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How Do You Want To Be Remembered Upon Graduation?
Words • 484
Pages • 2
After I graduate, I want to be remembered as a person who offered value to the world. A person should be remembered for being a giver to the world in a positive way. A human being is remembered by society for his good and bad deeds. The legacy that a person sets up for himself is up to that person himself. So, we should be living our life keeping in mind that our actions today are going to be the…...
Dreams And AspirationsGraduation DayMy Dreams For The Future
How to Handle the Transition from High School to College?
Words • 986
Pages • 4
A very important part of life is education. Graduating from high school is what every student is looking forward to. However, going to college is a big accomplishment for all students. With that being said the leap from high school to college is a very large one. Many students enter post-secondary education expecting the experience to be the same as the one they had while at secondary school. The assumptions made by these students are wrong and they will soon…...
College EducationDropping Out Of High SchoolGraduation DayHigh School ExperienceHomework
Discrimination on Graduation
Words • 993
Pages • 4
In graduation by Maya Angelou, she and her class were graduating in a time when people did not want to see them graduate. This story took place in the 1940s and at that time black people were not seen the same as everyone else. Other races looked down upon them which made their graduation feel even more deserving of it. In graduation, Angelou and her class were looked down on and discriminated during their graduation. This story by Angelou takes…...
DiscriminationGraduationGraduation DayJim Crow Laws
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Felkris Alumni Tracer – Situation Analysis
Words • 1174
Pages • 5
Every year students were graduating in Felkris Academy. As they graduate, they leave their school; others might have no longer updates regarding their school for they are now in abroad for their work. As students, they still want to keep in touch with their alma mater. It is really difficult for the school to search for their graduates for they are scattered to the different parts of the world. That is why we have what we call alumni association. Alumni…...
Alumni and reunionsSoftwareWorld Wide Web
Maya Angelou `The Graduation`
Words • 1486
Pages • 6
P1- Summarize the essay and identify the author and title; Maya Angelou is the walking encyclopedia. She has astounding achievements to her credit. She is a great social thinker; her contribution in all the wings of literature is extraordinary! Welfare of women is very dear to her heart and therefore she is known as the Renaissance woman. Her inner world is very strong; when she speaks she mesmerizes the audience with the facts and figures and her oratorical skills. She…...
Graduation DayMaya Angelou
Salutatory Address: Graduation Day
Words • 698
Pages • 3
To our distinguished guests, our indefatigable Director Dr. Liwayway G. Sanvictores, our ever-supportive Administrative Officer Dr. Reynaldo D. Faustino, our dynamic school administrators and faculty members, Members of the Board of Trustees, parents, donors, fellow graduates, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. “The tassel’s worth the hassle!” Yes, we waited for three years, nine months and twenty-nine days for this day to come. Now, my fellow graduates, today is the day of our rejoicing. Congratulations! However, Graduation Day does not only…...
Graduation Day
High School Reunions
Words • 1463
Pages • 6
An observation of a high school re-union was followed by an interview with two of the people attending for this ethnography. The two attendees used for the interview were one male and one female. After identifying some of the possible rationales regarding the culture of the reunion in the observation, the interview was conducted on the basis of the rationales. This was then analysed and compared to some of the findings from cultural research and theory before a conclusion of…...
Alumni and reunionsHigh schoolHuman NaturePsychologyReasonSocial Psychology
Graduation Speech Sample
Words • 986
Pages • 4
Four years ago we stepped into high school as individuals seeking to do well, to find our identity, to find our best friend. We opened our lockers for the first time, looked at our schedules, and thought about how awesome it was to finally be in high school. Four years ago we met our best friend, went to our first school dance, and had a crush on a cute senior. Four years ago, we couldn't wait to get older. Three…...
Alumni and reunionsGraduation
Who Am I?
Words • 588
Pages • 3
I'm an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. I live life to the fullest. I am simple. And I believe that simplicity is beauty. I am Marchiel Anne Castro Adriano, born on the 23rd day of March 1997. I'm the second child and only daighter of Gabriel and Annie Rose Adriano. I have two brothers. Jorge Hendrick, the eldest, and Gabriel Jr., the youngest. We are currently living in Brgy. 3, Loing, Piddig, Ilocos Norte. I started schooling when I was…...
