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Eggless cake recipes for vegetarians
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Does egg preventing you from relishing the soft and luscious taste of cake, here is a solution we will discuss few eggless cake recipes. These easy cake recipes are easy to follow yet highly delicious. Check out our simple cake recipes and bake your egg less cake without compromising on quality or taste. Eggless Fruit cake • Butter /margarine 100gm • Sugar 150gm • flour 200gms • Apple, pineapple, Orange – Chopped to small pieces: 2 cups • Raspberry, cherries,…...
Industrial Processing versus Home Cooking
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Abstract Food is taken in order to acquire nutrients and energy for growth and development. The energy helps one to be active, work, move, think, learn, and play. The body requires a variety of 5 nutrients from food; these are fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Food sources could be from animals, plants, and even water but the intake depends highly on the nutritional gain, health benefits, preference of the consumer and their economic status. Therefore it goes without saying that…...
The Meaning of a Meal: Thanksgiving Traditions
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Thanksgiving has been an important holiday for my family throughout the years. We always celebrate it on this special occasion because it brings family and friends together. Early in the morning, my parents will start to cook turkeys, hams, homemade dressings, and many more. The homemade Thanksgiving dinner smells so mouthwatering. Every room in the house is intoxicating with this delicious Thanksgiving smell. When dinner is ready, the footsteps of my entire family can be heard from miles away throughout…...
CookingThanksgivingThanksgiving DinnerTradition
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Becoming a Chef
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Abstract This paper examines information on the culinary arts in eight online (Internet) websites. These websites delve into being a chef or head cook, salary, and benefits; as well as, education needed for culinary arts. One website discusses programs of training and/or education needed to be a chef or head cook. Degrees acquired by chefs are associate of occupational studies (AOS), an associate of applied science (AAS), an associate of arts (AA). The same website also explores the different employers,…...
Becoming A ChefCookingFood
This Latest Food Mashup May Have Gone Too Far
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The Waffle Taco. The Pizza Cake. Loaded Doritos. Love them or hate them, these weird menu items are being cranked out by some of America's beloved fast-food chains and dominating on social media.In the last few years, chains have becomes obsessed with creating bizarre food concoctions in the hopes of creating a buzz-worthy new bestseller. Waffles and tacos? Sure. Bacon and milkshakes? Sounds good. Pizza and cake? Why not.With social-media savvy customers ready to Instagram and Tweet about their bizarre…...
CookingFast FoodFoodSushi
Regional Products In Malaysian Culture Cultural Studies Essay
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Regional nutrients are characterized as `` regional merchandises '' ( high-value, forte or handmade merchandises ) and `` regional formulas '' ( dishes readily associated with place readying and cookery ) . ( British Food Journal, 99/6 [ 1997 ] 199-206 ) . Malaysia has a broad scope of alone cookery manners consequences of assorted cultural civilizations that people ever portion and seek the spirits, ingredients and cooking methods from or with each other. Malaysia 's population truly love and…...
Lunch time
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Mostly the food is prepared in a traditional way with family. There is a tradition that all families’ women prepare the food and they along with their whole family sit and enjoys the food at one large dinning table. They are of the opinion that it gives them opportunity to enjoy food with family as well as to discuss each other matters and help in solving them. MOROCCO: The dinning pattern of Moroccan is very simple. They start up their…...
Indian Recipes: A Flavor from Awadh
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Pages • 2
In this Indian recipes section we will talk about recipes from Awadh. The land of Awadh is known for its tehzeeb and nafasat. Exclusively famous for its non-vegetarian cuisines today we will talk about few vegetarian Indian food recipes from Awadh. Try these exquisite Indian food recipes and make your meal special. Awadhi paneer recipe Achari Paneer Ingredients: • 1 cup paneer cubed • 1 tbsp sunf • ? tbsp mustard seeds • a pinch of methi • 1 tbsp…...
CookingHomeIndiaIndian Cuisine
Desi Ghee: Clarified Butter A Nutritional Delicacy
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Desi Ghee: Clarified Butter A Nutritional Delicacy Clarified butter is rendered milk fat which is obtained from butter and by separating the milk solids and liquids. In other words it is obtained by melting butter and heating it for a period of time causing the water to evaporate away allowing different components to separate out and the butter fat is left on top which is drained off. Clarified butter is mainly used in places where frying is required for a…...
Cooking Meaning and History
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1. Cooking means applying heat to food. Cooking is the process of preparing food by applying heat selecting, measuring and combing ingredient's. And making sure its edible. The term is often used in the narrower sense of applying heat to chemicaly transform a food to change flavor, texture, apperence or nutritional feature. 2. 3. A restaurant is an establishment which prepares and serves food and drink to customers in return for money, either paid before the meal, after the meal,…...
