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There are many drugs I will be talking about in this like weed, alcohol, cocaine, meth, LSD, shrooms, acid, Xanax, some use pain relief medicine. First I am going to go over a group of drugs called Depressants. Depressants have drugs like Xanax, Alcohol. Depressants slow down your brain function. The next category is “Stimulants”, they elevate your mood, increase your energy and alertness, can be highly addictive, the drugs in this category are such as cocaine, meth, and much more. Another category is hallucinogens. Hallucinogens alter your perception of reality, LSD is a great example of a hallucinogen, as well as acid, and shrooms. Opiates are the last category of drugs. Examples of “Opiates” include pain relief medicine and heroin. Opiates are highly addictive and give a feeling of happiness and excitement.

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