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Describe the Factors that Help or Hinder Person-Centred Care and Inter-professional Working
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Pages • 13
Person Centred Care within inter-professional workings will be discussed, critically assessed and evaluated within this essay. The incident used is one of a nine year old male, diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, with Aspergers Syndrome (AS), admitted into general hospital for a circumcision. For reasons of confidentiality the child will be referred to as James. AS is a form of autism, which is a lifelong disability that affects how a person makes sense of the world, processes information and…...
Attachment TheoryCareHelpPerson Centred Care
Person Centred Care for Older Patiens
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Pages • 6
This essay explores the idea of Person Centred Care and the significance it has in caring for an older patient. Issues related to patients incapable of taking part in their care will also be discussed. Each and every patient should be treated holistically and individually to their own personal needs as part of any nursing care plan. This essay will show this is especially evident in the person centred approach to caring for the older patient. What is person centred…...
DementiaNursingPatientPerson Centred Care
Person Centred Practice
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Pages • 6
Explain person-centred practice Person-centred practice is made up of a group of approaches, which are made to assist someone, to plan their life and the support that they want and require. Person-centred practice ensures that the individual concerned is at the heart of any decision making. This practice is more likely to be used when an individual has disabilities, or requires long term care and person-centred practice can help the service user to maintain and improve a level of independence,…...
DisabilityDiscriminationHealthHealth CarePerson Centred CareSociety
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Assignment Evidence and Values in Person Centred Care
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Pages • 2
1. Using practice examples explain what is professionalism? 2. What is teamwork and why is this important? Teamwork is the interaction of two or more health professionals who work interdependently to provide patients care. Teamwork means members of the team: are dependent, they see themselves as working collaboratively for to improve patient care, they share information which may lead to shared decision-making and know when teamwork should be used to optimize patient care. Teamwork is important because teamwork can reduce…...
Person Centred CareTeamTeamwork
Person Centred Care MDT
Words • 2810
Pages • 12
This essay will discuss the concept of person centred care, why ser-vice users are at the centre of any decisions made. The importance of this when developing a plan of care to an individual with dementia within a community care setting with limited mobility. What the structure of the mutli disciplinary is when involved in delivering a package of care and how the different roles involved contribute to the positive outcomes Principles of care as stated by the Royal College…...
DementiaHealthHealth CareMental HealthNursingPerson Centred Care
Person Centred Care Principles
Words • 424
Pages • 2
Individuality- Being unique and not seeing a person with their illness. This is important to make someone feel like his/her own person. Rights- Each person is entitled to their rights and they should be respected. This is important to make sure that everyone is treated the same. Choice- Make sure you choose the right choice and give them the right choice of their carer. This is important so that a person is comfortable with their choice. Privacy- This is respecting…...
Person Centred CarePrivacySocial Work
Why risk taking is part of person centred care?
Words • 270
Pages • 2
Taking risks are part of everyday life for everyone. We start taking risks from very early on in life when we make decisions. Do I cross the road now by running or do I wait a minute for oncoming traffic to pass? Taking risks put you in control of what you do and will in some way contribute to your sense of self worth. Unfortunately the reason many people go into a care home or start receiving care at home…...
Human NaturePerson Centred CareRiskTaking Risks
Lead Person Centred Practice
Words • 1137
Pages • 5
Person centred Practice is very important within the care sector, it ensures that all service users have an equal and a big involvement when planning, developing and assessing their care needs. It means that we put the service user and their families at the heart of the decisions. It means that the service user is able to have more choice and control because they are influencing their own care plan to suit their individual needs. This is a key part…...
Behaviour ManagementChoiceDecision MakingLifePerson Centred Care
ThePerson-Centred and Psychodynamic Models of Counselling Understand the Person
Words • 1232
Pages • 5
Compare and contrast how the person-centred and psychodynamic models of counselling understand the person, and how these two approaches explain psychological distress experienced by individuals. (1250 words) Within society today, there is an extensive range of theoretical approaches used by Psychotherapists and counsellors. The aim of this discussion is to compare and contrast two of these approaches, the person-centred and the psychodynamic models of counselling, especially how these theories understand the individuals and psychological distress. In order to understand psychodynamic…...
Person Centred CarePositive PsychologyPsychoanalysisPsychologyScienceScientist
Person Centred Care
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Pages • 10
On a female only respiratory ward in the West Midlands a patient was admitted to the ward with chest pain and shortness of breath. Her name was withheld in order to conform with patient confidentiality (Dimond, 2002). Due to being registered deaf, the patient had difficulty com municating verbally. She had a form of Aphasia resulting in stuttering. A friend of the family asked if the nurses could note down the procedures for the patient. The friend proceeded to use…...
NursingPatientPerson Centred Care
Assessment Criteria in the Standards
Words • 1543
Pages • 7
Define person-centred values (1.1.1) Person-centred values include: Treating people as individuals for example give the resident choice what they want to wear, to eat, where they want to be, if they want go shopping. Taking account choices, wishes and desires. Supporting people to access their rights by giving them information about choices that they have, and helping them to understand. Supporting people to exercise choice in every day live activity Treating people with dignity and respect in there decisions by…...
ConfidencePerson Centred CareRiskRisk Assessment
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Why risk taking is part of person centred care?
...The individual might feel that their right to make their own choices is not being respected if all risks are removed. The fact that an individual needs help with some of their day to day living does not mean that they are not allowed to take any risk...

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