Teacher Leadership Essay

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Teacher Leadership

Collaborative professional development is important and can positively affect student learning. The more time teachers are given to plan, discuss, observe and learn from other teachers the more diverse and active their classrooms can be. Students will see how teachers working together have a cohesive environment in the school and see how team building can really be effective. Collaboration also allows teachers to discuss common discipline rules and procedures so students know there is a common expectation in all of their classes.

It also gives teachers time to discuss students’ strengths and weaknesses across content areas to help improve student achievement. The coaching implementation process can also support teacher development. Coaching can be beneficial for all teachers depending on the type of coaching being utilized. New teachers will require more intensive coaching. This can include informing the new teachers of the social aspects of the building on top of curriculum, classroom management, and discipline policies.

More experienced teachers may only require coaching when new instructional procedures need to be implemented in the classroom. I will use mentoring, coaching and collaboration to further my professional development. Being a part of the teaching profession is the desire to be a lifelong learner. Mentoring, coaching and collaborating are ways to be supported and support your colleagues. I will use the information that I obtained from this course to help become more active as a teacher leader in my building. The only program that I have experience with is the one in my school district.

As a new teacher to the district four years ago, I was entered into when I started. The program offered was very successful in my mind. As a new teacher, you can feel overwhelmed and unsure of yourself. The mentoring/coaching program provides a safety net and a master teacher for discussion and support. As a product of a mentor and coaching program, I still go to my mentor for advise and support. I was lucky enough to have such an amazing experience, which in turn led me to purse a Master’s degree in Teacher Leadership.

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