good book, a good story, or a good poem. We…...
Essential Reading Comprehension Skills
Words • 1694
Pages • 7
Reading is one of the most important skills that each person is to master if he or she wants to keep in touch with the world around him, Obe J. 2016 stated. Likewise, according to Estremera G. 2018 reading is a complex process that involves sensation, perception, comprehension, application, and integration. It is the process of making and getting meaning from printed words and symbols. Reading as a whole is a means of communication and of information and ideas. Thus,…...
Reading Autistic Experience in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Words • 963
Pages • 4
Intro Mark Haddon’s postmodern novel “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”, exhibits the narration of Christopher Boone as an authentic voice generating distinctive perspectives of his journey. Christopher Boone the protagonist sufferers Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum that affects his judgment of understanding emotion and perspective. The structural style of the text follows a logical linear style mimicking Christopher’s mind. He finds it difficult to process empathy and can only understand emotion from physical…...
Benefits of Reading Books: For Your Physical and Mental Health
Words • 444
Pages • 2
Reading books has a lot of psychological benefits. Those who have a habit of reading are aware of the pleasure and value of reading books then. They know its magic and power that renders knowledge and makes one wiser. When it comes to reading, most of us these days are addicted to reading online blogs, articles, stories, and tweets. It is helpful for gaining lots of knowledge and information but reading a good book is healthier for our brain and…...
A Book I Have ReadBooks And ReadingCritical ThinkingMental Health
Fall in Love with Reading: My Literacy Narrative
Words • 501
Pages • 2
I have memories of me, an excited little kid looking forward to my grandmother visiting my family. Every night, I would be waiting in bed for my grandmother to come knocking on my bedroom door. She would pop her head in and ask if she could come in and read me a book. This was our routine before she put me to sleep. She would ask me to choose a book. We have many books in the house as my…...
The Pleasure of Reading: A Literacy Narrative
Words • 486
Pages • 2
As a child, I have repeatedly favor writing over reading. I remember in elementary school all the way up until my sophomore year of high school, I had very low reading scores and classes. The reason being wasn’t because I wasn’t understanding the material it was more than I didn’t want to read or do the assignments. But unlike my reading my writing has always been great. I have always had a special thing for writing but never reading. Communication…...
Zofloya or the Moor
Words • 547
Pages • 2
“Zofloya or the Moor” is a novel completed by Charlotte Dacre in 1806, which represents an example of Romantic Gothic literature, popular at the beginning of the XIX century. Although being inside general literature trends of the time, Dacre’s idea of that, how her heroine must have behaved in the society are very much different from conservative values of that time, moreover, Dacre openly declared the right to breach social taboos. In this paper I will try to investigate how…...
Blood GroupsBooks And ReadingLiterature
Gaunt Thorns
Words • 959
Pages • 4
Romantic writers saw society as a hypocritical prison house They valued the individual’s rights over society’s needs and they often celebrated the heroic rebel and the iconoclast. The fact they’re listening to a story as well makes us a part of it. Lockwood was not there from the beginning, not really a part of the story. Bronte presents Lockwood as Heathcliff’s ‘new tenant’ the fact that he occupies thrushcross grange tells us that he is wealthy and obviously from money…...
Books And ReadingLiteraturePhotographyWuthering Heights
Why does the Inspector call?
Words • 509
Pages • 2
Then the doorbell rings, Edna goes to answer the door, she brings in the Inspector, Inspector Goole. At first Mr. Birling is being friendly to him by saying "Have a glass of port - or a little whisky?" then only seconds after Mr. Birling says "(after a pause, with a touch of impatience) well what is it then", then the inspector informs everyone "Two hours ago a young women died in the infirmary. She'd been taken there this afternoon because…...
An Inspector CallsBooks And ReadingLiterature
The Thickness of Ice and Twice Shy
Words • 1789
Pages • 7
Paragraph one Paragraph one talks about the beginning of a relationship and how you don't really care about what may happen and about whom might get hurt in the outcome. This one is mainly about the meeting and greeting of the two people in the poem. The hope that will become close and get to know each other and learn to trust like you do when you're on a ice rink. Ice skating is all about trust and giving a…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingLiteratureLoveSkating
The literary conventions
Words • 894
Pages • 4
In this essay I am going to reveal how Chaucer uses and adapts the literary conventions of fabliaux and courtly romance in "The Miller's Tale". Chaucer plays around with the conventions of fabliau and courtly romance engaging the idea of a carnival narrative, which uses the reversal of roles. There is also a Latin saying the sprouts from this: "bais cul", which means, "kiss my ass" and basically sets the tone of "The Miller's Tale". Fabliau is a mediaeval verse…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingLiterature
The captain Leggatt
Words • 1184
Pages • 5
The fact that a rogue is a wild animal which lives all alone, and whose company is unwanted, mirrors Miss Brill's own life as well as it shows the close relationship to her fur. The way she treats her fur is symbolic for Miss Brill's perception of her situation defining hers and the lives of everybody around her. All in all Miss Brill's life is very strictly organised and "her regular weekly activities characterize Miss Brill implicitly as a person…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingLiterature
The Accrington Pals
Words • 1407
Pages • 6
Peter Whelan in "The Accrington Pals" and Frederick Manning in "Her Privates We" both present two very different sides to the relationships between the soldiers and civilians of WWI, and the sympathy or hostility directed at the soldiers. Settings also change greatly between the two stories. Where one is set largely within the formerly quiet town of Accrington, the other takes place in the war-torn land of France. In terms of cast, The Accrington Pals features those unable to fight…...
Books And ReadingLiteratureWar
Strong contrast
Words • 1141