EducationGraduation DayWho Am I
Unfinished Alumni Tracking System
Words • 4934
Pages • 20
Discovery and innovation of technology had lead to greater advancement of society. Computers have affected human society as few other inventions in the past century have, and it is out natural that the advent widespread use of computers are used by organization, offices, industries and institutions for developing of their management process and systems. Using computers, and through the presence of World Wide Web, people can spend countless hours studying websites to improve their knowledge and to survive. 1Most of…...
Alumni and reunionsResearchWorld Wide Web
Alma Mater
Words • 1014
Pages • 5
Throughout the history of universities there has always been a figure that exemplifies school pride. At the University of Illinois, the Alma Mater is that defining figure. From the creation of the Alma Mater, she has established history and pride between the students and staff at the University of Illinois. To this day, the Alma Mater’s presence is everywhere from storefronts to postcards. No matter where you go on the University of Illinois campus, there is always something that shows…...
EducationGraduation DayUniversity
High School Graduation Day
Words • 650
Pages • 3
Many people have experienced the over whelming excitement that you feel as you approach high school graduation day, and for me, that’s a day that I will never forget. The amount of emotions that you feel on graduation day is unbelievable, and I have yet to experience anything else like it. I can remember feeling anxious to celebrate the big day with my friends and family, while at the same time I was panicking thinking about having to walk across…...
GraduationGraduation DayHigh school
Introduction Of The Guest Speaker
Words • 272
Pages • 2
To our dearest Principal Mrs. Nihma N. Ismula, beloved juniors and seniors, co- mentors, visitors today, a very pleasant afternoon. I have the honor to introduce our very prolific and generous guest of honor. I underscored I am honored because I am proud to say that she is my classmate, batchmate and an amiable friend. Though we had separate groups sila RIALS M tapos kami LDS but were clicked and BFFs,nasabi ko lang yan kasi andyan din yung mga back…...
EducationGraduation DayHigh schoolInterpersonal relationshipPsychologyRelationship
Differences between BICS and CALP
Words • 652
Pages • 3
BICS and CALP are unique in its particular style of learning, each one adaptable according to the availability of resources with a particular student. A view can be held that BICS are easily learnt via interaction with people in society, at home, and through media. The accuracy of learning is not accounted of unless an individual is passed through the channel of CALP. CALP brings out the best caliber among students and prepares efficient individuals as it is a whole…...
CareerCommunicationDifferent Learning StylesEducationGraduation DayLanguage
Alumni tracking system
Words • 948
Pages • 4
Websites become more ubiquitous. It gives universal access to a large universe of documents. “Through the help of World Wide Web (WWW) and websites, internet has become very useful in many ways for a common man. It brought the globe in a single room right from the news across the world to the wealth of information it offers” as noted from Kaiz Karen (2009) in her article about “10 Common Uses of Internet”. These information are generated by multiple sources…...
Alumni and reunionsWebsiteWorld Wide Web
Alumni tracer
Words • 2235
Pages • 9
Background and Rationale The College of Computer System Research Studies (CCS) at Central Philippine University (CPU) started in 1995 when the course Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (BSCS) was used as a degree program under the College of Commerce. The program aims to fill the growing requirement for computer system literate professionals in the field of service. On June 2001, in line with the recommendation of the Commission on College (CHED) to pool all related courses into one college, the…...
Alumni and reunionsEducation
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How Do You Want To Be Remembered Upon Graduation?
...To summarize, I would love to be remembered as a person who is open to better himself in all areas and who is striving each day to become a better version of himself by being open to learning. I want to be remembered for contributing to my life and t...
How to Handle the Transition from High School to College?
...College and high school are different in many ways but they both ultimately share the same goal in teaching students to learn. On the basis of financial, academic, and self-discipline aspects, college is more costly, more academically challenging, an...
Who Am I?
...After finishing my secondary education, I continued my journey at the Mariano Marcos State University – College of Teacher Education. Yes, I want to be a teacher. It is the noblest profession. I believe that I have the ability in this field. I told...

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