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Since we have been in school, we can remember teachers that we’ve loved and we’ve hated. Some of them made us look forward to school every single day, and others not so much. Vivid memories of good and bad experiences lead us to believe that teachers should be positive mentors for all students, not just an adult teaching kids basic facts.

A Reflective Essay on the Profession of a Teacher
Words • 1354
Pages • 6
The profession of teaching is similar to a formula. As one may study and observe the field of education it is often believed to be an "easy" job until the research of it goes further in depth. Behind the basic ideas of a teacher's classroom that is portrayed, there are more complex aspects to the job requirements than one may realize. In addition to being a role model to students, teachers are required to develop many different styles to teach…...
TeacherTeacher Profession
Teacher Leadership: Prospects and Promises
Words • 761
Pages • 4
Introduction “It is increasing implausible that we could improve the performance of schools…without promoting leadership in teaching by teachers” (Judith Warren Little, 1988). The seeds Judith Little planted over 30 years ago in her call for teachers to lead school reform has new models of teacher leadership and “collaborative visioning” budding, emerging from the soil to change the foundation of which the distribution of power and authority within schools is established. “The top-down, fix-the-teacher education reforms of No Child Left…...
Being A TeacherTeacher
Meaning of Teacher Dispositions
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Pages • 4
There are several dispositions that I felt were challenging and that I could improve on, but the two I want to focus on in order to improve my teaching, impact all students, and grow professionally are collaboration and inventiveness. The two dispositions are from two different categories, but I believe that they go hand in hand, as I improve on one, collaboration, the other, inventiveness, will also improve. I teach two very different types of students, At-Risk students in a…...
A Good TeacherTeacher
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Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen
Words • 607
Pages • 3
In Lies My Teacher Told Me author James W. Loewen, takes shocks his reader by first off telling them that their history had been telling was pretty much lies. He explains that history textbooks writers use textbooks that are already written as their guide to writing new textbooks. He uses the term heroification, which means that the textbook author takes a human being, that has made mistakes and turns them into the perfect person that they were not. So now…...
A Good TeacherTeacher
TESOL: What Are Your Overall Goals for Taking This Course?
Words • 397
Pages • 2
What are your overall goals for taking this TESOL Teaching Certificate Course? Are these goals professional, personal, or perhaps both? Specifically, what do you expect to learn in the course and how do you plan to use this knowledge once you receive your TESOL certification? One of my overall goals is to travel around the world teaching English because while doing this I would have the chance to have a free reign of independence and also have the ability to…...
A Teacher’s Class Attendance Register 
Words • 1773
Pages • 8
My friend's class teacher named Dave has to take a register every day and has to keep marks that students have achieved on a regular basis. Dave finds it very hard to keep all his papers organised, as they tend to overflow and get messy. Because of this it can be an agonising process trying to find a students set of results or attendance marks when they are needed. He recently received a new computer from his Dad as a…...
Problems Facing Special Education Teachers
Words • 712
Pages • 3
Students will learn best what they want and need to know. That is, when they have developed the skills of analyzing what is important to them and why, as well as the skills of directing their behavior towards those wants and needs, they will learn more easily and quickly. Most educators and learning theorists would agree with this statement, although they might disagree on exactly what contributes to student motivation. Knowing how to learn is more important than acquiring a…...
EducationPhilosophyPsychologySpecial educationTeacher
Non-Native Speakers Teaching English As the Second Language
Words • 580
Pages • 3
As long as the teacher is finished with the academics and pre-requisite requirements in teaching English as the Second Language or a graduate of a baccalaureate course having English as the major field of study in the academic years, then this non-native speaker of English has the capability on delivering English lessons to the students, especially the young learners to learn English as the Second Language. Non-native English Teachers are equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills for these youngsters to…...
EnglishEnglish as a second languageEnglish LanguageEnglish SpeakingLanguageTeacher
Male Teachers
Words • 946
Pages • 4
In an academic environment, it is noticeable that only few good men are in the teaching field. Most of the males who work in schools hold position in the office or holds other administrative functions. Men Teach, a research group discovered that there are three main grounds why such is the case. These three include low rank and salary, the perception that teaching is for women and the apprehension of being charged of child abuse. But those who “WHY FEMALE…...
Issues of Wider Professional Practice and Professionalism
Words • 2974
Pages • 12
