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Finding a career can be very stressful and deciding on what you want to do after school can be very complicated with so many jobs available. Lucky for some they already have in mind what they want to do after they finish college but for those who don’t a career coach can be helpful. An assessment will show you the jobs which suit you the most. 

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Promoting Myself as a Great Candidate

Finding a career can be very stressful and deciding on what you want to do after school can be very complicated with so many jobs available. Lucky for me I already had in mind what I wanted to do after I finish college but for those who don’t a career coach can be helpful. The results that I received from the assessment were no surprise to me. Financial Analyst was one of the first choices for me and my eye immediately caught that. I’ve had this career goal for a little over a year now as I started college knowing what I wanted to do with my degree. Most people in this career field have a B.A. or MBA. The median salary for this is just about 86 thousand, which varies on the company that you work for and how long you have been with them and can presumably make up to 150 thousand. I wish to work for a large international company doing analyst for a company all around the world! I will be telling you more about this career and as well as some words from someone who is in this career!

I have a very strong feeling that I would be a great candidate for this job because of my profound speaking and people skills. I also enjoy meeting new people and the job I intend to go after involves traveling and meeting with clients. I would enjoy with career because I am great with numbers and people, not only would I build a good relationship with clients, but I would be able to ensure that I would get the job done as efficiently as possible. I love to travel and that’s exactly what I would be doing, not only would I be help and meeting new people I would also be getting to see places and experience new things. This also goes very well with my lifestyle as I love to travel, I would be able to travel at the expense of the company that I work for.

Similar Experience at Wells Fargo

I know a little about this career field already because one of my close relatives is actually an analyst for Wells Fargo here in Winston. He tells about his days all of the time because we go out often and are always around each other. The man enjoys his job even though he didn’t go to school for it, he worked his way into the position like anyone could because experience goes a long way even if you do not further your education. I did interview him for one of my other classes at Forsyth Tech and he explained how you always have to show respect to everyone you are dealing with. Some people may have a great financial situation and others won’t be as fortunate, being able to change your attitude towards a situation and be sympathetic if needed at a moment’s notice. Acquiring a job such as this takes experience, most careers in this field require around 1 year of previous analyst experience or you could be like my relative and work your way there with just experience.

Motivation for Pursuing Career

In conclusion, this assignment broadens my eyes to the scope of what I need to have in mind when actually pursuing this career. I don’t think it changes my mind at all about this career, if anything it strengthens my mindset to get to this point in my life. As a career that I choose when I began college, I believe that I would be able to pursue this dream career of mine and that I made a great choice picking this career. Soon enough I will be working for IRI one of the biggest marketing research companies in the world doing analytics for them and leading my departing and strengthen the people that are working along with me!

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