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Business Discourse Community
Words • 589
Pages • 3
Top of Form Name Professor Subject Date Discipline Investigation Introduction The discourse community chosen for the interview was business management community. The community has developed a broad understanding of business organizations in addition to providing specific knowledge in areas including finance, markets, customers, information technology, operations, and business strategy and policy (Mian, Sarfraz, Wadid Lamine, and Alain Fayolle, pg. 5). The reason why I chose this community is because business management is also my major course and it therefore a…...
Critical ThinkingDisciplineDiscourse CommunityInterviewSubjects
Why is it Important to Learn English?
Words • 679
Pages • 3
English has become the first and the common worldwide language in the world. Nowadays learning English it is not about being trendy, knowing English is necessary! It is practically impossible to avoid it at work, on holiday, at home or even in our leisure time. That is why it is very important for children to acquire high language proficiency as early as possible particularly in the English Language. The reasons behind starting to teach English as a foreign language at…...
English LanguageEnglish Subject
My Progress in Learning English
Words • 421
Pages • 2
Learning in English is no doubt to improve my potential capabilities and also increase my willingness to speak and write in English as well as reduce my chaos and confusion. I used to be afraid of writing activities for I have trouble expressing the words in a right way and having good grammar in my sentences, but I have come to realize that writing is part of our life. I have more weaknesses than strengths when it comes to this…...
English Languageenglish language learnersEnglish Subject
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James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues”: A Message in Music
Words • 1648
Pages • 7
In "Sonny's Blues" theme, form, and image blend into perfect harmony just like a bebop jazz rift. The story tells of two black brothers' struggle to understand one another. The older brother, a Harlem algebra teacher, is the unnamed narrator who represents every big brother; the younger man is Sonny, a jazz pianist who has just been arrested for selling and using heroin. In this story of a musician, four-time sequences mark four musical movements. Musical terms along with words…...
AlgebraJames BaldwinMusicSonny's BluesThe Piano Lesson
The nature of science and its subject application
Words • 3177
Pages • 13
  Another more sophisticated use of ICT would be in helping students to design experiments for practicals, coursework or science projects such as the engineering challenge Eckington School presented its students "to improve cross-curricular links between science, mathematics, geography and design and technology. " according to the National Curriculum, Inspired Engineering (March 2009) article. Working in groups of four, the students were asked to design and make their own solar buggy taking into account the wheel size, drag and mass…...
The Art of Mariko Mori: The Use of Body as a Subject Matter to Represent Issues of Identity and Culture in Her Society
Words • 1183
Pages • 5
How has the artist used the body as a subject matter to represent issues of identity ad culture in his/her society? Mariko Mori (born in Tokyo in 1967) is considered one of the major young representatives in the contemporary art scene. She worked as a fashion designer before and this inspired many of her later works. Mariko Mori uses her body to explore the "instability of identity" by presenting herself in glittering, self-designed costumes in extremely out of the world…...
ArtCultureSocietySubjectsWorld Wide Web
Scheduling Subject to a Resource Constraint
Words • 318
Pages • 2
Consider again the project in problem 3. Given the all of the data in Table 3. 1, the project manager for the auditing project is now faced with a resource constraint. There are only two accountants available to work on this project, at a rate of $75. 00 per hour. A. Enter the resource requirements shown in Table 3. 1 into your MS Project model, and demonstrate that the schedule found in problem 3 leads to an over-allocation of accountants…...
Opposite Corners 
Words • 1325
Pages • 6
I have been given the task to investigate the differences of the products of the diagonal opposite corners of a square on a 10x10 Grid with the numbers 1 to 100 to start with. I will start with a 2 x 2 square on a 10 x 10 grid and discover the rule for it, then I will progress onto a 3 x 3 square on the same grid. I will then keep on going until I eventually find the…...
My Favorite Subject
Words • 381
Pages • 2
When I was at school my favorite class was Geography. I used to have an excellent teacher who made everything seem very interesting. I also enjoyed learning about many different things related to our lives such as where we live, how we are affected by weather, farming and other topics and how we can learn so much from rocks, trees and other items around us which can tell us about past events many thousands of years ago. I can distinctly…...