Pages • 5
This job of making Mr. Birling feel responsible for the death of Eva Smith is made very difficult by the reaction the Inspector gets from Mr. Birling. Mr Birling shows no signs of remorse. He does not care. All he cares about is getting in trouble with the police and how it will influence his reputation. This shows the immorality of Mr. Birling and reveals his true nature, a selfish, nasty person. Arthur Birling abstains from accepting any responsibility for…...
An Inspector CallsBooks And ReadingCapitalismLiteratureMoralityTheatre
Real everyday talk
Words • 483
Pages • 2
The pace of this extract is quite fast, as the majority of sentences are short and snappy. However, the longer turn by Una towards the end of the extract is quite a complex sentence, as she is trying to excuse the fact that the party theme changed. She is squirming quite a lot, shown by the graphalogical feature of '... ' to show hesitation for thought, mirroring everyday speech very well. The blunt, short declarative by Bridget of 'He had…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingLinguistics
Phyricc Victory
Words • 790
Pages • 3
The final aspects of the two stories that I will compare are the endings. When comparing the endings of the two stories, one can see how the two are very different, but still reflect the eras. When Holmes solves the case and completes his triumph over Grimesby-Roylott, it is a complete and satisfactory ending to the story. He manages to independently solve the case, and with it killing the Doctor. (The Doctor was sending a poisonous snake through a vent…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingHolmesLiterature
The outsider threat and danger
Words • 751
Pages • 3
The Victorian age was one with so many changes in society. It was a time of scientific and technological advance which led to old ideas being questioned. Prosperity was limited and there was a growing division between the rich and poor. These changes created the outsiders in society. They were outsiders because they felt that they had no place in society or could not fit into beliefs expected of them. All these five stories: 'The Red Room', 'The Man With…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingLiterature
The Black Witch of Salem by Maryse Conde
Words • 1057
Pages • 4
The black witch of salem is a French novel which was written by Maryse Conde and won the French grand prix for womens literature. It was translated into English in 1992 and the novel is a work of fiction which includes Tituba’s race. Titubas was born in Barbados to a young African slave woman who was raped by an English sailor. Tituba`s mother is hanged after she refuses sexual advances from her white owner. Tutuba is run off the plantation…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingLiterature
Miller sustains
Words • 463
Pages • 2
But even if Giles manages to keep Paris from disrupting his defence against his wife he still has Judge Danforth. Danforth accuses Giles of disrespecting the court and telling them what they should or should not believe. "Disrespect indeed! It is disruption, Mister. This is the highest court of the supreme government of this province, do you know it. " From this court you can see that Danforth is very protective of his court and that no one outside of…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingGovernmentHenrietta LackssJusticeLiterature
Magwitch empties Pip’s
Words • 928
Pages • 4
Magwitch is also religious, and knows Pip is, 'Say, Lord strike you dead if you don't', there are threats of death again, and the way Magwitch says these threats, means that Pip will have to do everything Magwitch tells him to do. 'Glancing about him', despite his brave and fearless image to Pip, he is actually nervous, tense, and worried. Magwitch wishes he could escape the situation he's in, 'I wish I was a frog or an eel', they are…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingLiterature
The Importance of Using Images with Your Blog Posts
Words • 253
Pages • 1
When you post to your blogs, do you use images? Do you know why it’s important to do so? There’s a saying that, “A picture can say a thousand words” which really rings true to me when it comes to blog posts. Studies have shown that people are much more likely to click on an article or post that has an image attached to it than one that does not. The right image can sometimes be enough to draw a…...
EducationReadingSocial MediaWorld Wide Web
Humiliated by this treatment
Words • 700
Pages • 3
Moving on in the passage Miss Haversham asks Pip to "Call Estella. At the door". Pip says that when Estella eventually comes, he saw that "her light came along the dark passage like a star". Dickens uses similes to illustrate Estella "like a star" which is also a symbolic gesture as starlight is distant and cold and Estella herself can be described as the same, her name in fact means star. Miss Haversham, much to Estella's contempt, tells her to…...
Books And ReadingCharles DickensLinguisticsLiterature
How to write a bibliography?
Words • 751
Pages • 3
Writing any type of paper, we use different materials as sources for our ideas. All the studies are based on the groundwork of past generations, and even our simple essays cannot be created without someone’s contribution. What is a bibliography? A bibliography is the list of all the books, articles and academic works, which were used for your paper preparation. It does not matter if you apply direct reference to someone’s statement, or you just have read an article, and…...
‘The Speckled Band’ and ‘The Man with the Twisted Lip’
Words • 1155
Pages • 5
In 'The Speckled Band': "At present it is out of my power to reward you for your services, but in a month or six weeks I shall be married, with the control of my own income". This quote indicates that Helen Stoner's step father is in the control of her income, this shows that women have no control over their finances and consequently the responsible man does. Another quote from 'The Man with the Twisted Lip': ""God bless you! "…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingGenderLiteratureRudyard KiplingVictorian Era
On first looking into Chapman’s Homer
Words • 1051
Pages • 4
John Keats John Keats was a famous romantic poet from England. He was born on 31 October 1795 in Moorfields, son of the manager of a livery stable. His parents died when he was young so he had to live with his brothers and sisters. He began writing poems in 1814, when he was about 19 years old. Keats left school in 1811 to be apprenticed to the surgeon Thomas Hammond. After four years he registered as a student at…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingLiteraturePoems
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Review of the Literature

