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Being healthy is not just the absence of disease/illness. It is the complete well-being of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Our health is greatly affected by our environment and surroundings. Incarceration affects the health of an individual who was in prison as well as other family members. The outcomes of incarceration are unfortunate and devastating. In this time period, we can say that incarceration is definitely not disrupted across different races. There are more people behind the bars from minority groups than the majority group. There is a huge racial imbalance when it comes to incarceration. The majority of prisoners are either black or Latino. When we look deeper at this correlation there are many sociological factors that influence this racial imbalance. 

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Poverty, Crime and Race Issues

Poverty, crime, and race are major factors of sociological aspects that help us understand this correlation better. In my opinion, the overall health of the public should not be affected based on their race or their past history. The rising rate of incarceration in the United States does create racial disparities in the United States. People from minority groups are more likely to suffer from health issues due to the impartiality that exists in health care. Inmates are exposed to diseases such as HIV. Chronic pain is also an outcome of the torture that inmates face in the prison.

Factors Leading to Poor Health

All these problems need to be solved so the inmates can live better lives however, inmates from minorities groups have limited access to health care. One of the factors that lead to poor health among minorities groups is housing. Coming from a minority group I understand how greatly it impacts one’s health based on where they live. For example, the hospitals available in poor neighborhoods are not advanced enough to provide adequate care a patient needs. Some people can’t afford insurance therefore, they are not able to get medical help when they need it. They tend to ignore common symptoms of fatal diseases because of financial problems. In healthcare patients from minority groups are racially discriminated against compared to whites. Incarceration affects larger family units in many ways. When a parent of minor children is in prison, the children tend to struggle with social and health issues.

Imprisonment Affecting Family Health

For example, if a parent of children under eighteen is in prison, the children may face challenges academically. They will not be able to concentrate on their education knowing their beloved parent is in prison. When a parent of children is released from prison he/she may have difficulty finding employment because of incarceration history. It can be more difficult if they are from a minority group. Unemployment leads to limited access to food and other basic needs which can be difficult for children to have the resources that they need in order to succeed in life. In conclusion, life can be very challenging for incarcerated individuals as well as other family members, especially for the minorities groups. Problems in the healthcare system can be solved when we treat everyone equally and fairly.

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