Human NatureMy FavouriteMy favourite subject social studiesSubjects
Linear Programming And The Simplex Method Computer Science Essay
Words • 3035
Pages • 13
A additive scheduling ( LP ) job in mathematics, is one in which we are to happen the upper limit or minimal value of a additive map, capable to a figure of additive restraints which may take the signifier of equalities and inequalities.The map that we wish to maximise or understate is referred to as the `` nonsubjective map '' , in more general footings we wish to optimize the map. In order to make this, the existent or integer…...
AlgebraComputer Science For ProgressProgramming
Korean Martyrs Were the Subjects of Religious Persecution Against the Christians
Words • 525
Pages • 3
Korean Martyrs were the subjects of religious persecution against the Christians during the 19th century in Korea. During the persecutions of 1839, 1846, 1866, and 1867, one hundred and three Christians in Korea gave their lives as martyrs and at least 8,000 adherents to the faith were known to have died. The martyrs included clergy, but were mostly the laity. They consecrated the rich beginnings of the Church in Korea with their blood. Among them were Fr. Andrew Kim of…...
Explore the ways in which Kate Chopin treats the subject of death in the ‘Story of an hour’, ‘At Cheniere Caminada’ and ‘The Blind Man’
Words • 799
Pages • 4
The same author wrote all three of the following poems, therefore we can expect there to be contradictions between the poems. If we look at the similarities between the blind man and Tonie from Cheniere Caminada we see that these two characters in the poems are lower casts of society. In the blind mans case it's his physical disability, which puts him in his situation, and in Tonie's case he was just put into that situation of being a fisherman.…...
DeathExploreKate ChopinSubjectsThe Story Of An Hour
Data warehousing as subject oriented
Words • 1984
Pages • 8
WHAT IS DATA WAREHOUSING?The term informations warehouse or informations repositing was foremost coined by Bill Innon in the twelvemonth 1990 which was defined as a “warehouse which is subject-oriented, integrated, clip variant and non-volatile aggregation of informations in support of direction 's determination devising process” . When mentioning to informations warehousing as capable oriented, it merely means that the procedure is giving information about a peculiar topic instead than the inside informations sing the ongoing operations of the company. Furthermore,…...
Choose 3 poems that use the subject of time and explain how and why
Words • 1170
Pages • 5
Three poems that are somehow associated with time are: 'Porphyria's Lover', 'To His Coy Mistress' and 'Amen'. These poems all explain and explore time in different ways, time passing, time standing still and so on. The main theme of 'Porphyria's Lover' is about the wish of one man for time to stand still, that is for things to remain the same. The man achieves this in a very unique way by killing, the one he wishes not to change. In…...
PoemsSubjectsTimeTo His Coy Mistress
Our young adult subject Renae demonstrates high muscle
Words • 448
Pages • 2
Our young adult subject, Renae, demonstrates high muscle coordination, good posture and superior balance control when compared with the other subjects. Although a young adult body changes drastically through puberty, they can often be labelled as awkward or uncoordinated, they exhibit better coordination than younger children (Boyd, 2017, 11.2, The Skeletal System, para. 2). In fact, the proximodistal joint development and thickening of musculature allow young adults to achieve body coordination similar to that of an adult (Boyd, 2017, 11.2,…...
BiologyBrainNervous SystemPsychologySubjects
Power Electronics
Words • 1157
Pages • 5
This course dealt with the basics of power electronic devices, how they operate when used in both electrical and electronic circuits. Throughout the course work I came to an understanding of how power electronics is a core component in combining any two fields. The main emphasis was on switched mode blocks and converters (rectifiers and inverters). The weekly assignments and quizzes challenged me and gave the opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained during the lectures. Pulse width modulation was…...
has formed her subjectivity her identity her place which
Words • 747
Pages • 3
has formed her subjectivity, her identity, her place which gets substantiated when she says"We'd seen so much of her and ourselves in the people we'd met. We belonged, now."and "We were different people, now." (Morgan 234).A close reading of the history of treatment of Aboriginal people by the white settlers reveals the fact that Aboriginal people have always been subjected to injustices and have always been considered by white settlers to be morally inferior and at times less than humans.…...
Perception of student on the Teaching Methods in CSS subject
Words • 1406
Pages • 6
Review of Related LiteratureThis chapter helps in familiarizing that are relevant similar to the present study.Teaching methods in CSS subjectData likewise discovered that PC enhance the instructing and learning by offering chances to honeand to break down, offering better access to significant articles and educating and learning materials (Grabe and Grabe 2015). In conclusion, the global society for innovation in training (ISE) underscores that the instructors today ought to get ready innovation based learning chances to their understudies (Hamidi, Mesleat…...