In this assignment I will be examining some of the main issues I believe impact on teachers’ professional practice and I will look at the way they impact on my employer Inclusive Access (IA). IA is a social enterprise independent specialist training organisation in the Post compulsory education and training (PCET) or Lifelong Learning Sector (LLS). I will attempt to show how some of these issues impact on individual teachers in the organisation and the impact on a teacher’s professional…...
How to Be a Confident Teacher?
Words • 818
Pages • 4
One key to confident teaching is efficient preparation; which starts with setting clear goals and objectives. Having your lesson plans ready well before time, along with the games and study materials required for the lesson always helps the teachers, conducting their lesson efficiently and within the timeframe. It is also very important to bear in mind that a lesson plan should only give you an outline of what and how you are going to cover during a class if everything…...
Professionalism in the Classroom
Words • 1716
Pages • 7
Can you imagine walking into your child’s classroom and his or her teacher looking more like a student than a teacher? Just as the rest of the world is becoming more laid back, so are the standards for the way teachers present themselves. Years ago, when you walked into a classroom, the teacher looked as if he or she were dressed in a professional manner and were neat and clean. Now, due to the fact that teachers are not presenting…...
Eduardo’s Dyslexia Case Study
Words • 1428
Pages • 6
In the scenario, Eduardo is a third-grade student who is having trouble staying on task, articulation, and is considered to have a reading disability. Although he did not qualify for dyslexia in the first-grade, he was recommended for tier III to help him decode longer words and build vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Since Eduardo had difficulty following directions, the dyslexia evaluation stated that he needed differentiated instruction to keep him on task. He also could use differentiated instruction since…...
The Importance of Teaching Listening and Speaking Skills
Words • 2164
Pages • 9
Listening activities do not only need the learners’ ability in mastering basic language knowledge and knowing various issues, but they also have to prepare listening strategies in order to help them in figuring out some problems that they will face in the process of listening, for example; when the learners get difficulties to complete some listening tasks that relate to the students’ listening comprehension skill, they may apply a strategy that can support them in completing the task. In this…...
What Should the Relationship Be Between Students and Teachers in the Classroom?
Words • 688
Pages • 3
What should the relationship be, between students and teachers in the classroom? The answer to this question, I have found, has many different answers. Each teacher, in my opinion, has their set ways to teach, in which they believe is the ‘right way’. So, no matter which answer you come up with, the person next to you might come up with a totally opposite answer. This explains why we ask this question in the first place. No one's answer is…...
Being A TeacherDignity Of TeacherRespect For TeachersTeacherTeacher Profession
How to Develop Positive Teacher-Student Relationships?
Words • 1346
Pages • 6
What type of teacher-student relationship did you have with your teachers through your educational years? Hopefully, you are one of the lucky people that had a teacher or teachers, that took the time to build a relationship with you. Research shows that building a positive teacher-student relationship in the classroom is important because students’ academics improve, it reduces behavior issues and it can help reduce chronic absenteeism. After the parents, a child’s teacher is on the front lines for his/her…...
Academic AchievementsRespect For TeachersRetirement Of TeacherTeacherTeacher Student Relationship
Plagiarism Checker Free Online for Students and Teachers
Words • 763
Pages • 4
[plagiarism-checker] Have you ever written an essay in school or university? Or maybe you have had another assignment that you have struggled with? Are you still struggling? In that case, we want to introduce you an ideal platform to check for plagiarism free and easily with our Ozziessay Plagiarism Checker. This is an incredible tool for students not only in English speaking countries but for people all over the world since English is taught we believe almost everywhere. Out of…...
PlagiarismTeacherWorld Wide Web
Myself as a Learner
Words • 1795
Pages • 8
Formal methods of learning Being in my early twenties I have spent the majority of my life engaged in formal methods of learning. I was brought up in South East London and attended a variety of different primary and secondary schools. I moved into private education for my sixth form, and then onto Exeter University. Whilst at university I suspended my study to take an industrial placement in London, before returning to university to complete my studies and graduate with…...
EducationLearningMy SelfTeacher
The Literature In English Component English Literature Essay
Words • 5732
Pages • 23
Chapter 1Introduction1.1IntroductionIt has been 9 old ages since the literature in English constituent was foremost introduced by the Ministry of Education and to be included in English capable course of study for Secondary school. In analogue to the Ministry vision in bring forthing first-class pupils who can vie globally in the hereafter, Literature in English for both Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary Schools purpose to inclusively ease secondary pupils to better and beef up their proficiency in the English Language.…...
The Purpose of Values Education in Schools Today
