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Abuse of Medication in Rutgers University
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Problem The abuse of medication prescribed for ADHD is a problem that is affecting University students around the world. The most commonly known medications that are being abused by college students are Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin, and Concerta however, I will generally use Adderall as my terminology when referring to all medications for simplicity. Through my 4 years at Rutgers I have witnessed a lot of students abuse Adderall for studying and recreational purposes with only few actually being prescribed the…...
CollegeDrug AbusePrescription Drug AbuseStudent
A Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
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Benefits Currently, all states have implemented a PDMP for health care prescribers and pharmacists to review a patient's control substance prescription history to help detect aberrant opioid use (Blum et al., 2016; Finley et al., 2017). The main advantages of the PDMP includes the ability to alert health care prescribers of controlled drugs currently being issued by other prescribers and to promote appropriate prescribing practices by providing the patient's opioid medication history, which is accessible to the prescribers and pharmacist…...
DrugsMedicineOpioidsPharmacyPrescription Drug AbuseTherapy
Prescription Drug Abuse
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Prescription drug abuse has had a strong hold on American society for decades and it does not appear to be diminishing. While some drugs have decreased in popularity over the years others have increased. For instance, there has been a surge in the popularity of Ecstasy and other "Club" drugs and an increase in marijuana use over the past few years. While society has taken steps in the right direction by supporting treatment programs for addicts and drug abuse prevention…...
AbuseDrug AbuseHealth CarePrescription Drug AbuseSubstance Abuse
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Speech on Prescription Drug Abuse
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Have you ever taken a prescription drug other than prescribed, or that wasn’t yours? Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing problem in the U. S. right now. PDA is the intentional use of a medication without a prescription, or in a way other than prescribed, or for feelings it causes. My name is Brenda and today I will talk about the most common drugs that cause addiction, their effects on health and lifestyle, and some common treatments. I have…...
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