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Everybody should know what is in their food. Well doesn’t everyone want to know what is going in their mouth? What happens when you bite into a burger and you’re allergic to something in the burger, then what ? I recently just learned what is in an apple pie at McDonalds. Who ever knew they were potatoes instead of apples. We have all been fooled. I love McDonalds’ apple pies but I never knew they were potatoes instead of apples this whole time. If you have to hide what is in that meal, there is no reason for you to serve that meal. I’m pretty sure there are so many meals being served with stuff we never knew or expected to be in it. There are already plenty of people in the world who are sick and tired of places not telling them what is in their food. Iread this article about this girl who wrote an article about this topic already. She was saying that this topic is already a big problem.

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