Analysing Chinese Food Culture Cultural Studies Essay
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Pages • 9
IntroductionNumerous civilizations are scattered around the universe today, and among one of the oldest civilizations is the Chinese civilization. China has a known history of over 4000 old ages and has been through more than 15 dynasties. Due to its wide history and an stray natural geographics, it has accumulated a rich civilization with its ain alone features different from others. Among its civilization, nutrient takes a immense portion of it. Traveling through the history, Chinese nutrient has evolved from…...
ChinaChinese FoodCookingCultureTable MannersTea
Celebrating Onam: The Festival of Food
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Pages • 3
Indian cuisine reflects the history of various groups and cultures over the past 8000 years. Indian cuisine is famous for its diversity and ancient immersion in tradition. It is well known that India is one of the largest countries in the world, but in history it has dealt with other cultures, which have also influenced Indian cuisine. As we all know, it has the most kinds of food, which is characterized by its delicate and complex use of many fruits,…...
CookingDiwaliFestivalFoodIndian Cuisine
International Cooking Day
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Responsibility for all inconsistencies and errors falls on the shoulders of the manager, so he has to have a wide range of knowledge and skills, be stress-resistant, resourceful, entrepreneurial and be able to make decisions quickly, and if necessary, replace the missing person or eliminate the breakdown. In addition, the profession requires logical thinking, a penchant for mathematics, because it is necessary to carry out calculations of costs and budget, sociability and teamwork skills. Organization of this event, International Cooking…...
VeganGo Food Truck Mission Statement
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Food is a basic need in our lives. People usually experience pleasure while cooking the heavy meals including chicken, meats and fish. The non-organized healthy style is creating a lot of physical disorders and illness. A significant percentage of people are suffering from obesity and overweight; these people are trying many types of diet in order to reduce their weight but the majority of them are failing to reach their goals. In many studies show that obese and overweight people…...
John & Marsha Kitchenette
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: MISSION The kitchenette is to be known as the best in the area, providing quality foods, fast and efficient service, and to give our customers a delectable experience. THE BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT John & Marsha Kitchenette is located in the area of Bayanan, Muntinlupa CIty that serves affordable, quality meals in a comfortable home-like food place. The kitchenette's management consists of the following employees such as the chef, the waiting staff, and manager. OUR PRODUCTS The products that…...
My Hobby Cooking With Instantaneous Pan
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6 Things that you can do with your instantaneous pan that you will surprise Many persons love the home-made meal, but frequently we are not provided with the sufficient time to prepare meals to the stove, on slow fire, to stew or to roast. In order to solve this problem, there exists a kitchen tool that can help you to prepare the meals that so much you like. We are speaking to you about Instant Pot, a programmable electrical pan…...
CookingHobbyMilkMy Hobby Cooking
COOKIT 1In real life cooking can be a chore for some people
Words • 1981
Pages • 8
COOKIT In real life, cooking can be a chore for some people but with cooking games could help us resolve this issue. Cooking games provide a virtual environment for creating a fun zone for cooking lovers and others who don't even like cooking in real life. Who else could have been thought that cooking could be a stress reliever? COOKIT has proved to be one of the best of its types because of its amazing features. More than 1000 levels…...
CookingFoodIce CreamLifeOnline shoppingPeople
My Visit To The Restaurant
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Every day between 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., you will find numerous individuals at local restaurants. The reason behind it, is that everyone is trying to get lunch. I searched for a sophisticated but very cozy restaurant. In this case, I found a local restaurant with a variety of authentic Mexican dishes. From reading the menu to having your mouth watery while the waiter puts your food down in front of you. As I entered the restaurant. I felt welcomed…...
CookingFoodRestaurant ReviewVisit
Indonesia has numerous customary nourishments Some of them are
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Pages • 2
Indonesia has numerous customary nourishments. Some of them are the symbols of an ethnic gathering like: Gudeg is a symbol of Jogjakarta, Central Java, Ketoprak from Jakarta, Pempek from Palembang, South Sumatra and Ayam Betutu from Bali. West Sumatra has the celebrated one, Rendang. Rendang is a one of a kind customary nourishment that has awesome smell, bizarre appearance yet startlingly magnificent for its taste.Rendang is exceptional due to the cooking strategy. It has a great deal of fixings: coconut…...
Nourishment in Daily Life A nation morning supper called
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Nourishment in Daily Life. A "nation" morning supper, called "drinking tea," incorporates bubbled bananas or broiled breadfruit, sauteed callaloo with "saal fish" (salted cod), and "bramble" (home grown) or "chaklit" (chocolate) tea. Afro-Jamaicans have a midafternoon lunch as the principle supper of the day. This is trailed by a light dinner of bread, singed plantains, or seared dumplings and a sweltering beverage promptly at night. A progressively unbending work routine has constrained changes, and now the primary feast is taken…...
