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James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues”: A Message in Music
Words • 1648
Pages • 7
In "Sonny's Blues" theme, form, and image blend into perfect harmony just like a bebop jazz rift. The story tells of two black brothers' struggle to understand one another. The older brother, a Harlem algebra teacher, is the unnamed narrator who represents every big brother; the younger man is Sonny, a jazz pianist who has just been arrested for selling and using heroin. In this story of a musician, four-time sequences mark four musical movements. Musical terms along with words…...
AlgebraJames BaldwinMusicSonny's BluesThe Piano Lesson
Opposite Corners 
Words • 1325
Pages • 6
I have been given the task to investigate the differences of the products of the diagonal opposite corners of a square on a 10x10 Grid with the numbers 1 to 100 to start with. I will start with a 2 x 2 square on a 10 x 10 grid and discover the rule for it, then I will progress onto a 3 x 3 square on the same grid. I will then keep on going until I eventually find the…...
Linear Programming And The Simplex Method Computer Science Essay
Words • 3035
Pages • 13
A additive scheduling ( LP ) job in mathematics, is one in which we are to happen the upper limit or minimal value of a additive map, capable to a figure of additive restraints which may take the signifier of equalities and inequalities.The map that we wish to maximise or understate is referred to as the `` nonsubjective map '' , in more general footings we wish to optimize the map. In order to make this, the existent or integer…...
AlgebraComputer Science For ProgressProgramming
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Power Electronics
Words • 1157
Pages • 5
This course dealt with the basics of power electronic devices, how they operate when used in both electrical and electronic circuits. Throughout the course work I came to an understanding of how power electronics is a core component in combining any two fields. The main emphasis was on switched mode blocks and converters (rectifiers and inverters). The weekly assignments and quizzes challenged me and gave the opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained during the lectures. Pulse width modulation was…...
Quadratic Equation
Words • 1300
Pages • 6
Complex numbers are the subsets of the set of the real numbers and the set of the imaginary numbers. It is expressed in the form of a+bi. I have chosen this topic as this itself speaks about complex and I have taken this as a challenge as I got always less marks in exams in this topic complex numbers only and I want to improve my weak point. So, I have chosen this as my exploration question as a challenge…...
bishwajit pdf file
Words • 1012
Pages • 5
A BRIEF STUDY OF GENERAL MEASURESPACES AND INTEGRATIONA PROJECT REPORT SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCEINMATHEMATICAL SCIENCESByBishwa jit Gohain Roll No : MSM17036M.Sc. in MathematicsUNDER THE GUIDANCE OFDr. BIPUL KUMAR SARMAAssistant Professor, Department of Mathematical SciencesTezpur University, IndiaDEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES, TEZPUR UNIVERSITY, TEZPUR.November, 2018.AcknowledgementsI am extremely grateful to my supervisor Dr. BIPUL KUMAR SARMASir for his constant guidance and expert comments during the entire course ofmy pro ject work. Without Sir's…...
AlgebraEducationWorld Wide Web
How Math Is Used in Cooking?
Words • 261
Pages • 2
Math is used for many things, but for me I will be using it in field of culinary arts. When many people think of math they automatically think of algebra or geometry, math is those things plus much more. Fractions, Measurements and weights are the kind of math that i will be using most in cooking. Classical cooking technique, baking and catering are all greatly effected by basic math fundamentals. I have to use exact measurements when making a beurre…...
Use of linear algebra in electrical circuit engineering
Words • 247
Pages • 1
To begin with we shall present Kirchhoff's Laws. Kirchhoff's Current Law (First Law): The algebraic sum of all currents at any branch point is zero. Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (Second Law): The algebraic sum of all voltage changes around a loop is zero. Electrical engineers use Kirchoff`s current law and Kirchoff`s voltage law to write a system of linear equations. This procedure is going to be described below. 1) It is necessary to draw the circuit and assign labels to the…...
AlgebraElectrical engineerEngineeringLinear EquationsPhysics
What I’Ve Learned in English?
Words • 525
Pages • 3
As a freshman in college, many of the subjects I’ve taken up in the first semester are not new to me. I took Algebra, Biology, and even Filipino, but my English class is of an entirely different context. College English for me is unfamiliar. For example, I was never required to write essays on a weekly basis and be graded for it. I always took the kind of English class that we always just used to talk about novels. Nevertheless,…...
AlgebraEnglishEnglish Class
Maths in Everyday Life
Words • 3465
Pages • 14
You may find yourself wondering what use we have for some of the knowledge we obtain from math class in school. It is sometimes difficult for students to appreciate the importance of Mathematics. They often find the subject boring and hard to understand. With this project we will hopefully help our students realize that Mathematics is not just a subject on their time-table but a tool they use in their everyday life. "Mathematics is one of the first things you…...
AlgebraImportance Of MathematicsMathMaths In Our Daily Life
Student Web Scavenger Hunt
Words • 645
Pages • 3
Log on to the new University of Phoenix eCampus web page located at: Explore the resources available on the site and use them to answer the following questions. ACADEMIC HELP 1.What are the six “Other Math Labs” available for study in the Center for Mathematics Excellence? (Hint: Click on the “Running Start Link.”) Self-Assessment Aleks Math Refresher Pre-Algebra Review Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Introduction to Statistics 2.Which three reviewing services are available to students through the Center for Writing…...
Algebra in Daily Life
Words • 635
Pages • 3
1. Algebra is a method of calculating using simple equations to represent quantity and to show relation between them. Algebra is also a part of our life, we use it on measuring the length of our table,notebooks,doors and other more. Another concept of mine is measuring capacity,In school we always measure the right amount of ingredients that we cook. Because to an culinary student like me we are showing how to measure the exact amount of ingredients that we gonna…...
Mathematics Autobiography
Words • 665
Pages • 3
I consider mathematics as a very important tool in life. My first real memories with mathematics began in my elementary years. I use to bring home assignments of several pages in order to master the basic arithmetic principles. I would go over my textbook answering several pages that included addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. What a truly memorable experiences they were and still was very rewarding especially when I got the correct answers. Other than that, I could compete with…...
AlgebraAutobiography About MyselfBiographyMathMathematicianPythagoras
Islamic civilization
Words • 949
Pages • 4
Islamic civilization which known as golden ages has a lot of contribution in mordent civilization. Islam is a religion which belief in one god Allah also encourages to gain knowledge from the creation of Allah. The last messenger of Islam Muhammad (May peace be upon him) advice his follower to seek knowledge. Islamic scientist and scholar had contributed a lots in mordent science starting from the medical science , mathematics , architecture , philosophy geography etc. from the two documentary…...
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How Math Is Used in Cooking?
...Catering is another place math is used to translate regular recipes into great volume, simple addition and multiplication aid in this field. If you have a simple recipe that serves 4-6 people you need to be able to multiply that by 10 or even 15 to f...
What I’Ve Learned in English?
...Overall, I’ve never expected to learn a lot of new things in College English, but it turns out I have learned what most grammar books can’t offer. I a m actually starting to believe what my mom always says that, College is the phase in my life wh...

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