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Malpractice is derived from Latin language and the word ‘mala praxis,’ and was coined by Sir William Blackstone in 1765 in one of his many Commentaries regarding the English Laws (Born, Karl & Montesinos‐Yufa, 2018). According to Sir Blackstone, inappropriate care or negligence by a medical practitioner is a mala praxis, and which can be classified as a private wrong but not a contract (Born, Karl & Montesinos‐Yufa, 2018). As from the development and documentation of the mala praxis, many legal suits have been filed leading to the discourse on whether there have been crises as a result of malpractices and whether reforms are necessary. Nevertheless, at the federal level, the medical malpractice reforms are deemed as beneficial to patient care and are prone to enhance the bottom line healthcare costs (Stimson, 2016).

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