My Intent to Pursue a Career in The Biomedical Field

Being able to study and comprehend how the complex structure of the human body works, changes and adapts according to the environment it is surrounded with. How the structure and functions of our body fights with diseases daily and the way it can carry out a specific function effectively and how scientists can find cure to life threatening diseases has increased my interest towards learning more about the human body through biomedical science immensely. Undoubtedly, biomedical science has a vital impact on the world as the biomedical scientists can discover treatments and cures for diseases and illnesses from their research and there is always ongoing research behind various dangerous diseases where the cure is still yet to be discovered.

I suffer from vitiligo and eczema myself and both these diseases currently have no cure. This allows me to understand the grief of those who suffer from much worse illnesses that do not have any cure. This is another reason why I would like to study biomedical science as I’m passionate about being able to give people a better lifestyle by discovering cure to illnesses that are currently unknown.

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My long-term goal is to pursue a career in the biomedical field therefore, I believe that my chosen course Extended Diploma in Applied Science at Sixth Form College will give me a good groundwork required to progress further to an undergraduate degree in biomedical science. This is because studying the sciences again in college allowed me to increase my previous knowledge from GCSEs to further extinct it also increased my love for science and the curiosity behind how everything works developed more.

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The benefit of choosing BTEC is the large number of practicals that are assessed throughout the course, practicals that I have carried out in biology, chemistry and physics independently or with a group have allowed me to develop my laboratory and practical skills which are crucial in biomedical science hence this provides me with the essential skills that I would require for my career in biomedical science. Not only my practical skills have developed but also my logical and problematic thinking have also advanced from the exams and assignments that I have completed. In addition to this, BTEC has allowed me to become a more punctual individual due to the strict deadlines for assignments. I took part in National Citizen Service (NCS) program after my GCSEs in the summer holidays. It was a voluntary social development act which consisted of a total of 3 weeks where week 1 consisted of staying in tents taking part in outdoor activities in groups. Week 2 was staying at a university where a campaign and funding was planned within the same groups to make a difference in the local community. Week 3 consisted of the social action project which in my case was to rejuvenate the environment around Hare castle Tunnel. My team worked together to clear up the dirt in the area and painted railings and fences to improve the visual appearance for the local community. Last, was the celebration where all the students taking part received a certificate in the recognition of the contribution that we had made to the community and to the country by completing national citizen service 2017 which was signed by Rt Hon Theresa May MP Prime Minister.

Personally, I believe that taking part in NCS has made me a much more confident person than ever as when taking part in activities I was able to voice my opinions in front of a crowd of strangers.

Working in a team with unknown people allowed my communication skills to develop alongside with my leadership qualities too. Overall staying alone without my family and closest friends gave me the opportunity do things for myself rather than relying on someone else. NCS boosted my confidence and self-esteem in such a way now that I can now accept challenges and take risks by myself. Which is why I believe that I am suitable for this course as I am well aware of how high demanding Biomedical science is, but I am ready to do what it takes to prove myself as an individual to why I am right or this course.

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Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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