Ethics Of Rights And Theories Of Justice in ‘The Invisible Guest’ Movie

The article is about a thriller movie ‘Contratiempo – The Invisible Guest’, released in 2017, which is the story of a businessman, Adrian Doria, who found his girlfriend, Laura Vidal, lying dead on the floor when he regained his senses in a hotel room and he was arrested and charged for the murder of her lover being the only one in the room with the deceased but he alleged that there was someone else in the room who murdered his lover and hit him and made him unconscious.

To defend himself on charge of murder and to solve the mystery he hired a prominent lawyer, Virginia Goodman.

This movie addresses a number of ethical issues and relates directly to the ethics of rights, ethics of care and theories of justice. The ethics of rights has two subject components in it and those are right holders and right observers and each of us has a primary right and that is right to life and nobody is allowed to take this right away from us.

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The lead character in the movie committed two murders in the movie and deprived two persons of their life and that is unethical. The ethics of care provides that one should care for the other, maintain the relationships but this movie raises a concern about that when the main character of the movie, a businessman had extra-marital affair poses an unethical deed and careless behavior towards his wife and daughter. There are different theories of justice and it is to be seen whether justice has been delivered or not? The main character of the movie, who was accused of murder, tried to plead such evidences which were not in existence to save himself and also created false evidences which would probably have led to miscarriage of justice.

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The issue in the movie remains to be that is it okay to kill someone and then to dispose of his/her body so as to not leave any evidence to save oneself from getting charged for the offence he/she committed. It was purely an illegal and unethical act of Adrian and Laura to dispose of the body of a young boy who was hit by their car and succumbed to death and to save themselves they decided to get rid of his body and car. They deprived the young boy of his right to life. The Adrian’s and Laura’s extra-marital affair can be observed as unethical being immoral and adulterous and also poses their non-caring behavior towards their own spouses. To deal with the issue of justice, if that was served or not? And was the act of that dead young boy’s mother representing herself to be Adrian’s lawyer and make him admit that he committed two murders and recording the same was ethical and moral?, I would say that it is fine and can be accepted in the court of law as well to deliver the justice for two lives that Adrian took.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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