The Comfort And Soul Food Of The Indian Cuisine

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Comfort food is a kind of meal or eating things which provides comfort as well as overall well being to the person with essential nutrients. I prefer to eat so many Indian dishes like Khichdi, daal-roti, rice and curry, but all of them khichdi is my favourite dish and also it is a popular dish in India. “The name ‘khichdi’ comes from the Sanskrit word khiccā meaning a dish of rice and lentils. The oldest evidences of Khichdi being prepared in India is 2000 years old” (Chati, 2018, p.

1). It cooked and eaten at every home once or twice a week in India. My family usually prepares Khichri or Khichdi which is an easy food to cook. People make it according to their taste and methods but at my home my mother cook it by adding various ingredients like white rice, yellow lentils (moong beans/daal), cumin & black mustard seeds, turmeric powder, cloves, cilantro leaves, steamed vegetables, salt, oil, ginger and garlic paste and spice.

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Khichri has several health benefits like it helps to reduce the stress level, clean the bowel, provide protein and magnesium to the body, control blood sugar level and reduce the body fat. It is easy to cook and digest also with the high benefits for that reason medically doctors prefer to give it small babies, old age people and sick person. Khichdi helps to burn the extra fat of body by the way it reduces the mental stress. It helps body for fat metabolism and detoxification of fat cells.

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“Stress = fat storing

Fat Burning = No stress'

Khichdi is the food of choice of Panchakarma and Ayurveda’s deepest detoxification retreat. Fat metabolism increase the spiritual practice and deep inner calm that is why in ancient time khichri was provided to the monks and ascetics to help to create the sense of stillness which improves mental and spiritual behaviour” (Douillard’s, 2019, P.1). Even the other ingredients of khichdi like turmeric powder, ginger and garlic also has anti stress effects.

After my birth when I was become able to eat something my mother gave me khichdi because it is easy digest for me. My mother prepares it by adding different vegetables, spices and later add yogurt on the top of the dish like same way I cook and feed to others. Khichdi has its own specific history, it has been cooking from 2000 years before in India. Chanakya, who was the prime minister as well as the famous philosopher of Magadhan emperor Chandragupta Maurya in 350-275 BCE, also gave description about khichdi and method to cook. Mughal’s also love to eat khichdi, they cook it in their kitchen in bulk quantity by adding non vegetarian food like minced meat everyday in their daily meal. British also took khichdi recipe in England in the 19th century, at where it became breakfast dish Kedgeree, which is still very famous (Dutta, 2017, P.1).

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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