To our dearest Principal Mrs. Nihma N. Ismula, beloved juniors and seniors, co- mentors, visitors today, a very pleasant afternoon. I have the honor to introduce our very prolific and generous guest of honor. I underscored I am honored because I am proud to say that she is my classmate, batchmate and an amiable friend. Though we had separate groups sila RIALS M tapos kami LDS but were clicked and BFFs,nasabi ko lang yan kasi andyan din yung mga back ups namin na mga friendships sa likod,tnx guys for coming and sa moral support.

Our guest is a graduate of our institution LAPUYAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL and once was an honor student. She graduated elementary here at Central School and took her tertiary at Mindanao State University, Iligan Institute of Technology.

She is a very profound woman because despite of the hardships and having a single mom, she managed to finish and pursue her studies. After those hardships, she is successful enough and had been working at DAR- Department of Agrarian Reform last 1991- 2001.

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She was a very workaholic and had proven her worth once again as she was working as Secretary to the Board Member for almost a year and presently a local Legislative Officer II at Capitol office, Pagadian City. She’s a chef, she bakes delicious cakes and a very lovable wife to a very handsome Mr. Ian Mariquit, a nurse and a clinical instructor of Medina College, Pagadian City. Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to present to you our beloved Guest of Honor today, Ms.

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Miriam Ismael Mariquit a Big round of applause for her.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022
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