Business is a subject that fascinates me

Business is a subject that fascinated me as I am coming from a background of a small family business; I have been inspired by my parents. Business is a versatile subject which equips me to improve the analytical skills, problem solving and logical thinking. It is a field of study which is used in a variety of subjects such as economics, maths, computer science and psychology which also involves lot of practical applications. Today’s business requires not just balancing the study of the books; it is about the investment, shares and the management of assets, people, opportunities and risk.

Business has given me a lot of opportunities to gain various work experiences in wide range of places. I have worked with worked with various companies in Netherland where I have completed my Level 3 certificate in Computer Science. I gained experience in IT companies while studying and had opportunity to learn from the experience and feel it has given me a much more practical understanding of how a business functions at the background.

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I am now helping my family to run a business in UK where I observed how a company operates from the inside and how they deal with both customers and staff. I took every opportunity to learn different aspects of business as I am managing the business with my family. I did certain tasks which involves files sorting, use computer to plot spreadsheet and record data for nearly two years. I committed myself to the work for completing each tasks assigned to me to the greatest standard.

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This made me to indulge further into the art of using Business in everyday life and gave me the chance to discover the many different aspects and categories of business and what they do; this has even further encouraged and made me understand how much I am interested in Business. This in turn sharpened my interpersonal skills and my customer service skills. This is also one of the reasons to pursue my career in Business and I am keen to gain the essential skills to expand our business. From this experience, I have gained the leadership skills, self-confidence and sense of responsibility.

I have also attained a certification in First Aid course. This course aided me to develop my responsibility and resourcefulness; it also assists me to develop my independent skills. Also I have done the intermediate certification in level 2 for Tamil language.

I enjoy playing badminton with friends and family; this helps to keep me fit and healthy and paved me a way to spend my leisure time with my loved ones. During my younger age, I learnt violin and keyboard which keeps me and my mind in peace.

A career in Business is my ambition, and working in Business to learn new business concepts, combined with my desire to experience new adventures, would make me a lively and useful addition to the studies and how it plays a vital role in our life. I’m look forward for new experience in university which will not only give me the academic grounds to get into careers like Management consulting, Sales and Marketing , but also the social experience in itself is somewhat to look forward to.

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