Words • 1642
Pages • 7
Values are core traits and qualities that represent an individual’s beliefs and guiding principles, which form the foundation of who we are. Values of people in society differ from one another due to the culture, upbringing, religious beliefs and many other experiences that shape each and every human being. Primarily, values are fundamentally taught at a young age, these values are predominantly learnt from family and friends, the community and through education. Therefore, schools and teachers have the opportunity to…...
EducationSchoolTeacherValue Of Education In LifeValues Education
Listening and Speaking Skill
Words • 2758
Pages • 12
The teaching of English as a foreign language is now one of the most important subjects in most European primary schools. The implementation of English has brought along the need to establish clear objectives that are different to the ones traditionally assigned to secondary schools. While in secondary schools we still find, in many cases, a teaching based in the formal aspects of the language, i. e. grammar; primary school teachers have had to adopt a different approach as the…...
Does language help or hinder the way we acquire knowledge?
Words • 801
Pages • 4
Language is something that humans have used almost since the beginning. It is combination of sound that is used to communicate between people one of the fundamental parts of a community. It is something that is incredibly important to us. Our language allows us to do many things. We use it to express our thoughts, connect with others and also for our knowledge. In these ways, language makes things a lot easier for us in facilitating our thoughts and helping…...
It’s more than just the snout factor that annoys me with Norwegian teachers
Words • 450
Pages • 2
Norwegian teachers lack understanding of style and aesthetics. A good example is that when teachers go with two different socks that certainly does not fit together. There is a correlation in bad teen behavior when you have a bunch of teenagers gathered in a small room with poor ventilation and you have to understand that an authority childish behavior will not be taken seriously by students , and they will thus behave like their incompetent teachers. There is a saying…...
To what extent do you agree with Rita that Frank is ‘a good teacher’?
Words • 1180
Pages • 5
In the play "Educating Rita", Rita a working class uneducated 26 year old girl who works as a hairdresser signs up for a course at an open university. After being accepted she finds herself in the stale and dusty aired study of Frank, one of the many University lecturers working at the school. The play's story unfolds the relationships between Frank and Rita and how each character changes throughout the play. This essay argues that Frank overall, is an excellent…...
A Good TeacherEssayLanguageTeacher
Examination Should Not Be Abolished
Words • 768
Pages • 4
Examination is a very wide word, which is used in all spheres of life We have exams everywhere around the world. Youngs and adults can have exams, there is not a particular age to have exams. However, some do not agree that exams are important. Examination is a word that most students are fear of. A word that has a power to change a happy person into a frustrated and nervous one. However, it is a big part of the…...
Everything and Everyone Is Your Teacher
Words • 253
Pages • 2
In the short essay “Everyone and everything around you is your teacher” by Ken Keyes, the main audience is everyone. Anyone can read this and relate, no matter how young or old. The line that interested me the most was when the author quoted “Conversely, what we dislike most in others may also reflect some trait within ourselves that we weren’t aware was there. ” This line is my favorite because it brings light to the subconscious part of our…...
Effect Size and Classroom Management
Words • 4513
Pages • 19
ClassThe Critical Role of Classroom Management Teachers play various roles in a typical classroom, but surely one of the most important is that of classroom manager. Effective teaching and learning cannot take place in a poorly managed classroom. If students are disorderly and disrespectful, and no apparent rules and procedures guide behavior, chaos becomes the norm. In these situations, both teachers and students suffer. Teachers struggle to teach, and students most likely learn much less than they should. In contrast,…...
Educational Differences Between Turkey and the U.S.
Words • 778
Pages • 4
Education plays an important role for the people. It is one of the main parts of their life. That they consider the education significant is because they want to have a high level of life. Having a good education provides people a position where they feel happy, comfortable as well as rich. Unfortunately, some students do not have a good education owing to the problems in terms of discrimination, hunger and contagion. Having an education may change according to cultures,…...
EducationHuman NatureTeacher
Montessori Essays Sample
Words • 713
Pages • 3
A biographical essay on Dr. Maria Montessori, founder of the Montessori approach to teaching.DR. MARIA MONTESSORI Maria Montessori was born in the village of Charaville, Italy on August 31, 1870. She was born to a well respected family and was expected to grow up to fulfill the traditional role of the Italian woman. When she was three years old, the family moved to Rome where she received her education. Upon graduating from high school, Montessori pursued an advanced degree at…...
Downs Syndrome and Inclusion
Words • 792
Pages • 4