The review of the literature is focused and well-organized. Each study presented offered specific relevant information on reading task, strategy, and digital environment. Implications of reviewed studies suggested a need for research to compare print reading and online reading tasks, to employ the use of coded protocols for monitoring and evaluating online reading, to gain understanding about how synthesis strategies on online reading tasks contribute to a reader’s evolving understanding of content. All studies reviewed offered evidence of a need for continued research to answer questions raised by previous research and pointed to the current study as one contribution to respond to these unanswered questions.

Research Question/Hypothesis

In contrast to other studies, this article states its conclusions upfront without offering an explicit research question. The implied question discerned from a statement at the end of the review of literature is “[how can we] better understand students’ online reading strategy use and their learning with digital sources[?]”



The participants are forty-three high school students who were enrolled in Advanced Placement classes. State-administered standardized test results were reviewed were not criteria for selection. It was assumed that these participants would have excellent verbal skills needed to self-report their metacognitive tasks while they worked through the given task. Thirty-three females and ten males participated. They all attend the same midwestern high school. Thirty students were pulled from psychology classes and ten came from English classes. The ages ranged from sixteen to eighteen years of age. No economic or ethnic demographics are provided. State-administered standardized test results were reviewed were not criteria for selection.


Researchers created a task designed to direct participants to generate a compelling question based on their research of a controversial topic, in this case, the argument for or against mountaintop removal coal mining. The online reading tasks are: information location, source evaluation, meaning making, self-monitoring, and the question-generating task. This list of tasks was generated through further review of additional previous studies.

First, participants were assessed for prior knowledge regarding the test research topic. They were then trained on verbal reporting and question generation. They were also trained in think-aloud procedures. All participants conducted an online reading session in response to the same topic prompt and same task request. Participants were encouraged to use the full amount of their 60-minute time allotment because the researchers wanted an even distribution of data across all participants.

During the sessions, participants were encouraged to move their cursor over the spot of the web page that they were reading and thinking about. This cursor movement was electronically tracked in addition to verbal data. After the session, the participants had time to write their question. They were allowed to look back at online data if needed to complete this task.

Think aloud reporting was synchronized with screen recordings of cursor movements. Camtasia videos contained both the recordings of verbalizations, eye movements, and computer activity. A scoring rubric was created using the same reading tasks identified above.

Four raters formed four different rating pairs. Pairs were used to double score each participant’s data. The written questions were evaluated along with the participants’ justifications for their generated question. Consistency for inter-rater reliability was achieved through a general assessment model.


Data Analysis

Data analysis techniques included descriptive statistics and correlation analysis, path analysis, and mediation analysis.


