The Three Favorite Foods I Love to Eat

Every person in the world has a favorite food that they want to eat. It can be from their native country or from somewhere across the other side of the world. Some people crave to eat some good old pasta food like lasagna with some ravioli. Then you got the people who want to eat a bowl of hot soup. Even when there are those people then you have the ones who want things spicy and eat some hot wings and burn off their tongue with some hot sauce.

BBQ chicken wings are up for grabs if you prefer to have some hot smoky flavored food that would make you suck your fingertips after the meal. Then you got the folks who just want to have something great from the sea like salmon or catfish. If those were not enough then you could be the person who likes clams with some cheese muscles on the side. Maybe you are the kind of person who likes food to be nicely done with a fried twist to it.

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Some fried foods people like to eat would be fried chicken, popcorn shrimp, corn dogs, and French fries.

There are some people who eat something like a fried burrito, which is not something that people would normally eat, but something that can be done. There are people who like something sweet like a Crunch Bar or Hershey’s bar with a piece of strawberry chocolate cake on the side. Some people crave the healthy route and just vegan or have their share of fruits for their health.

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Whatever the craving is its your choice as to what you want to like when it comes to food. Me I do have my cravings for foods which is pretty much everyone, but I do like different kinds to where it is very hard to pick one to three to eat. One of my favorite foods to eat is French fries since it goes well with everything. French fries has so much history which it is no wonder why people love it so much. Also the potato is one of the most popular vegetable since we use it for everything. One of those other things is baked potatoes but its not as good as the French fry. The thing about the French Fry is that is only takes like 4-7 minutes to make so if got a good fryer then you have an easy snack to make. Also there is even a sweet potato French Fry that you can eat which is just as tasty.

Many fast-food restaurants serve French fries on the side since its easy to make and goes well with meals. I can walk into McDonald’s and order a fillet-o-fish with some fries and drink to go with my meal. I really like the meal since I can eat the fries first and then eat the fish last and have my soft drink to cool me down from the heat and allow the food to go down easier. Fries would continue to be my favorite food even when I get old I will still eat My other favorite food is fried chicken its so crispy who can resist it. Yes you heard me right I did say fried chicken. Chicken is everyone favorite bird to digest since it is packed with protein for building strong muscles. Chicken can be fried, baked, and barbecued which I prefer to have it fried since it takes so yummy. If you look at the chicken there is always dark meat and white meat. I like eating the dark meat especially on fried chicken since its the meat that has the flavor. When you bite into the chicken it just oozes with juices in your mouth increasing your cravings for more. When you go to a fast-food place like KFC you can get a bucket of 16 pieces for close to $30 which is not much of a deal.

If you are into getting that kind of chicken then fine but I prefer to buy from Popeye’s. Popeye’s fried chicken is the bomb when it comes to quality so you get what you pay for. Just eating the skin is what makes fried chicken really awesome since it is really good to eat besides the meat. Whatever piece I feast my eyes on is scrumptious, but I really like eating the legs, thighs, and breast off of the chicken. So fried chicken is worth my time no matter what time of day it is. Third, my other favorite food is burgers. I really like fries and fried chicken since they are fried and crispy and yummy. I really like burgers because they are meaty and have lots of protein since they are beef. I really like eating a burger with some ketchup or barbecue sauce on the burger in between the buns. Not to mention every restaurant out there have some sort of burger that they would advertise. Even a place called Taco Shop sells burgers with a side of fries with your order.

I cannot get enough of a burger when my mom makes them every Saturday with some fries. I eat that and the fries and drink an ice-cold A&W root beer soda to go with the meal. It goes to show that if you have a great cook at home then your lucky to have some really good food. Burger meat is just tasty and you can even put an onion ring on it to make it taste better. If I were able to I would open up my own restaurant to have all types of burger items on the menu. Favorite foods are items that people really enjoy eating all the time. I really like eating French fries since they go well with everything like chicken or burgers. I really like fried chicken since the meat is really juicy and the skin is crispy. Also, I really like eating burgers since they are meaty and have those proteins and are juicy. Lastly, I really am so hungry I can have all three in front of me and eat until I am full.

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