PerceptionSubjectsTeaching Methods
Business is a subject that fascinated me as I am coming from
Words • 534
Pages • 3
Business is a subject that fascinated me as I am coming from a background of a small family business; I have been inspired by my parents. Business is a versatile subject which equips me to improve the analytical skills, problem solving and logical thinking. It is a field of study which is used in a variety of subjects such as economics, maths, computer science and psychology which also involves lot of practical applications. Today's business requires not just balancing the…...
Quadratic Equation
Words • 1300
Pages • 6
Complex numbers are the subsets of the set of the real numbers and the set of the imaginary numbers. It is expressed in the form of a+bi. I have chosen this topic as this itself speaks about complex and I have taken this as a challenge as I got always less marks in exams in this topic complex numbers only and I want to improve my weak point. So, I have chosen this as my exploration question as a challenge…...
Happiness frames a focal subject of Buddhist lessons For extreme opportunity from
Words • 1116
Pages • 5
Happiness frames a focal subject of Buddhist lessons. For extreme opportunity from affliction, the Noble Eightfold Path drives its specialist to Nirvana, a condition of everlasting harmony (Kwee 112). Extreme happiness is just accomplished by beating desiring in all structures. Progressively commonplace kinds of happiness, for instance, securing wealth and keeping up huge relationships, are moreover seen as admirable objectives for laypeople. Buddhism also empowers the age of treasuring generosity as well as empathy, the craving for the happiness and…...
Engineering is a complex and constantly progressing subject as such Master of
Words • 2122
Pages • 9
Engineering is a complex and constantly progressing subject, as such Master of Project Management programme has been designed for engineers and I wish to advance to a level appropriate for a professional engineer at the cutting-edge of the discipline, and regarding to advancement into technical-managerial roles. In today's scenario, Project Management has an increasing demand as the Corporations rely on project managers to oversee all aspects of a project so that the timeline, scope, and budget goals are met and…...
bishwajit pdf file
Words • 1012
Pages • 5
A BRIEF STUDY OF GENERAL MEASURESPACES AND INTEGRATIONA PROJECT REPORT SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCEINMATHEMATICAL SCIENCESByBishwa jit Gohain Roll No : MSM17036M.Sc. in MathematicsUNDER THE GUIDANCE OFDr. BIPUL KUMAR SARMAAssistant Professor, Department of Mathematical SciencesTezpur University, IndiaDEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES, TEZPUR UNIVERSITY, TEZPUR.November, 2018.AcknowledgementsI am extremely grateful to my supervisor Dr. BIPUL KUMAR SARMASir for his constant guidance and expert comments during the entire course ofmy pro ject work. Without Sir's…...
AlgebraEducationWorld Wide Web
This assignment is prepared under the subject Human Resource Management which contrasts
Words • 2502
Pages • 11
This assignment is prepared under the subject Human Resource Management which contrasts about the strategic and cooperate concepts of achieving competent workforce and goals of an organization. This report mainly addresses about the role of Human Resource Department of Public Service Media in Recruiting and selecting the potential candidates. Moreover, to assure whether the strategies are well implemented.The recruitment and selection process is concerned with identifying, attracting, and choosing suitable people to meet an organization's human resource requirement (Human resource…...
Human Resource ManagementRecruitmentSubjects
NameSyed Farasat Ali ShahStudent Id018010990024SubjectDisaster Prevention and Mitigation in Civil EngineeringAssignment TitleDisaster
Words • 1752
Pages • 8
Name:Syed Farasat Ali ShahStudent Id:018010990024Subject:Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in Civil EngineeringAssignment Title:Disaster Prevention & Mitigation Plan for Peshawar, PakistanDated:8th October, 2018Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil EngineeringShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityDisaster Prevention & Mitigation Plan for Peshawar, Pakistan1. Hazards, Vulnerability and Risk Profile of District PeshawarPeshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province, is located at the north-west end of Pakistan. Peshawar has a geo-strategically important location and an enriched history. Peshawar is a disaster prone district and vulnerable to…...
