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Drugs are molecules that influence the mind and body Drugs
Words • 983
Pages • 4
Drugs are molecules that influence the mind and body. Drugs contain both detrimental and beneficial effects and decisions about when and how to handle them often require balancing benefits and risks. People from all walks of life that experience substance use problems irrespective of age, race, history, or the reason they first started to use drugs. Some people are experimenting with recreational drugs out of curiosity, having a good time because friends do it, or ease issues like stress, anxiety,…...
AbuseAddictionAnxietyDrug TraffickingDrugsHeroin
Joaquin Guzman Loera
Words • 1982
Pages • 8
Joaquin Guzman Loera better known as El Chapo was born and raised in Badiraguato, Mexico. As a child, El Chapo family was living in poverty and had a father that was involved in the drug trade. When he was just a teen he was kicked out the family home and had to find his own way of living. He then followed his father footsteps and start growing marijuana at a low price. He was also a farmer that grew crops…...
CrimeDrug TraffickingDrugs
Probable Cause: Criminal Procedure
Words • 322
Pages • 2
In order for an officer to search a person they must have some sort of reason for doing so. This reason is also known as probable cause. The officer must have some sort of feeling that the individual that they want to search may be carrying something that could cause harm to that person or to the officer doing the search. It could be that the officer is looking for drugs in a high drug trafficking area, or they may…...
CrimeDrug TraffickingLaw
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Illegal Drugs
Words • 738
Pages • 3
The illegal drugs problem in the country is real and pervasive. It is undermining the moral fabric of our society and is victimizing almost everyone, including even young children in the grade schools. It has become a threat to national security. The national drug strategy which is primarily focused on "demand and supply reduction" appears to be working ineffectively. On the contrary, the demand for illegal drugs continues to increase. To make things worse, there seems to be always an…...
Drug TraffickingDrugs
Juvenile Delinquency related to drugs and alcohol
Words • 1465
Pages • 6
To tackle this topical issue, it is fairly relevant to first of all define some key terminology employed in contextual jargon as regards the question at hand. At the fore, a juvenile can be said to be a minor of such age as may be stipulated by a particular state, usually below the age of sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years, who may be in the frame of mind to willfully conceive criminal intent whilst perpetrating a crime, be it…...
AlcoholCrimeCriminologyDrug TraffickingDrugsEthics
World Issues: Drug Trafficking
Words • 390
Pages • 2
The definition of a world issue is something that affects every living organism on the planet. In this presentation, I want to talk about is the illegal drug trade. The illegal drug trade is a global black market, dedicated to manufacturing, distribution, and sale of drugs, which are subject to drug prohibition laws. A UN report said "the global drug trade generated an estimated US$321. 6 billion in 2003. " With a world GDP of US$36 trillion in the same…...
ColombiaDrug TraffickingTrafficWorld
Cultural Identity in the Film American Gangster
Words • 1463
Pages • 6
Films constitute as the perfect example in communicating cultural identity, the elements such as character, plot, and script pose as effective tools for communicating the film’s message. Much of this can be attributed to the basic premises of culture and communication as two terms co-related in such a way that cultures will simply cease to exist or continue without communication. Likewise, communication of a certain group of people is only limited to the traits distinct to their cultural pattern. In…...
Cultural IdentityDrug Trafficking
The US border Security
Words • 2961
Pages • 12
Discussed in this essay is an outline of US borders and security related to them. The geographic and strategic value of the borders has been described in the beginning. Then the origin and purpose of United States Border Patrol has been discussed. Mentioned in the middle body are the steps or actions that USBP had taken so far in for safeguarding the borders along with the trouble they have endured in curbing issues such as illegal immigration, drug and human…...
Drug TraffickingSecurity
A research paper on cocaine
Words • 1476
Pages • 6
Grown in the countries of South America, with Columbia being the most productive, the Erythroxylon Coca bush is the natural origin of cocaine, a central nervous stimulant. Its history is as rich and diverse as the people using and dealing the drug. Cocaine use dates as far back as the 16th century when it was used among Inca royalty. In the early 1800's cocaine was introduced to Europe. Sigmond Freud wrote a song in its honor and famous author Robert…...
Drug TraffickingResearch
Drug Trafficking in Mexico
Words • 1445
Pages • 6
Drug Trafficking in Mexico: Social, Ethical and Political Problem. Around 20 years ago in Mexico, reading about someone getting his or her head cut-off was something from a horror movie, but times have changed now. Now it is not uncommon to hear about shootings, massacres, or people getting dissolved in acid. Nowadays, reporters have to cut back on whatever news they have for the media. Almost everyone is keeping secret all the things they know about the ongoing war on…...
CrimeDrug TraffickingJusticeMexicoPoliticsTraffic
Orange is the New Black The Story of Crime
Words • 1694
Pages • 7
Piper Kerman is a Smith College graduate who is serving thirteen months in prison, from 2004 to 2005, for a drug trafficking and money laundering crime she committed nearly ten years before. For most of her entire stay Piper is placed in a minimum-security prison in Danbury, Connecticut. I am from Avon, Connecticut so because her story was so close to home it immediately struck me as interesting. Her experience is eye opening, and as the book progresses you can…...
CrimeDrug TraffickingOrange Is The New Black
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