Evidence suggests that a very significant proportion of children with Down syndrome could be placed successfully in a mainstream school. Research data, although still somewhat limited, indicates that such placements lead to academic as well as social gains and increase the chances of the child making local friendships that extend beyond the school day. These facts have lead increasing numbers of parents to seek an inclusive placement for their child. In some parts of the country over 80% of primary…...
ClassroomInclusive EducationMedicineTeacher
Disadvantages of Using ICT in Education
Words • 660
Pages • 3
Making 10 - The teacher's role is to state how many pieces of fruit they would like in the bowl. The children can then drag the different pieces of fruit to the bowl and then drop it into the bowl until they reach the number asked. This can be adapted by choosing smaller numbers for children of less able ability, and for the children who are more able, the children can be asked to place higher numbers of fruit in…...
Classroom Management Plan
Words • 4712
Pages • 19
Teaching will provide the right environment for all students to learn. Will generate energy, Ideas and opportunities to foster student achievement. I will motivate learners to high academic achievement. Will care for, love and understand my students. Will center my decision making about curriculum around my students. I will never feel that I cannot better myself as a teacher. My Philosophical Beliefs About Teaching In evaluating my philosophy for my future teaching career, I have been very seriously considering my…...
Why Am I Applying for the Celta Course?
Words • 304
Pages • 2
As a teacher by profession, I have taught children of different age groups with different abilities from different backgrounds. It has been and is still is an amazing profession because you never stop learning new things and impacting lives and making a positive difference in the lives of children. I was losing my passion and joy for teaching but gained it back when I went to teach in Japan for 2 years. It was 2 years of rediscovering my joy…...
TeacherTeacher ProfessionTeaching
Benefits to Increasing Teacher Pay
Words • 211
Pages • 1
For the most part, teachers enjoy being able to work with young people in areas they may need guidance in. For some however, helping people is not a top priority when it comes to the teaching profession. Many jobs in society today do not offer the same types of benefits as ones in this area of work. Teachers for example, enjoy holiday vacations, weather delays or postponements and long summers in which they are paid for. Because teaching can become…...
My Life and Goals as a Teacher
Words • 925
Pages • 4
My life story is a spiritual odyssey that transcends poverty, social barrier, and other nuisances. But God and His countless surprises have served as my refuge and strength. Only when I reflected on the things that happened in my life did I realize that everything contributed to who I am now a successful person; an educator. I believe that every person has a role to play in this little planet of the big cosmos. Though our world is just a…...
EducationGoals In LifePhilosophyTeacher
Students and Teachers: Autonomy in Learning
Words • 715
Pages • 3
The biggest challenge for doctoral students is thinking and writing like scholars. If students as much as engage in the process of critical thinking and standard-based writing they better prepare papers in the courses and dissertation. Being aware of the mechanism of writing, such as familiarity with APA format and how to organize and support thoughts and ideas, are the points that novice scholars must sharpen by practice.Scholars express their thoughts and support them with evidence and proper citation. Public…...
Teacher’s Philosophy of Education
Words • 1115
Pages • 5
There is no fixed way of thinking, yet everyone impacts how the classroom is run. An educator’s way of thinking characterizes the educational program that is instructed, the manner in which the classroom is dealt with, the way each subject is educated, and how the students are assessed. Between all of the theories of education, the one that I agree with the most is progressivism. There are three very influential people within the progressivism philosophy and they are, John Dewey,…...
The Most Admirable Teacher Of My School Life
Words • 349
Pages • 2
If you ask some teenagers: 'Who do you admire? ', many of them will answer your question by showing their love to some singers, actors or famous people. But if you ask me that question, I will answer proudly: 'The person that I admire the most is my English teacher, who's just ordinary to many people but very special to me'. His name is Rashed. He taught me English when I was in secondary school. He's known as the best…...
My Future Plans and Expectation
Words • 259
Pages • 2
As a child, I found my self-looking up to many people and admiring those that had accomplished so many great things in their lives. I grew up in a household of eight people; I am the fifth child of six. I never thought about my future plans and expectation growing up. I started thinking about my future when I was in high school and then after. Read more: y future plans essay I never thought that I would finish high…...
EducationMy Plans For The FutureTeacher
Sentry 14
Words • 638
Pages • 3
There are no names in sentry duty, just labels. I monitored sentry position 14 along the Thrane River, therefore I was Sentry 14. That was my purpose. Watching. Waiting. Reporting. Unmoving. In the year 992, the war did not need me to fight. Once my position was no longer needed, I was repurposed to accompany various scholars and researchers from the local Silver Flame clergy, so they would be protected. In Y998, my ward became Master Costner, an elderly cleric…...
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Correcting My Bad Behavior