The performance quality varied by the type of strategic processing. All scored in the low to middle range on measures of both reading strategies and reading outcome. Information location scored the relative highest (6.58 out of highest possible score of 10). Source evaluation scored the relative lowest (4.02 out of 10).

Highest bivariate correlations were found between the following pairs:

  • Information location and source evaluation
  • Meaning making and source evaluation
  • Meaning making and self-monitoring
  • Question generation and meaning making

The performance quality varied by the type of strategic processing. All participants scored in the low to middle range on measures of both reading strategies and reading outcome. Information location scored the relative highest (6.58 out of highest possible score of 10). Source evaluation scored the relative lowest (4.02 out of 10).

Path analysis revealed:

  • Self-monitoring was a predictive indicator of source evaluation.
  • Self-monitoring and source evaluation together were predictors of information location
  • Self-monitoring alone was not indicative of effective information location.

The combined tasks of self-monitoring, source evaluation, and meaning making were significant predictors of higher scoring question-generation, with meaning-making being the single most likely strategy to producing a quality discussion question.

In sum, online reading cannot succeed without readers’ efforts to identify, analyze and synthesize information. The ability to evaluate sources was also a significant strategy for the reading of online texts. Information location alone was found to be insufficient for learning new information from online texts.



As noted above, there was no explicit research question posed. The researchers note that one of the limitations of their study was their built-in time limit. When participants face a new task under a time pressure, a “representational bottleneck” can affect performance, and therefore, study results. This time pressure may have forced some participants to choose between locating information and close reading for meaning making. Another limitation was that lack of prior knowledge of a topic can limit the ability to find information based on key terms that are intrinsic to the topic offered to participants.

Another noted limitation was the sample size for path analysis (n=43). Larger samples are generally required for this type of analysis. In addition, because participants were pulled from AP classes and not from the broader population of high school students, the results cannot be generalized. Further, researchers did not test the participants for any bias towards the proffered topic which may or may not have affected their approach to the task. On that note, the study did not take into account any of the human factors of feelings, motivations, interests, etc., that could also affect the attitudes or approach the participants brought to the task.

While the authors fully documented research to justify their study, they did not suggest much in the way of future research topics. Given that source evaluation was deemed a critical skill, perhaps a study could focus on what cognitive skills and what characteristics of reading material make for compelling source evaluation. The current social discourse on controversial topics call for such a study and for teaching such skills.

Implications for Practice

The authors strongly encourage future studies of adolescent literacy instruction can leverage young people’s literacy practice in everyday lives. A narrow focus on information location can lead less capable readers to accept or reject information based only on a broad topic match. This observation suggests that providing topic knowledge before attempting online searches would be beneficial for more effective information searches. Researchers identified making informed decisions about sources as one of the goals for reading online texts. Educators should offer opportunities for instruction in authentic digital settings to allow students to practice these skills, or at the very least, bring an awareness to the need to obtain these skills. Teaching one key skill at a time is helpful, but there should be many opportunities to use strategies together along with activities to encourage students to reflect on their thinking. Checklists, teacher scaffolding, and teacher modeling of strategies were all suggested as ways to build skills for both proficient and less skilled readers.

FAQ about Reading

An Incident Which Changed My Perspective Of Life
...This book changed my life perspective. This is really what I want to, be tried and tested myself. I went in the same way but used another strategy. My story starts with me, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in teaching Japanese as a second langua...
Why Reading Books Makes You a Better Person?
...Even though I enjoy writing, I know that I still need to work on my writing skills based on the grades I would get in my AP English class my junior year. Taking that class helped me realize that I had a lot of work to do. I can relate to the quote by...
How Books and Stories Can Promote the Learning and Development of Children?
...Books and Stories help to create a bond: Reading a bedtime story with kids can be the best time to spend with kids. Reading aloud stories and enacting them to kids have a great impact on the bond with kids. Kids enjoy the company of the adult while t...
What Is the Argument in Superman and Me?
...In conclusion, Alexie believes literacy is the key to battling racial stereotypes. The author's argument in his essay is based upon personal experience with shared home life and school, how he grew as a person to go against what was expected of him a...
Why does the Inspector call?
...And so you used the power you had, as a daughter of a good costumer and also of a man well known in the town, to punish the girl just because she made you feel like that" but when Sheila was replying "If I could help her now" the inspector jumped in ...
How to write a bibliography?
...Do not forget that bibliography title should be in the heading. All the sources must be arranged in alphabetical order and numbered. The best way to avoid complicated and time-consuming registration of the list is to note down data after having studi...

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