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The Meaning of a Meal: Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving has been an important holiday for my family throughout the years. We always celebrate it on this special occasion because it brings family and friends together. Early in the morning, my parents will start to cook turkeys, hams, homemade dressings, and many more. The homemade Thanksgiving dinner smells so mouthwatering. Every room in the house is intoxicating with this delicious Thanksgiving smell. When dinner is ready, the footsteps of my entire family can be heard from miles away throughout the house.

As we are all gathered around the long and rectangular oak wood table covered in a crème colored cloth, a sudden warm, content feeling is felt. Although there are several candles lit, it is the presence of each other’s face that light the dining room. Once grace is said, the holiday meal finally begins and not a single cubic inch of the table is left empty.

The center of the table is the large turkey. There are some great potatoes, sweet potatoes, and grandma’s finest mashed potatoes.

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The pale-colored mountains of rich, creamy deliciousness sit next to a sea of boiling gravy. Across the table, there is also stuffing. This dish assorted with various foods includes chopped meat, vegetables, and different spices. The delicious dinner is followed up by an even more delicious dessert. The chocolate pie is so delightful. The brown, baked batches have a hard chocolate shell on the outside and an overflow of chocolate on the inside. When a bite is taken from this dessert, crunchy chocolate tastes so yummy in my mouth.

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Since the true superstar of desserts is Grandma’s apple pies, fresh from the oven. The thick and crunchy bread guards the sweet cinnamon syrup and apple custards on the inside. The whole family sits down as the turkey is placed on the countertop. Everybody is ready to eat this delicious dinner. The turkey is the color of honey, and the kitchen lights gleam off its perfect surface.

The homemade dressing moves into a certain way to everyone in its dish. Its crunchy surface reminds me of a mountain range like bumpy and rocky. I glance at the cranberry sauce as it jiggles and wobbles. As my mother carries it over to the table, I imagine it slipping and falling off the plate. Everybody gathers around the table and says the things that they are thankful for. Most of us say that we are thankful for having the family and meal, but my father mentions something that everybody forgot about. He is thankful for the family meal, and that everyone is healthy and alive. Everybody begins eating the wonderful dinner that was prepared for the dining table.

The food smell passes around the room and tickles my nose. We are waiting for the food to be served. I slap a glob of the casserole onto my plate while plucking a crisp dinner roll from the basket. As I ask my grandmother to pass the butter, I stab a slice of turkey with my fork. Surprisingly, it is very tender that I want to eat this food. I bite a small piece of the turkey and swallow it down. It was tender and a tad dry, but the taste is so yummy. Then I take a spoonful of sweet potato casserole into my gaping mouth. A harmony of crunchiness and sweetness envelops on my taste buds. I sigh and lean back in my chair. I gobble up the rest of my food and chug down my glass of water; it’s starting to look like the rest of my family is almost finished. My father stands up, yawns, and carries his dishes over to the sink. My mother and grandmother follow behind him and begin the task of scrubbing and scouring the dishes.

In conclusion, this Thanksgiving meal has always been a huge impact on my family. Everybody gets together to celebrate this day and its delicious food. My family has been thankful for serving this tasty and crunchy meal that we have on the dinner table. I think that having a personal holiday tradition taught me about the culture of Thanksgiving foods, and also how these foods taste in your mouth. After everything is said and done, I realize how much I enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. It has also occurred to me that the importance of this holiday is to spend quality time with your family. It has been a wonderful family meal for everyone. The true meaning of Thanksgiving food is all about love and caring.

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