Why I Say "No" To Drugs

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Dr T.P. Chia once said, “Drug addiction is a self-punishing disease that ruins mental, psychological and physical health.” Drugs will ruin your life and can even ruin your families’ lives too. Why do people do drugs? When many people are warning them of the consequences in commercials and articles. There are many reasons I choose to say “No” to drugs and you should too.

Say No to Drugs: Harming Close Ones

First, drugs will not only harm you and your life but also your families and friends.

Drugs cause people to act and think differently. Different types of drugs can change the way you feel about others and yourself. Drugs can also cause people to become violent. According to the U.S. Department of Justice 26.1% of people who commit any violent crime are on the following drugs: alcohol, cannabis, and cocaine. Only 2.7 percent of people who commit violent crimes are not on drugs. Using drugs will consume your life and weaken relationships with your family and friends.

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Parents whose children are on drugs stress and worry about them a lot. They fear that they might harm themselves or others at any moment. Parents whose children are on drugs are more likely to get a divorce. This is sad and also a reason I will never do drugs because I love my family and would feel horrible if I were the reason my parents got divorced or were unhappy.

Say No to Drugs to Preserve Your Health

Drugs also affect your body and brain.

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Drugs weaken your immune system and will make it easier for you to get sick. Drugs also cause heart problems. In one study of 480 people addicted to drugs who went to the hospital 223 were there for cardiovascular disease. Drugs people inject into their veins are the main cause for heart problems because they can cause the veins in your body to collapse. I know someone who was addicted to drugs but went to rehab and was no longer a user, but the drugs weakened his heart and immune system so badly he got very sick and died at a young age. Drugs took his life and left behind a heartbroken family.


I say “No” to drugs and will always say no to drugs. Nothing anyone says will change my mind. I hope you choose to say no to drugs, and if you do drugs it’s never too late to quit and live a better, healthier life. People who choose to go to rehab reduce their use rate by as much as 90% after beginning treatment. So if you have said “Yes” to drugs say “No” today.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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