In second grade I really loved my teacher. She was very nice to all of the students in her class. I think what really stuck out to me was how she hardly yelled at kids when they were misbehaving, but found was to remedy their bad behavior without raising her voice. She also taught me a few lessons about my own behavior. One time I said something in class that wasn’t super appropriate, and she explained to me why it wasn’t ok to say, and to this day I remember her lesson and how it positively impacted my life. Two years later, in 4th grade, I had another teacher who will forever be one of my longtime favorites. He promoted the idea that people should be individually accountable for their own actions. If a few students were misbehaving, rather than punishing the whole class, he’d reward the other students for their good behavior while not giving a reward to the bad students. This taught me the lesson that doing what you’re told is very important if one wants to move along in life.

First Experience with a Bad Teacher

My first experience with a not-so-great teacher was in sixth grade. She was constantly in a bad mood, and it reflected in her teaching. She seemed disinterested in the topics she would teach, seeming like she just wanted to get everything over with and get us out of her classroom. Yelling at students was a common occurrence, and I felt like I was stepping on eggshells everyday in that class in order to keep her nasty attitude at bay. It was in her class I learned the lesson that no matter what one does, they can’t please everyone.

Seeing Teachers as Mentors

In high school is when I really began to see teachers as mentors. In my freshman English class, I felt like I really was challenged. My teacher was straight and to the point, and I liked it. She helped me improve my writing, as she wasn’t afraid to tell me if something sucked. She taught me that keeping up with your work and putting good effort into it is crucial to be successful in high school. I also learned that one has to be able to cope with things not always going their way, as a few of her decisions weren’t the same that I would have made if I were in her shoes. Over the course of that year, I appreciated how she attempted to make a personal connection with all of her students. By the end of that school year, I felt like I knew and trusted her enough to ask her to be a reference for the job I was applying for at the time, and she said yes. Having her support inside and outside of school meant a lot to me.

All throughout my career in school, positive and negative experiences with teachers have stayed in my memory. These lessons they have taught me have shaped who I am as a person. I believe that everyone should be able to have good experience with teachers so they too can see them as personal mentors as I have throughout my life.


Multiple of the pieces we have read so far in this unit relates to my belief. In Clint Smith’s speech “The Danger of Silence” he talks about how he connects with students, “…to create a culture within my classroom where students feel safe sharing the intimacies of their own silences, I have four core principles posted on the board that sits in front of my class” (Smith). This quote reminded me of how teachers have made a personal connection with me, and the efforts they went through to make sure their classroom was a safe place for me. In Obama’s speech addressing the death of Osama Bin Laden, he talks about how America is strong, “..we are once again reminded that America can do whatever we set our mind to … our commitment to stand up for our values abroad” (Obama). This quote reminded me of how teachers throughout school have helped shaped me as a person while teaching me the difference between right and wrong, as well as how to teach those values to others. In Rupi Kaur’s book “Milk and Honey”, the section called “The Healing” is about healing from past traumas. A quote from that section relates to my belief, “If you were born with the weakness to fall you were born with the strength to rise” (Kaur 156). This quote reminded me of all of the times I’ve struggled in school, and the teachers that helped me get through it and become a better student.

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TESOL: What Are Your Overall Goals for Taking This Course?
...I also expect to be a little bit more independent since this is the first time that I won’t have a teacher telling me what to do, I would have to stick to this course, study and do my best. When finished this course I am planning to go to India and...
How to Be a Confident Teacher?
...At the end of the day, go through a recap of the day. Reflect on students' reactions and feedback, what are the areas you could improve, what are things you could have done better, and what is it that you handled so perfectly that you are proud of yo...
What Should the Relationship Be Between Students and Teachers in the Classroom?
...To address the above questions, we could say that, the student\'s main responsibility consists of, respecting the teacher, learning what is taught, and applying the material that has been taught. Moreover, students, occasionally are encouraged to be ...
How to Develop Positive Teacher-Student Relationships?
...Having a positive teacher-student relationship means creating a comfortable, trusting, and encouraging learning environment. When a student is comfortable and trusts you, they will achieve academically, act appropriately, and attend school as they sh...
To what extent do you agree with Rita that Frank is ‘a good teacher’?
...Providentially Frank's attitude changed quickly within the course of the play. We see changes such as incisive correcting of Rita's work indicating the care that is put in. Furthermore we see that Frank takes the initiative to call Rita for details o...
Why Am I Applying for the Celta Course?
...I would like to apply and study to obtain the CELTA certificate because it is a highly practical one that would help develop language skills in a more structured way. It would provide me with better in depth knowledge and understanding of the English...

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