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In the near future, our company will be launching its first global site. It is substantial that a business has the manpower it needs to not only operate on a global level but also be able to write on a global level. Business writing techniques are critical to an organizations survival in a global market.

For this, I am requesting sponsorship for a Business Writing course at University of Houston Downtown. The cost of the course is $700.00. It is 6 weeks long.

Completing this course will allow me to write more creatively. Also, the conclusion of this course will enable me to reach those whose secondary language is English more successfully. Adequate writing skills are an important part of communication. This course will help me to understand what it takes to write and market effectively in a global position. I will also gain the knowledge needed to write in simple form so that those who speak English as a second language can better understand what our organization is trying to convey.

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It is my opinion that this marketing tool is needed so that we are able to function properly and competitively with our overseas opponents.

I am convinced that your return on investment will increase once I have the knowledge and skill needed to effectively aid the organization in creating, evaluating, and planning future business writings. To my knowledge, no one in the company has taken a formal Business Writing course. Sponsoring me will give me the writing credentials necessary to help my fellow co-workers.

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One factor that I believe separates business people from competitors is the ability to immediately distinguish themselves impressively by way of their communication skills.

The importance of effective business writing can hardly be overstated. Learning and honing effective business writing skills can have a positive impact on the company. When channels of communication are effective, so is the business.

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Request for funding memo

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