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Importance of Doctoral Studies: Action Research and Education Dissertation
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Pages • 3
As I reflect on my first week in this program the first thought that came to mind is the fact that prior to the start of this course I had a battle of the mind in understanding the need to do an entire course on Doctoral Studies. Notwithstanding the importance of the doctoral studies, with its emphasis on research I was still intrigued as to why the introduction to Doctoral Studies course was needed. In retrospect I do realize that…...
DoctorEducationMid Day Meal SchemeResearch
Entering university became a vital goal since I was young
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Entering university became a vital goal since I was young adolescence back in Greece. The main reason was the personal development I have noticed to friends and family members by gaining new academic knowledge and improving many personal skills, such as time management, because of university tasks, such as presentations, during their university studies. Thus, self-development motivated me the most during my foundation year to work hard and finally acquire a first-class foundation diploma allowing me to become a student…...
GoalsMid Day Meal SchemeSocial MediaUniversity
Educational Aspiration of Primary School Child
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Pages • 22
The topic Educational aspirations of rural India deals with studying the aspirations of the rural children and trying to focus on the various factors that affect the aspirations of the children in some way or the other. Five of us had gone to five different states in India with the aim of studying the aspirations of the rural children of that region and then trying to find out the factors that really contribute towards them. The reason for selecting this…...
ChildChild EducationEducationLiteracyMid Day Meal SchemeSchool
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Research Findings on Mid Day Meal
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Some research findings on Mid Day Meal Scheme conducted by independent agencies reported that MDM programme is a visible programme and has helped in increase in attendance and enrolment of children particularly girls. They also reported that there is an increase in retention, learning ability and achievement as well as greater social equity among caste, creed, sex and gender groups in the schools. The main research findings are as under: i) Research findings (2010) of Pratichi trust of Prof. Amartya…...
Mid Day Meal SchemeResearch
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