Letter of Intent

My drive and passion for culinary art dated back to my early years, I would stay in the kitchen with my mum wanting to know how and why she was using all the ingredients, I started cooking at the age of thirteen and I have grown with time to develop a flair for food and anything that has to do with the kitchen. Cooking became a part and parcel of me, that part of my hobbies I love most and I do well.

I feel unexplained joy and fulfillment when I describe food and food varieties.

I pursued a first degree in Business Administration to fulfill my parents’ dream for me to have a university degree and a work experience of about 13 years in the Pension Fund industry, a career borne out of following my partner’s dream as it complimented his career as an investment banker. I have since realized that though I have gained educational and managerial skills as well as experience in the corporate world, I do not have the fulfillment that stems from making a career out of what I am passionate about.

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My passion is cooking and I am fulfilled when I am able to provide solutions to the hunger needs of family and friends.

I am a business administration graduate with 13 years’ experience in the pension fund industry, first as an investment manager (I worked with an investment team from the start of the business in 2006 we helped grew the funds under management to $200billion) and then as a pension benefit administrator.

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I understand that my training and work experience have been in fields that are not directly related to my dream career especially when my long term dream is to have a restaurant business of my own. I have also come to realize that I do not have to be a chef to do that, I can actually get a good MBA that equips me with the right leadership tools to direct a team of Chef that provides the highest level of quality within my brand hence my intention to pursue an MBA.

My plan is to build a formidable brand using the knowledge that I acquire from the MBA in Executive Management to develop winning strategies, develop my management and leadership skills, learn new skills as to how to deal with Turn Around Time operational issues, learn how to build my own brand name with an wholistic business knowledge in terms of marketing, branding, finance, operations as well as caving a niche for myself in the culinary world.

Having an MBA in Executive Management will help me understand the cost of running my business and the general management techniques. It will also give me an unmediated skills and knowledge from industry professionals on how to tackle real world market issues that can arise in the process of running my business.

To this end, I have sought for institutions where I can be trained and begin the journey towards self-fulfillment. In aiming for the zenith of my chosen career, I have settled for the best institutions such as Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School, Lagos where I attended a 3 months program in continental culinary arts and I also intend to attend short courses at the world’s premier culinary art institute Le Cordon Blue with campuses in four continents and seventeen countries. The decision to study at Red Dish Culinary Institute (Nigeria) is to acquire basic and rudimentary skills and knowledge in the culinary art world to prepare grounds for faster understanding when I eventually take on a program at the world renowned Center for culinary art.?

Short Term Objective

  • To improve my cooking skills and learn to cook a variety of dishes.
  • To learn the art of plating and presentation.
  • To develop new skills and learn the way to prepare for the next step of my journey to a culinary future.
  • To build the confidence to continue in my journey to a world of culinary possibilities.
  • Take the first step in fulfilling my dream to become a chef and a professional in the hospitality industry

Long Term Objective

To have an internationally recognized certificate in Culinary Art/Management which will among other things:

  • Furnish me with self-confidence and esteem that comes with being trained by the best in the world.
  • Prepare me for the management of my culinary business with a particular emphasis on high net worth individuals who are concerned about the quality of their personal chef.
  • Equip me with the requisite skills and knowledge to train other Nigerians who may not be able to afford the Institute.

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Letter of Intent

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