Portrait of Madame Recamier Analysis
Words • 864
Pages • 4
Jeanne-Francois Julie Adelaide Bernard Recamier is a renowned French beauty, who is also by some people believed to be the most beautiful and decent person of her age. However her beauty wasn’t the only thing that attracted people to her because it was more than that. It was her charming personality, confidence and the brains, which made all the difference. Moreover, she was witty, a great conversationalist and a natural beauty and the soirées she held at her salon attracted…...
How Math Is Used in Cooking?
Words • 261
Pages • 2
Math is used for many things, but for me I will be using it in field of culinary arts. When many people think of math they automatically think of algebra or geometry, math is those things plus much more. Fractions, Measurements and weights are the kind of math that i will be using most in cooking. Classical cooking technique, baking and catering are all greatly effected by basic math fundamentals. I have to use exact measurements when making a beurre…...
Use of linear algebra in electrical circuit engineering
Words • 247
Pages • 1
To begin with we shall present Kirchhoff's Laws. Kirchhoff's Current Law (First Law): The algebraic sum of all currents at any branch point is zero. Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (Second Law): The algebraic sum of all voltage changes around a loop is zero. Electrical engineers use Kirchoff`s current law and Kirchoff`s voltage law to write a system of linear equations. This procedure is going to be described below. 1) It is necessary to draw the circuit and assign labels to the…...
AlgebraElectrical engineerEngineeringLinear EquationsPhysics
What I’Ve Learned in English?
Words • 525
Pages • 3
As a freshman in college, many of the subjects I’ve taken up in the first semester are not new to me. I took Algebra, Biology, and even Filipino, but my English class is of an entirely different context. College English for me is unfamiliar. For example, I was never required to write essays on a weekly basis and be graded for it. I always took the kind of English class that we always just used to talk about novels. Nevertheless,…...
AlgebraEnglishEnglish Class
Maths in Everyday Life
Words • 3465
Pages • 14
You may find yourself wondering what use we have for some of the knowledge we obtain from math class in school. It is sometimes difficult for students to appreciate the importance of Mathematics. They often find the subject boring and hard to understand. With this project we will hopefully help our students realize that Mathematics is not just a subject on their time-table but a tool they use in their everyday life. "Mathematics is one of the first things you…...
AlgebraImportance Of MathematicsMathMaths In Our Daily Life
Cosmopolis: a World of Subjective Reality
Words • 2107
Pages • 9
Cosmopolis, written in the spirit of post modernity, rejects the idea of an ordered universe with one objective reality. This novel asserts that reality is instead subjective, and as human beings while we all experience the same one world ,but we each perceive this experience differently, and therefore we all live in different worlds. In this paper using quotes from Cosmopolis, I will explain how Don DeLillo uses dialogue and the actions of characters to construct his argument for subjective…...
My favourite subject
Words • 318
Pages • 2
My favourite subject in school is English. It is quite easy and pleasant to study it. English is used in each field of life and it is useful to know it. Most of web sides are in English. It is nice to be able to use such a sides like yahoo, msn and english Wikipedia. I can get a lot of information and news, which are not available on polish sides. Next plus: I can use english books and magazines.…...
Bus StationMy FavouriteMy favourite subject social studiesSubjects
Philosophy & Husserl on intersubjectivity
Words • 1565
Pages • 7
According to Husserl, inter subjective experience plays a vital role in the constitution of the self as subjects that exist objectively, other experiencing object and the objective world governed by space and time. That’s why transcendental phenomenology tries to reconstruct the basic rational structures that enable constitutive achievements. From a first person perspective, intersubjectivity occurs when people undergo acts of empathy because an intersubjective experience is highly empathetic. This is because it occurs in the course of person’s consciousness and…...
Student Web Scavenger Hunt
Words • 645
Pages • 3
Log on to the new University of Phoenix eCampus web page located at: Explore the resources available on the site and use them to answer the following questions. ACADEMIC HELP 1.What are the six “Other Math Labs” available for study in the Center for Mathematics Excellence? (Hint: Click on the “Running Start Link.”) Self-Assessment Aleks Math Refresher Pre-Algebra Review Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Introduction to Statistics 2.Which three reviewing services are available to students through the Center for Writing…...