The Conventional System in Restaurants
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The conventional system, also known as the traditional system, is widely used by many restaurants, especially the ones that are smaller and privately owned, as well as schools, colleges, hospitals and healthcare facilities. In this system, the food is prepared and cooked on the premise and then immediately served to the guests. This system is also labour intensive but it has a lower cost compared to the other systems. In this system, the food is purchased following the food processing…...
CookingFoodRestaurant Review
3D printing food savior in food preparation
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Pages • 3
Las Vegas - From cooking on your own to be able to print and cook your favorite meal with just single touch of a screen. This concept is not far from reality with a 3D printer machine that is being showcased in Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). The machine called "Foodie" has catch many attention as it is a unique approach by a 3D printing company, Natural Machines that aim…...
3d PrintingCookingFoodTechnology
For sociology class we were asked to try a new cultural experience
Words • 840
Pages • 4
For sociology class we were asked to try a new cultural experience different from our own or one that we may have yet to experience. I personally love trying new things, especially variations of authentic cultural food. For example, I have tried many different cultures' food anywhere from Japanese, Chinese, Italian, American cuisine, to even some Polish dishes. However, I have yet to experience Greek food until the other night. I have always wanted to travel to Greece and try…...
Best Ideas For Keto Meals
Words • 971
Pages • 4
Maybe you've been consuming too much calories lately. You've been looking for low-carb meals that can help you get through each day. Here is a list of five best ideas for Keto meals. Let's dive in! Tuna Salad Pickle Boats An incredible low-carb simple meal, suitable for those on a ketogenic diet. It can be packed for brunch or as a school tidbit. Cooking Details Preparation time: 15 minutes Total time: 15 minutes Serving: 4 Nutritional Value Calories per serving:…...
BreakfastCookingFoodMicrowave Oven
The Origin of Amerindians
Words • 397
Pages • 2
The First Amerindian Natives are postulated to have come from Asia through the Bering land bridge between 30,000-12,000 years before the present. The Amerindians settled in the Caribbean. The Amerindians have left a legacy that forms part of the Caribbean Civilization. The Amerindians were two groups of people having completely different personalities. One group was the Arawaks or Taino which occupied the Greater Antilles and the other was the Caribs or Kalinago which occupied the Lesser Antilles. The Arawaks were…...
Culinary And Gastronomic Philosophy Affects Modern Restaurants
Words • 619
Pages • 3
In order to establish a comprehensive understanding of how culinary and gastronomic philosophy affects modern restaurants globally, the concept needs to be broken down and examined not only in the restaurant context but also in places where it is practiced, e.g. homes - by individuals who claim themselves as food lovers, or foodies. "Gastronomy is the study of food and culture, with a particular focus on gourmet cuisine." (wiseGEEK, 2019). It is not only art, but also science that analyses…...
Business Concept: John & Marsha Kitchenette
Words • 1155
Pages • 5
This business concept starts from implementing high quality products and affordable dishes around the area of Bayanan, Muntinlupa City. John & Marsha Kitchenette is a popular local kitchenette which consists of "home-cooked" viands alongside the owner's original recipe called the "Spicy Ribs" - a viand made with sliced spare ribs in cubes along with a sauce that helps with the spicy flavor of the viand. Many people would want to buy at John & Marsha Kitchenette because of its affordable,…...
South Korean Pop Culture
Words • 2157
Pages • 9
Introduction South Korean pop culture is growing at an unprecedented rate. The stars of the industry set the trends, and dictates the way people sing, dress, and eat not only in Asia but even in Europe or simply all around the world, directly influencing what gets sold, what genre of music, what food and what will be the next big thing. In the past few years, many trends came and went in the Philippines. Despite the cultural barrier between South…...
The role of street food trading in many countries is a major
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Pages • 7
The role of street food trading in many countries is a major portion of activities which employ the great deal of low-income people. In Malaysia, this activity is recognized by the authorities and the society although at many times it has been considered as a problem since hawkers are conceived to muddle up streets, create traffic congestion and are found unhygienic. Today, the range of facilities has improved significantly with the support of the authorities. Hawkers have been provided with…...
Cooking Oils
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Pages • 4
Introduction to Cooking Oils Frying is one of the easiest and most popular ways of cooking as it produces exceptional flavor, moisture and crunch. It delivers the GBD or golden, brown and delicious, food characteristic, or the ultimately desired food quality. Cooking oil, the basic requirement for the process, has increasing demand in the market. Time identified olive oil as the healthiest cooking oil. Extra virgin olive oil contains a large amount of monounsaturated fats and some polyunsaturated fatty acids;…...
