How Well Are Our Communication Skills?

I am considered to be a communicative person who established an outstanding raport with others. I am able to listen deeply to people,to help them ,to share my experience with them. Many of them tell me I am a good listener and when I talk they usually listen to me. What is important for a good communication? You need to take into consideration the point of view of others. I respect their opinion,but I respect my opinion as well.

. I understand how people interpret my communicative style and I am able to avoid misunderstanding. I sometimes handle children hassles effectively.

People usually understand my thoughts and I can nderstand theirs.. The tone of my voice sometimes communicates how I feel about my partner. Determining a communication problem is not very hard for me and I am often able to resolve it. I usually speak in a gentle manner,to give an impression of kindness. I often stay calm in tense situations.

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I can express my feelings and tell people close to me how much I care about them. My relationship with my family is full of emotion and devotion. Many people think I am a friendly and expansive person. I often know how to cooperate with them and they usually do what I want them to do.

However,I have not always been so successful. I was shy when I was younger and did not speak with assertion. It was hard for me to express my thoughts,it was hard for others to know how I felt about something.

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Later,I improved my communication skills. During my experience,I began to speak louder and people could understand me. I listened to others more carefully. I learned that it is important to avoid passive style of communication. I also learned to speak with more assertion because my own opinion is as important as the opinion of other people.

I usually tell people to stay calm in unpleasant situations in order to avoid misunderstanding or aggressive communication. This style enables me to communicate effectively. I discovered that my body language and some gestures I made earlier affected my communication in a bad way. Eye contact is extremely important as it shows respect and interest for the person you are talking to. In addition to this,posture is another important aspect of dealing with others and sometimes it affected my communication. I learned to get my posture right which made me feel better.

By finding out the major cause of communication breakdown,I could easily improve it. Being aware of the importance of a successful communication,I am trying to find the ways to improve my communication skills. For example,using body language may lead to great communication. This is especially useful when I am not sure how to start a conversation. In addition to this,I need to be clear about what I want to communicate. I also need to be confident that the information if useful and accurate. By successfully getting my message accross,I convey my thoughts effectively .

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How Well Are Our Communication Skills?

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