One Way Is to Make English Language a Compulsory Subject
Words • 584
Pages • 3
One way is to make English language a compulsory subject. In my school just as Mathematics, Science and other social subjects are taught English should also be introduced as proper course. All students from their very early education will be introduced to English. All students would be required to pass the English course before they can be promoted to the next grade. For example a grade one who is not able to pass grade one English course will not be…...
English LanguageEnglish SubjectSubjects
20 Rules of Subject Verb Agreement
Words • 542
Pages • 3
1. Usage verbs that agree with a topic, not with a noun that belongs to a modifying phrase or clause between verb and subject: "The pot of eggs is boiling on the stove." 2. Use particular or plural verbs that agree with the topic, not with the enhance of the subject: "My favorite kind of film is comedies," but "Funnies are my favorite type of motion picture." 3. Usage particular verbs with particular indefinite pronouns-- each, the "- bodies," "-…...
Univerities Should Accept Equal Numbers of Male and Female Students Inevery Subject
Words • 274
Pages • 2
It is true that nowadays male and female students have the same opportunities and challenges in our society. I completely agree with that. However, universities should not require the balance between male and female students. This essay will discuss about the reason why not in that problem. At present, most universities enroll students by testing their ability. It is very fair system, which allows young people have the same opportunities to enter the university because they have the same test…...
Teaching a Specialist Subject
Words • 779
Pages • 4
I will organize my work around the “Introduction to production” course I teach at Point Blank College. It is a “music technology” course that is recognised by the British educational system (NOCN level 2). The key aims of the course consist in: -Guiding students to acquire basic compositional techniques and develop their personal career. -Developing the student’s self motivation that will allow them to integrate the music industry I have learnt my skills in a professional environment and this experience…...
CurriculumEducationHuman NatureLearningSubjectsTeacher
Subject Scheduling System
Words • 301
Pages • 2
1) How many years you have been working in this institution as the one who finalizes subject schedules? Ans.: 9.25 years 2) During these years, have you encountered a subject scheduling system? _No__ a.) If yes, what particular program? b.) If no, what is your current process in manipulating subject schedule? Ans.: Manual 3) How efficient is your current process in manipulating subject schedule? Ans.: Not efficient 4) What are the common problems you encountered in using this process? Ans.:…...
Algebra in Daily Life
Words • 635
Pages • 3
1. Algebra is a method of calculating using simple equations to represent quantity and to show relation between them. Algebra is also a part of our life, we use it on measuring the length of our table,notebooks,doors and other more. Another concept of mine is measuring capacity,In school we always measure the right amount of ingredients that we cook. Because to an culinary student like me we are showing how to measure the exact amount of ingredients that we gonna…...
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Why is it Important to Learn English?
...In conclusion, learning English as a foreign language at an early age has become a growing trend in many countries in the world. Knowing English is important because English is the dominant language of science, technology, economics, and tourism it i...
Explore the ways in which Kate Chopin treats the subject of death in the ‘Story of an hour’, ‘At Cheniere Caminada’ and ‘The Blind Man’
...All of the deaths in these stories were all unexpected deaths. Both the readers and the characters are lead to believe that it would be the lower class people dieing or that some one has already died. But as the stories go on the course of the story ...
Choose 3 poems that use the subject of time and explain how and why
..."Lives are finished; time diminished", are presented. The image of death as a consequence of time shows us that the writer is not always so keen for time to pass. And the words "time diminished", suggest that the life of everything is existence is sh...
has formed her subjectivity her identity her place which
...As executed here, indigenous autobiography tends to avoid common patterns of Western autobiography which emphasizes individual development. Here in the novel Sally's identity gets solidified along with the establishment of the newly found identities ...
This assignment is prepared under the subject Human Resource Management which contrasts
...This assignment is prepared under the subject Human Resource Management which contrasts about the strategic and cooperate concepts of achieving competent workforce and goals of an organization. This report mainly addresses about the role of Human Res...
How Math Is Used in Cooking?
...Catering is another place math is used to translate regular recipes into great volume, simple addition and multiplication aid in this field. If you have a simple recipe that serves 4-6 people you need to be able to multiply that by 10 or even 15 to f...
What I’Ve Learned in English?
...Overall, I’ve never expected to learn a lot of new things in College English, but it turns out I have learned what most grammar books can’t offer. I a m actually starting to believe what my mom always says that, College is the phase in my life wh...

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