Family Recipe
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Pages • 4
When I was younger, I remember walking into my grandmother’s house every Thursday night smelling the freshly-baked homemade lasagna she always made. The recipe she would follow has been passed down from many generations in our family. It is one of my favorite meals to make, and it can be done in approximately an hour and thirty minutes. The key to making my family’s homemade lasagna can be summed up in three simple steps: selecting top-quality ingredients, preparing them, and…...
Cooking Utensils List and Their Uses
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Pages • 2
Boiler: A utensil made up of two pans that fit together. Heat from the water boiling in the lower pan cooks food in the upper pan without scorching. Double boiler: Two saucepans that fit together so that the contents of the upper pan can be cooked or heated by boiling water in the bottom pan. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can improvise by placing a heatproof mixing bowl over a larger pot filled with water. Colander: A…...
TLE Cooking Session
Words • 345
Pages • 2
Follow the instructions of the teacher. Stay with your group and avoid going to the other groups. Assign each task to every member. Prepare the materials and ingredients needed. Wash your hands before cooking. Wear apron and for the girls, they should tie their hair. Handle the sharp materials with care to avoid accidents. Clean your place after cooking. Use the materials according to its functions. Turn off faucets and stoves when not used. TOCINO Ingredients: 3 lbs boneless pork…...
My Passion for Cooking
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Pages • 2
Among all of us we label ourselves being different. We are different from our personality qualities and characteristics. We came from environments of diversity. However, everyone has one quality that makes them an individual. For me, my quality is my passion for cooking. Most people won't consider cooking as a quality but for me it is. Ever since a child, watching my mother cook gave me aspirations to pursue a career as a chef. With the effort she puts in,…...
Commercial Cooking NC 2
Words • 4931
Pages • 20
A. Grains { cerials}--- rice, corn, wheat. sorghum,barley,rye/millet B. Pulses--- beans, peas, lentils C. Fruits 1. Tropical---banana,pineapple, mango,papaya,avocado,breadfruit 2. Sub-Tropical--- citrus, olives 3. Deciduous Fruits---apple, grapes, pear 4. Stone fruits---peach,cherry,apricot 5. Berries----strawberry, blueberries D. Melons and Squashes---cantaloupe, watermelon,squash E. Vegetables 1. Leaf and stem---- cabbage, pechay, kangkong, lettuce, celery 2. Root---- carrot, radish 3. Seeds—green peas, mongo, green beans 4. Fruits--- tomato,egg plant,cucumber 5. Flowers--- cauliflowers,banana blossom, squash flower,broccoli F. Tubers--- potatoes. sweet potaoes, cassava, yam G. Nuts---- Cashew,almond, peanut,{technically…...
How Math Is Used in Cooking?
Words • 261
Pages • 2
Math is used for many things, but for me I will be using it in field of culinary arts. When many people think of math they automatically think of algebra or geometry, math is those things plus much more. Fractions, Measurements and weights are the kind of math that i will be using most in cooking. Classical cooking technique, baking and catering are all greatly effected by basic math fundamentals. I have to use exact measurements when making a beurre…...
Cooking as an Art Form
Words • 1377
Pages • 6
Food, cooking, and whatever related to these themes are usually considered as an art because food is an everyday item that has a wide meaning for all people. Food can be considered as an art; for example: the decoration of a food, the way a food is constructed in the plates, or even the way many different foods are being mixed in order to create a new food. Sometimes even people consider the arrangement of plates in a table as…...
My Favorite Activity is Cooking
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Pages • 2
In my life, I like to do lot of activities; those activities help me exercise and made me feel alive, and my favorite activity is cooking because cooking is very simple. I started to cook when I was about 10 years old, when I was home alone all by myself and I was pretty hungry, I just got some bread, some cheese and put it in a microwave oven for 30 minutes and made me a grilled cheese sandwich. Since…...
ActivityCookingMicrowave OvenMy FavouriteSandwich
Cooking Equals Art
Words • 1108
Pages • 5
You know the saying “The Way To A Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach”, well I think everyone would agree with me when I say the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Cooking has to be done during one’s life time; it is not something that can be easily avoidable. It’s something many people do on regular basics and has become an expert in. What you do every day consider art. Art can be acknowledged as something that…...
Cooking and Technical Reasoning
Words • 398
Pages • 2
How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Sequence (Write a paragraph of four to five sentences describing the degree to which you use this Pattern. ) I use first in this sequence. I use this at work a lot since I work in a restaurant. I have to think how I'm going to execute a dinner night and think how we are going to serve all the hungry people. I have to use a clear head or everything…...
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How Math Is Used in Cooking?
...Catering is another place math is used to translate regular recipes into great volume, simple addition and multiplication aid in this field. If you have a simple recipe that serves 4-6 people you need to be able to multiply that by 10 or even 15 to f...

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