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The Epidemiology of Obesity
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Recently, there has been a great discussion regarding obesity since this word appears more and more frequent. Both advantages and disadvantages of being obese have been cited as the perception and cultural connotation has changed over time. Obesity has evolved from an evolutionary advantage to a disease. In fact, those who had an evolutionary advantage in the tough environment of early hunters and gatherers were those who were more likely to store fat. Further, for women, being fat could obtain…...
Causes Of ObesityObesityObesity A Big Problem
The Etiology of Childhood Obesity
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There is no doubt that children in developing countries are facing more problems than children in developed countries such as poverty, infectious diseases, and backward medical treatment. The development in the early childhood stage plays an important role on children’s overall development. As Shonkoff states, perfect approaches to emotional, cognitive, and physical aspects will help children to perform better in their school, workplace, as well as the community (2009). If children were suffering extreme abuse and poverty, their brain development…...
Causes Of ObesityChildhood ObesityObesityObesity A Big Problem
Fast Food Causes Obesity
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Do you believe that fast food causes obesity? Yes, I do believe that fast food causes obesity because researchers have discovered that fast food has too many calories on the fries and burgers. I think that making our foods is healthier than buying it. Fast foods don’t give you vegetables that can reduce blood sugar and calories. Fast foods reduce the quality of diet because fast foods have too many calories. Almost on every meal of their menu have sodium.…...
Causes Of ObesityFast FoodFast Food And ObesityObesity
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Junk Food Not to Blame for America’s Obesity Epidemic
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In the article “How Junk Food Can End Obesity”, written by the author David H. Freedman, he focused on how many individuals believe that junk food is the main cause for the obesity problem, yet in reality it’s not really not. Throughout this written piece, Freedman included some personal research and also some experiences in which he had visited multiple food restaurants, along with food markets to back up his claim. Freedman makes the claim that these processed foods are…...
Causes Of ObesityHealthy Food And Junk FoodJunk Food Good Or BadObesity In America
Primary Causes of Obesity in Memphis
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The Primary Cause of Obesity in Memphis: Poor Nutrition, Lack of Exercise, and Poverty It is no question that America's obesity rates are among the highest in the world. Obesity rates are high in almost all U. S. cities but, which city is the fattest? Newsweek magazine named Memphis, Tennessee to be the fattest city in 2012 (Lollar). There is no argument Memphis' obesity rates are ridiculously high but, there is controversy about why Memphis is the fattest city and…...
Causes Of ObesityHealthObesity
Don’t Live to Eat but Eat to Live
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The title sounds easy right? Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Simple enough. So why do I go to the park and half of the people I see are overweight or severely obese? Why are their kids fat? Why do my coworkers have fat rolls that hang off the back of their chairs? It’s a question I have asked myself over and over again. There have been many theories as to why people are fatter today than they were…...
Causes Of ObesityFoodWeight loss
Pathophysiology of Obesity
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The composition of this research paper will concentrate on the topic about the pathophysiologic condition of the disorder called obesity. Thus, this would focus in the said topic to determine the functional changes that go along with such type of disorder that is seen to have developed as one of the prominent health problem in the society. Moreover, the paper would work in rendering fundamental information that is seen essential to further understand the condition of obesity. In addition to…...
Causes Of ObesityHealthObesity
Probems of Child Obesity
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Obesity is signalized by the accumulation of excessive body fat, which is the result of taking in more amount of calories and spending less amount of energy. Child obesity can directly affect children's health and can lead to obesity in their adult life, obesity itself is associated with many health issues. Family is the first one who can understand the pattern of a child's eating and activity behaviours. Obese parents tend to have obese children, but there is always a…...
Causes Of ObesityChildhood ObesityObesity
Causes of Obesity in Examples
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Did you know that the United States is the second fattest country in the world? At least 1 out of 5 American is consider obese. Experts estimate that annually, about 300,000 people die due to this epidemic. This is also the second leading cause of avoidable death in the nation. The leading causes that contribute to obesity are: eating excessively, getting insufficient exercise, and malnutrition. However, there are other secondary causes related to our culture that are not commonly mentioned.…...
Causes Of ObesityFoodHealthObesity
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